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  1. Wink AP/DRIVE/RPM/NeoVar

    Ok so I ordered some stuff about a week ago, and it just now arived 10 days later..
    I guess they were in backorder on my "Anabolic Pump" or something.
    Anyway, I am going to be logging my new stack, and hoping to get some decent gains.. I'm also trying to take in a good 4000 cals. a day. Im trying to gain Lean Mass. Tired of being the "little guy".. (Not so much anymore, but never the less, you get the idea..)

    I am currently
    155 lbs
    Age 17

    I started taking these today, so i'll start the real part of the thread, after the gym later..
    If anybody has any suggestions/advice they wanna share please feel free to do so..


    (This was copy and pasted from the same thread I had in the supplements section.. im just going to log it in here instead..)

  2. Day 1

    Ok I took the RPM at 4:30 cuz it said to take an hour b4 workout, but I didn't want it keeping me up all night. So I took it an 1 1/2 b4 I worked out.
    I took 2 DRIVE, and Anabolic Pump, b4 and after workout, and I eat food 15 min. after the "AP".
    Today was a legs day.
    Its normally me and my buddy, but sometimes his cousin works out with us.. Now normally I think he slows us down, but today I had a pretty intense workout..
    I felt more energy then anything, but still a great pump off the RPM still to this moment. 10:02 p.m.
    This was our workout..
    (BTW just so everybody knows, my partners is 195lbs.
    So he is a good deal bigger then me)

    Leg Press (All Free Weights, not including the weight of the machine)
    I wanted to do the 495, but I didn't think I wouldn't have the power to do that great of squats if I did..

    135x10 (Warm Up)

    Ham Curl (I think thats what its called)
    35x10 (Warm Up)
    35x8 (Holding it at the top)

    Leg Curl (Free Weights, not including machine weight)
    90x12 (Holding)
    135x10 (Holding)
    185x10 (Holding)

    Calf Raises (Didn't do that much, moved quickly)

    Dead Lifts

    Then I did cardio.. Kinda cheated on that.. Only did it for about 12 min, cuz I wanted to grab a bite at my work. Which is like next door, and closed in like 20 min..

    This is how I rate todays workout..
    Intensity 8.5 (My legs felt like Iron Legs.. haha)
    Focus 8.0 (I was in the zone, but not quite feeling the "Alpha Male" yet..)
    Energy 9.0 (Im still full of it..)
    Pump 8.0 (Pretty decent)
    Overall 8.5 (I feel I had a great workout, and I can't wait for sat.)

    Any Suggestions or input you'd like to share.. Feel free to do so..


  3. Day 2

    Ok so today was day 2..
    I didn't really get that good of a sleep last night.
    I coudln't pass out, it must of been like 12:30 b4 I did..
    Then my dickhead dad woke me up like 20 min. later.. cuz he was drunk.
    Anyway, so the rest kinda sucked..
    I didn't go to the gym today, because it is my day off..
    Plus I work on fridays from 4-10
    So I plan on going tomorrow, and thats when my next workout day will be.
    Btw, from the workout last night, my back is somehow more sore then my legs..
    It says to take RPM an hour b4 workout, so Im assuming it will last a lil longer then the DRIVE, Which I take everyday.
    I don't really have much to say about today, cuz I didn't hit the gym.
    I'll update everyone tomorrow, b4 or after work.. Since I will be hitting the gym in the afternoon, and then working from 5-10 again..
    BTW, does anyone know if its ok, or if I even should.. Run the rest of my "No Shotgun" with th is stack, I don't have much left, maybe a 10-15 workout days..


  4. Lookin good hodgins!

    Can you give us an example schedule of when you take what dose of what supplements, as well as when you eat?

    If/when you have time, please mention anything related to feel or experience even on non-workout days. This will go a long way in helping make suggestions, and also for the people who are following your log to compare against their experiences!

  5. Alright will do..
    Ok so today I got to the gym at about 11:20
    Which I also took 2 DRIVE an hour ahead of time, along with 2 RPM at the same time..
    And my normaly 3 pill dose of NeoVar, and 2 ANABOLIC PUMP pills withen about an hour..
    When I first got there I had to take a real bad ****. Like 10 min. later I got to start working out..
    First thing I did was hit my tricepts, because I don't have a partner today.

    1 Arm Pulldowns

    Flying V Pulldowns (Back to back with the "1 Arm Pulldowns")

    Now I really wanted to work my chest today, but I decided without a spotter I wouldn't hit the bench.. So from there I moved to dumbells..

