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  1. January 30,08
    Well I dropped Powerfull a couple days ago just because I have been using it for a little over 9 weeks now so i figured it was time for a break. Here is my up to date dosing:
    2-3 anabolic pumps per day
    4 bolics
    2-3 Pslins per week
    I will be starting the a new sponsored log for a few other products in the next couple of weeks, once that happens i will continue taking the AP and Bolic, Pslin will be re introduced once I am done with the pre-workout products and can give an honest review of them.
    Things Worth Noting
    I had the opportunity to complete two identical workouts one week apart from each other, one with Pslin and One without; Everything else was identical. The Pslin workout and the non-pslin workout started out with the same strength levels, but as the workout progressed I noticed my higher numbers in my later exercises. For example for my second last exercise I did decline benches and please note that these are no where near my maximal strength, this is just after a long workout.:
    Non Pslin Decline Bench- [email protected]
    Pslin Decline [email protected]
    I am note saying that Pslin put 20 on my decline bench in one week, but i am saying that it allowed me to maintain a much higher intensity and generate a greater percentage of my maximal power throughout my workout.
    Personal Records
    I managed 4x6 dead lifts at 380 pounds this week, and this was my third exercise of the day. I was able to do all 4 sets in about 6 minutes, Very happy about this one. I seem to be adding about 5 pounds to all my lifts every week or two now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    LOL, yes. this is what was great, cause for us that incorperate it into an anabolic lifestyle should benifit exponetially more so then those with a sedintary lifestyle!

    Sorry for the hijack PM, keep on keepin on bro!
    what PM?

  3. PMiller im guessing he was just referring to my name not a personal message.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    PMiller im guessing he was just referring to my name not a personal message.
    lol, yes. my bad.

  5. Feb 03, 08
    Two Pslin doses since last post, also I have been sticking with 4 Bolics a day and 2-3 Anabolic Pumps. The next post is an updated picture taken a couple days ago. Weight is up a couple pounds, but I am feeling tighter all over my body.
    Things Worth Noting
    Although I have not experienced any GI issues with the Bolic, I must say I have been noticing real horrible smelling gas. It is not more frequent or worse than normal, just a little stronger in the scent department. Also I dosed one Pslin first thing in the morning today, and did not work out but rather just did some shoveling outside. I noticed I was not tired at all after
    PR / Highlights
    Snatch Grip Deads on a 4 inch platform - 4x6 @ 285 (Five exercises deep)
    DB Bench - 130's 3x6 1x8 (all out on last set)
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  6. [IMG]****20 043&stc=1&d=1202064222[/IMG]
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  7. Feb 07,08

    I have been dosing Pslin with breakfast for the last couple days instead of AP and I really love the feeling, but I am going to switch back to the AP and try out my new concoction. Let me know what you guys think.

    45-30 Preworkout:
    2 x-factor
    2 drive
    4 rpm

    15 minutes Preworkout:
    3g Glycerol Mono Stearate
    3g Creatine (either Tricreatine Malate or CEE)
    1g tyrosine

    During Workout:
    30-40g Malto
    20-30g Dextro
    3g Beta Alanine
    15g BCAA
    1g taurine
    1 Pslin

    15g WPI
    15g MPI
    50g ground oatmeal

    Can't wait to hear suggestions, I will give a better post about my Pslin workouts this weekend.
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  8. PFunk, great job brother. Keep it up.

    Do you take 1 AP at a time or 2 per dose? I know the bottle says 1 at a time, but in your post I may have misread it, but it seemed like you stated 2 at a time.

    I take 1 at a time but haven't really noticed much in the first 2 weeks. And the carbs are ebing consumed.

    I'm really thinking of trying the Bolic and Powerfull.

    Keep your posts coming.
    Still not banned.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by TonyMaserati View Post
    PFunk, great job brother. Keep it up.

    Do you take 1 AP at a time or 2 per dose? I know the bottle says 1 at a time, but in your post I may have misread it, but it seemed like you stated 2 at a time.

    I take 1 at a time but haven't really noticed much in the first 2 weeks. And the carbs are ebing consumed.

    I'm really thinking of trying the Bolic and Powerfull.

    Keep your posts coming.
    99% of the time I only use one cap of AP but every once in a while I will get crazy and take two before a big meal, just make sure you are somewhere like home when you try it for the first time so if you start getting hypoglycemic symptoms you can easily get some carbohydrates. Give the AP some time too, you need about a month to tell if it is working, try different carb sources or taking an enzyme tab with it too, both will help. As for the Bolic and Powerfull, Bolic was a limited run so I don't think you can get it anymore, but Powerfull is a really solid product and worth a try IMO, get ready for some great sleep.
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  10. Feb 10,08
    Picked up a big bag of dextrose this week while at a brewing store with one of my friends so I have worked that into my Pslin shake and it is working pretty good. For the last two Pslin workout I have had 1 Pslin ( cracked it open, threw it in my mouth and kicked it back with water) than 20 minutes later 25g ATW Isolate, 30g dextrose and 35-45 grams of ground oatmeal depending on how long of a workout I am going to have. In addition to the shake I take one Digestive Enzyme tablet because Dex usually gives me some pretty bad gas and bloating.