    Flat Dumbell Press

    I took it easy on the chest, becuase I will probabbly end up doing that sometime tomorrow when my buddy can go..

    Shoulder Shrugs (Used a machine that has hindges, and keeps weight in line)
    (Free weight, not including machine weight)


    Then I moved to another machine that I don't know that name of..
    I was doing like a "Standing Chest Fly" (Pullys)


    I did another Tricept exercise that involves a rope, and leaning your body into the weights, and reverse arm stuff.. Showed to me by the owner.. (Sry I don't know the name.)

    Tricept Pushdowns (Free weights added to the machine)


    Reverse 1 Arm Pulldowns (Per Arm)

    I did another exercise where it is for your shoulders.. (You take a free weight, and hands together at your waist, and raise it to your chin..)
    I did this on a machine, and ended up getting a really good upperbody workout..
    The machine ended up doing way more then the reg. 45lbs free weights I normally do..

    I did a little bit of shoulders..
    Shoulder Extensions?
    (Raised my arms infront, then did identical in hammer movements, and then to the sides)

    I did some abbs, but nothing compared to what I normally do with them..
    And I did a 10 min. cardio run, b4 I wanted to get some food..

    The only food I eat b4 going up there was a Hot Ham and Cheese my mom had made me..
    I bought one of there protein shakes, and ended up going over to work, where I got myself a
    Shrimp Sal. Sandwhich.
    I coudln't even finish it cuz I didn't feel good..
    I went home and napped for about an hour.. maybe.

    The entired day of working out I have had an acid reflex kinda feeling.. Where it feels like when you have stomach acid in your throat, just myn was sitting in my stomach, uncompertably..

    I still havn't got a really good pump yet..
    My focus has been pretty decent though.
    I energy has been off the wall though. RPM =]
    I weighed in on there scale and was 157 I think?
    I havn't really felt the "Alpha Male" part yet either..

    Overall Ratings

    Intensity 8.0
    Focus 8.5
    Energy 9.0
    Pump 8.0
    Overall 8.5

    I really wanted to do chest today, so i'll probabbly end up doing it tomorrow, and throwing up a review..


  6. Day 4

    Ok where to start..?
    I woke up and had 2 eggs, and a slice of bread.
    Took 2 DRIVE, and 2 RPM, + 1 Anabolic Pump.
    Then went to the gym about an hour later.
    Today I was planning for it to be a rest day pretty much..
    I didn't workout that much today, but when I did it was Great.
    I went to the gym planning to bench a lil bit, and not do much more..
    First thing we did was hit the flat bench..


    I was pretty amazed with my bench press today..
    I was aiming for 165x10, and 175x8..
    I was so sore that I could barelly do 185x6 without getting help.. Which dissapointed me..

    I didn't expect my bench to go from 165x8 to 175x10 in 1 week.. Expectially when I did tri's and all that the day b4.

    Other then the bench (which was basically the only reason I went today) I did a few dips. (Just bodyweight)

    Today was suppose to be an off day, so I didn't do much more..
    I did some cardio, ran for 10 min. on 2 incline level 6.5

    After my workout I took an Anabolic Pump, and drank a muscle milk from the gym..
    Went and bought a CS sub, and now plan on resting till work.

    For some reason when I woke up I had a really intense rist pain, which almost made me not go to the gym.
    It is still there, which is also one of the reason I think I struggled so much with 185.
    I plan on getting a new pair of gloves with rist guards or w/e.

    I think that I had a good workout today, considering the really hard workout I had yesterday.
    I not really feeling anything serious yet from the supps.
    I mean i'm noticing it in the gym, but my body isn't really feeling them.

    But I didn't workout very much at all.. Today was sorta a continue of yesterdays workout.

    I have to rate this just like yesterdays workout..
    I still havn't got a really good pump yet..
    My focus has been pretty decent though.
    I energy is up there.
    I havn't really felt the "Alpha Male" part yet either..

    Overall Ratings

    Intensity 8.0
    Focus 8.5
    Energy 9.0
    Pump 8.0
    Overall 8.5

  7. Thats quite a squat you have there.....your legs must be huge

  8. You have some serious disproportion going on brother. You can squat 325, and can only deadlift 225, and can DB press 50's and BB press 185?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    You have some serious disproportion going on brother. You can squat 325, and can only deadlift 225, and can DB press 50's and BB press 185?
    Well I didn't start deadlifts till last week, so I kinda just wanted to get into the groove.. When I do them again I plan to do 275x10 if its to light go up..