    Thing Worth Noting
    Cracking Pslin open and taking it with water seems to make me extremely hungry within 15 minutes, compared to just taking the cap normally. Digestive enzymes also seem to help me feel the pump and get a ton of energy quicker after my shake. And finally I think a shake is by far the best route to go with Pslin compared to eating whole food.

    Personal Records
    Dead Lifts I was able to pull 415 for 6x4, and none of them had sloppy form either so I am pretty happy about that. Also managed to do weighted dips at 185 pounds for 6x4, and these were some of the smoothest dips I have ever done. Cardio Endurance has been extremely good the last few days too.
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  11. Feb 13, 2008
    Been playing around with my Pslin the last couple days. The best Pslin experience I have had in a while came the past two days with this combo. Pslin with 24 ounces of water than 25 minutes later a shake consisting of :
    2 Packets Quacker Weight Control Maple and Brown Sugar Oats
    30g Dextrose
    25 All The Whey's Cinnabun Isolate
    1 Digestive Enzyme tab
    20oz water.
    Hit the gym 30 minutes after this. Absolutely great.
    Also This Week
    I received of bottle of the new fat burner, and I was going to wait to use it until after my upcoming Xfactor log, but I just got two tempeted today so I went for it. Two caps before a cardio workout. Within 30 minutes I felt pretty warm, and had elevated mood and energy. 50 minutes into my cardio workout i was really warm but feeling absolutely great, Energetic, warm, happy, and focused. Ate a meal after my cardio workout, got satisfied really really easily, and really was not hungry for the rest of the night, but also did not feel like i couldn't get my last meals in. Tomorrow morning I am going to try it again and see how I feel. Below you will find the little write up that Jacob just released.
    Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    If I wanted to, I could break recreate down into 2 cutting edge products and could sale a few ingredients stand alone. THis is a very very special formula...

    Compound 1 New to the industry mechanism of action:

    Again, a very precise extract of this substance has been shown to inhibit the enzyme 11-B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1, both selectively and very potently (4). In addition, it was shown to do so in muscle and adipose cells. Why is this good? 11beta-HSD1 is an enzyme responsible for converting the very weak glucocorticoid, cortisone, into the much more powerful, cortisol. We all know that excess cortisol can hamper your progress in the gym, and with the stress of living in our modern world, itís certain that few people donít have elevated cortisol levels. Unfortunately, this particular enzyme works against what we all as athletes and bodybuilders would like and works to increase cortisol levels. In addition, another sad bit of news is that activity of this enzyme only seems to increase as we get older (5).
    By inhibiting 11beta-HSD1, it is thought that it could be used to treat obesity (reduce body fat) and improve insulin sensitivity. Additionally, a beneficial effect upon muscle mass would be expected (6).

    Compound 2 New to the industry mechanism of action:

    A compound found in a certain cactus plant, has a structural similarity to norepinephrine. It has both alpha and beta-adrenergic activity (9). Additionally, it directly stimulates postsynaptic receptors while enhancing the physiological effects of norepinephrine via increasing synthesis of it and inhibiting itsí reabsorption. The end result is a stimulant effect similar to ephedrine, without the ďall over the placeĒ behavior. In fact, it produces a great deal of focus.
    Things Worth Noting

    The combination of Pslin and the Digestive enzyme really seems to be nice, not only do i feel the pump and energy quicker, but it also drastically cut down on the gas and bloating I usually get from dextrose. I also noticed my arms went up about an 8th of an inch this week, yet my scale weight went down one pound. All lifts increased this week as well. I have been seeing an increase on lifts every session that I dose the Pslin.

    Personal Best
    Weighted Dips this week i managed [email protected] and in the same workout managed pullups at [email protected] The next day I upped my cleans to 210 for 6x4 with out a problem. Looking forward to dead lifts this week hopefully they will follow the trend.
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  12. Feb. 16, 2008
    I am extremely happy right now and you will see why. Today I tried Pslin with just simple carbs. I took my pslin then started my warmup and streching for twenty minutes. Then I slammed 40g Malto and 30g dextrose and 30g Whey Hydroslate. I set up my two bars and worked my way up to the weight so that my working sets came about 15 minutes after drinking the shake.
    Things Worth Noting
    While during my first set I passed gas about 3 times. I thought ok this was stupid. I did my second set 45 secs later and let one more rip. I took a few sips of water, then I did not have any more problems with gas. During my next exercise pairing, I recieved ridiculous pumps, I couldn't even curl my legs all the way up on hamstring curls. I got through the workout and went home and had a huge meal of complex carbs and proteins and feel asleep like 1 hour later. I woke up now which is three hours later and I still have an incredible pump. I also feel a little bloated, i took the post workout meal a little to big.:donut:
    Personal records

    Dead Lifts = 6x4 @ 425 lbsThat means in one month of just doing dead once a week I managed to put go up 10 pounds and put an extra rep on each set. Very Happy about this. For total volume that means I went from 7470lbs per session to 10,200lbs per session moved. A net increase of 2730 lbs.
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  13. dang real nice improvements on those deads man thats rea impressive
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  14. Feb. 20, 2008
    Couple more Pslin dosings since my last post, and a couple more great workouts. Still using simple carbs very close to my workout and liking the effects.
    Things Worth Noting
    When taking the Pslin so close to my workout and just using simple carbs I have been noticing a greater pump from my post workout shake which is about 30-40g complex carbs.
    Person Records
    Nothing because these workouts are mainly volume based. Sorry for the short posting this time but I really don't have much to say.
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  15. Recreating My Log.

    Recreating My Log

    I have decided to throw recreate into my routine to lean myself out a little bit, my numbers in my lifts are right where I want them so now I am going to try and maintain strength while cutting up a little bit. I figure if I lean over the next few weeks, I can do one more short hypertrophy before I really try to get shredded for the summer.

    New Supplement Routine
    Anabolic Pump = 2-3 a day depending on carb intake
    Pslin = 1 on lifting days
    Recreate = 2 morning 2 Afternoon ( One dose will be before a workout )
    Bolic = 1-2 caps depending on how my body handles it
    Other = Digestive Enzymes, Multi, Creatine Blend, Taurine, Various Protein's

    300-350g Protein
    85-90g Fats split equally Mono/Poly/Saturated
    50-300 Depending on lifting and energy levels

    Weight= 217 lbs
    BodyFat = 12
    Waist = 35 around belly button.

    The Catch
    I will try to improve me dead lift numbers even though I will be trying to lose fat at the same time.
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  16. Looks good, recreate is hot hot hot.

  17. Yeah, I am two full days in now and I definitely notice increased sweating during my lifting, and my body is fairly warm. Hopefully it is cumulative though because I want to be sweating like crazy, I can't stand being cold and living in Buffalo it is pretty much inevitable. Good Luck with your log as well and if you find anything that seems to make the product work better let me know.
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  18. Feb 27,08
    Just finishing up my current lifting program so I can definitely say Pslin helped me up my strength by an average of 20lbs per lift over a 8 week period. Also I have been using Recreate for five days now and I am noticing some differences from that as well.

    Things Worth Noting
    I really like the effects of this product so far. I dose upon waking or after breakfast and I notice sustained energy, increased body temp, relaxation, but the biggest thing I like about this product is appetite control. I say control and not suppression because Recreate seems to give a very unique effect, I have been able to follow my diet plan, with no cravings or hunger pangs but I also have had no trouble eating the right amount of calories in the day. You still get the feeling that it is time to eat, but I don't seem to get my sweet tooth. Usually I am a splenda junkie because i love sweet tastes, but the past 4 days i really have not felt the need to sweeten things up as much. I actually ate my oatmeal completely plain today and got a nice satisfied feeling after
    I pretty much have mastered the different effects pslin can have on my workouts so there is nothing really new to report here other than I have not built any tolerance what so ever to pslin and actually it seems as though i handle all carbs better lately than before. Much less bloating and lethargy from large carb meals outside of Pslin dosing which is a nice effect.
    Personal Records

    No new numbers, but my dead lifts are getting smoother and easier each week. If I keep going at the pace I have been I expect to achieve 500 off the floor before summer.
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  19. hmm i like the recreate comments, the less cravings for sweets seems interesting, as i do tend to be a splenda junkie too
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  20. Feb 29,2008

    Just a quick weigh in this morning:
    206 after one week of recreate and dieting. Thats an 11 pound drop in one week, mostly water but none the less.
    Now off to the Arnold!
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  21. March 5, 2008

    Well after a weekend of gorging on protein bar samples at the Arnold I was planning to come back with some weight gain, but I maintained by body weight and actually think I a bit leaner even though my diet was far from stellar the past few days. Also I have noticed that my body temperature seems to be elevated throughout much of the day now, so I am think recreate is really cranking up my metabolism. I have been having a nice steady flow of energy throughout the day, and have been getting great sleep at night. My diet is back on track now so I will give my measurements this weekend and hopefully they will be better than last week
    Pslin and AP
    Must say I am a big fan of mixing Pslin in my drink that I sip during my workout, which consist of Pslin, 40g Malto and Dextro, and 10g BCAA. I used vegetable glycerine with my Pslin the other day and the pumps were actually to intense for me to handle.
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  22. Pslin and AP
    Must say I am a big fan of mixing Pslin in my drink that I sip during my workout, which consist of Pslin, 40g Malto and Dextro, and 10g BCAA. I used vegetable glycerine with my Pslin the other day and the pumps were actually to intense for me to handle.