    And I don't normally do dumbells unless im doing upper chest, so I wasnt' sure what weight to really do..
    And I was taking it easy cuz I knew I would being doing chest today..
    I plan on doing the 65lbs and see how those feel when I do my chest again.
    BTW I was deadlifting on the same day I was squating too..

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Link24 View Post
    Thats quite a squat you have there.....your legs must be huge
    Kinda.. mainly my thighs, and hamstrings or w/e..
    The calf needs a lil more training in my eyes.
  11. Exclamation Agreed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    You have some serious disproportion going on brother. You can squat 325, and can only deadlift 225, and can DB press 50's and BB press 185?
    I agree with the mullet here bud. You definitely got your work cut out for you. You should not have that large of a gap between your squat and deadlift. And just so I am not confused....your 1RM squat is 325 or 425? If your doing 425 at 155lbs...thats pretty damn impressive!
    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  12. I wish I was 17 again

  13. Yeah I'll work on it, and update everyone..
    Its not as badly poportioned as it looks..
    I'll do a weight that is tough for me this week on the deadlift.
    And 325 I can rep, and im stepping my rep up this week.
    Yeah but I got on the scale and im like 158 now.. So withen the next few weeks I will hopefully be 160lbs. =]
  14. Day 5

    Ok so I woke up this morning with barely no time at all..
    Barely scarfed down my supplements..
    Unfortionally that means I didn't get my morning share of my diet..
    I grabbed a granolla bar, and I had a protein shake saved from last night..
    I had a turkey breast sandwhich on wheat bread, with A/C
    And a PB&J..
    For dinner, I eat at subway.. I had a FT Longer, with terriaki ckn.
    Those were my meals for the day..

    I took the same dose of everything..
    (& for those who don't know, I only take RPM on workout days..)

    Throughout my day I felt fine..
    But I was complaminted by 2 diff. people on how I look more buff.
    It was kinda odd, cuz when I was done using the bathroom in school, I could actually notice my arms were bigger.. (Not flexing.. lol)

    I have weight room in gym right now, and today was the last day for it.. So I figured why not make the best of it, and did a little bit of back, and bi's even though thats for wed.
    I wasn't really doing heavy weights, but for some reason my bi's got a really good pump. This was probablly an hour or more after I took my supps in the morning, cuz my gym class is 2nd period.

    Other then that stuff, today was just like any other regular rest day..
    I'm not to sore, and I hopefully will be able to do chest tomorrow, cuz I wanna keep my schedule as if I did chest sat.
    BTW, haven't had the ****s for a few days, but have had some gas..

  15. yeah, the gas you'll have to live with, a common side for both AP + drive
  16. Unhappy Day 6

    Ok so today was really messed up.. =/
    I woke up and made 2 eggs, both white.
    I took my DRIVE, NeoVar, & Anabolic Pump as usual..
    (Didn't go to school either, for family reasons)
    I also had some boneless wings about an hour later..
    I didn't realize today was even tuesday.
    I went and hangout with my GF all day..
    Then us, and some friends went out to grab some dinner..
    We ended up going to Ruby Tuesdays.. Ok, so I ordered some ckn tenders.. (Probabbly not to good)
    By the time we ended up leaving, my buddy decided to tell me he was to sore for the gym..
    I found another buddy who wanted to meet me there..
    Little did I know he had already been there for an hour.
    I ended up getting there, and for some odd reason I was thinking it was monday all evening..
    I ended up going light, did a little bit of leg press.. (Usual sets)
    Then from there did a forarm exercise, and did bi's for the rest of the time being there..
    I ended up giving a diff. buddy from the neighborhood a ride home with me..
    Somehow we were talking about my workouts, and it was then on my way home that I realized that it was tuesday..
    So I missed my second chest day of the week..
    So I guess i'll do it tomorrow with back and shoulders.. and it can take over for my usual wed. bicepts..
    Unfortionally I didn't know I would be with this girl all evening, and didn't get to take my 2nd dose of DRIVE, or my pre-workout RPM..
    I plan to soon bump my RPM to 3 pills, cuz I feel like its just not doing it..
    Other then the big confusion, I felt like I had got a good workout for an off day.. But im pissed, cuz today shouldn't have been an off day at all.. It should of been the usual.. (I guess the sunday workout threw me off track a lil bit)

    Im not even going to rank what I felt like today while working out, since I didn't get my RPM, or DRIVE..