    Hi PMiller - Ive finally hit the sweetspot with Pslin:

    430 Pslin with 3g mono
    drill one into the Misses
    450 30g oats 1 banana 20g powerade powder 30g WPI blended
    530 4x RPMs 2x Powerfull
    600 train

    Hit PBs in deadlifts and rows

    Had been tweaking around with more Powerfull, but seemed to dull the effects - also the added banana really kicked the Pslin in. Ive got some AP in the mail, so will se how that slots into the stack - probably take that 12pm and 7pm meals

    Im happy, the Misses was happy, everyone wins.

  23. March 08, 08

    So I dosed two recreates with two powerful caps today 40 minutes before some cardio and let me tell you it was awesome. Recreate and powerful compliment each other greatly. I had energy, focus, drive, I was hotter then hell, and my endurance was crazy. I am feeling/looking leaner, and according to my calipers bf is down about .5% which is awesome considering the lackluster nutrition of last weekend.
    Pulled 450 a couple times the other day so I am pretty happy about that. I have really been enjoying the Pslin about 10 minutes before lifting, then sipping malto/dextrose and wpi during exercise. I keep my pumps and fullness for a couple hours after lifting which is nice. Nothing else really new to report on the Pslin end. I have been thinking about doing Pslins at two a day but I don't want to rip through my bottle that quickly, but if things change I will let everyone know.
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  24. Recreate Final Thoughts

    Energy - 7/10
    Nice little pick me up, but don't expect anything crazy. I actually liked the none stimmed out feeling, because a lot of the weight loss pills I have had samples of in the past seem to work better as a pre workout supp just because they can get a little to intense. With recreate I could take it during class and be able to sit still for a couple hours, but also I could take it before work and get moving for a while. Subtle but long lasting is the best way to describe it
    Thermogenic - 9/10
    I never sweat, at least not until I did cardio with a couple recreate's in me. I got a nice raise in body heat after dosing, but it was definitely more noticable if I dosed than did cardio. I noticed most of the heat was coming from my upper back and legs, which was kind of unexpected.
    Appetite - 6/10
    It has a little bit of appetite surpression, but trust me you still will get hungry and be able to pack away some grub. I noticed that my P + F meals seemed to be a lot more satisfying than usual. Don't fret though if you are looking to control hunger, see the next section of the review
    Craving Control - 10/10
    This was my favorite part of this product. I have worse cravings that a pregnant woman at a chocolate factory. I love my sweets and I am a splenda junkie. I noticed after a few days of using Recreate I did a few things that really surprised me. First my coffee that i drink at work sometimes did not need the usual 4 packs of splenda, I got away with about half a pack. Next my protein shakes needed more water because they were a little sweet for me now. I remembered how good plain chicken, with no spices or anything, tasted. Finally my choice for my weekly cheat meal went from sweets to steaks. I would love to see the Willpower aspect of this product be made into a bulk powder or a standalone. Hint Hint USP
    Fat Loss - 8/10
    Calorie wise I made very little change to my diet, but still managed to cut a solid 8 pounds in a little over three weeks. I can say a some of it was water weight, but the rest was definitely fat. My stomach seems to be less bloated, making me believe it was VAT that was being targeted.
    I noticed I was definitely more relaxed at night and went to sleep much easier. Also I noticed I was a little more regular . I will put up pics later this weekend.
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  25. Quality log P ~ from your review it sounds like you would purchase it in the future?

    Thats good to hear about the appetite properties. I find it bothersome when a stim just complelty turns you off to food (espeically when cutting and the food can already be hard to get down.)

  26. pmiller - you do a good log mate - Ive been experimenting with PSlin as well, and especially enjoy disolving a cap with WPI and carb mix sipped during workout as opposed to PreWO Meal.

    Appreciate the logs

  27. Well, I just want to let everyone know that I am sorry for not updating this log to much lately, I really don't have anything new to say about Pslin or AP, and those are the only supps from the USP line I am running right now. I will keep this log open for discussion/questions and still update when I find something new or unique to input. Also I am going to try to get some updated pics up soon. Thanks to everyone following along with the log and hope you guys got good information from it, or at least got to laugh at my avi a little bit.
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  28. great review, interesting points...

    thanks for your time!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //


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