    What do our your thoughts on upping the dose on RPM?
    Should I wait a lil longer??

  17. definitely. stims are a "slippery slope". once you start using them, and raising doses, you start developing resistance to them, and need more and more. so its best to really only use what you need. RPM is a little different, as its action isn't all from stims, but just dose it like the label says for your weight

  18. Yeah I guess your right..
    Well im on my way out, i'll be in the gym tonight.. I have shoulders, chest, and back..
    I'll update you guys later..
  19. Day 7

    Ok im not going to get into many details today..
    Other then I did my usual rutein, and took my usual stuff.
    I went to the gym around 6
    Today I did chest tri's and shoulders, and it was more of a light day, cuz it was 2nd chest workout of the week.
    I went straight to the bench.
    Bar/Push ups (Warm-Up)

    For some reason my shoulder hurt while benching, I think I had to much strain on it when I armed my chest whiel benching.
    IDK.. But I coudln't really do much shoulders today because of it.. =/
    I guess thats not to bad though, since its a slow day..
    After chest my shoulder was really sore, the more sets I did the more sore it was..
    So we moved to Dips, and Triceps..
    I did dips, and not way to many Triceps, maybe 2-3 sets.
    I went to a tricep machine after that, and did some more Triceps..
    Anyway I feel like I didn't really get much of a workout at all today, other then the chest..
    Not just because of my arm, but cuz we didn't stay as long as we usually do..
    I didn't even have time for abbs, idk why my buddy didn't want to stay long today. I guess he was sore..
    Anyway, I did about 15 min on tredmill doing "Fat Legs"
    B4 I couldn't do it anymore.. I was in condition to do more, my endurance was off the wall, but my legs felt like they pumping out of the skin.. And my side hurt, probabbly from not running much lately..

    After the gym we went to work, and grabbed a bit.. I had a ceiser salad, or w/e.. And drank my protein drink..

    I felt the same everything today that I felt any other time..
    So I decided that today could just be ranked like any other day..
    And I even added No Shotgun b4 I went..
    I guess I was to sore to really do much, with my shoulder..
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what the shoulder could be??

  20. its easy to strain the rotator cuff, but then again not at your age usually what do you do for warmup or stretches?

  21. Well I do all the streches I would for wrestling, and
    then I know there streched nicely..
    But a lousy warm-up I guess..
    That day I did light weight cuz I did my buddy's warm-up..
    Then did push-ups just b4 benching..
  22. Day 8

    Today was the same as every other day..
    It was a leg day, but wasn't very intense crazy workout..

    Did leg press. Nice slow sets.. Worked my way from 2-4 plates per side..

    I squated today, but I was going for perfect form, not heavy weights.. So I decided to do
    135x10 (Warm-up)
    275x10 (Slowly to 90 Degrees)
    2 sets ^^^^

    Hamstring Curls

    Calf Raises

    Dead Lift (Sore..)

    My back was really sore by this point.. idk why..?
    Did a really light weight for the back of my shoulders, since they were sore.. and I was working on form..

    Ended my workout with some cardio..

    Ups: Had a good workout..
    Downs: Not really feeling it..
    I don't really feel half of the effects they "claim" to have..
  23. Day 9

    Ok im really tired, and Kinda just wanna go to bed. So i'm going to really cut to the chase today..
    I had the same off day that I usually have.
    Tomorrow I will be maxing out.. I'll update everyone then..
    Sry today is so short..
  24. Day 10

    I didn't get on the computer to put this up yesterday..
    It was a chest day..
    The first thing I did was some shoulders, cuz myn was sore..
    I had done the back of them.. And we had planed to max out today..
    I went to put up 225, but for some reason I had a week spot..
    I got to a certain point where I couldn't really push it up anymore, my buddy kinda touched the bar, and then stoped.. next thing you know I was pushing it up like normal again.. so I decided that im going to work on explosions..
    Does anybody know any tricks to fix this???
    I havnt' really had a week spot b4..

    Other then that the entire day was fine.. Didn't go to hard though cuz of the shoulder.
  25. Day 11

    Ok today was the same off day as usual..
    But I did notice an odd feelijng in my leg today, im sure its not from the supps though..
    Its kinda like when your streching, but I feel it as I walk..
    Tomorrow is cardio day..


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