A french log: RPM/DRIVE

  1. A french log: RPM/DRIVE

    Hello everyone

    For my first log, i chose the Applied Nutriceuticals RPM/DRIVE Stack since it got great reviews from a lot of people here!

    Before starting, some little things about me just so you know.

    I'm 24, i'm from France, we don't get a lot of supplements in my country and the one available are VERY expensive. RPM/DRIVE are not available in France so i ordered it in the US.

    I'm 5,8 168, i have been lifting weights seriously for 3 years now, i started lifting as i was very skinny, about 120 pounds!!!

    As far as supplements goes, i have tried several ones, whey, creatine, NO product etc..

    I Work out 4 times a week. The other supplements i will use during this stack are the following:
    - ON Optimum Whey strawberry
    - Fish Oil
    -Opti Men
    -Green magnitude

    My goal during this log is to gain some lean muscle mass( 5 pounds will be fantastic). I will use two bottles of each product with this dosage to start:
    - DRIVE: 2 caps first in the morning, 2 others in the afternoon
    - RPM: 3 caps pre workout

    Well you know everything, now i will tell you about my first day using this stack in my next post in a few minutes:

    Oh one last thing, i would like to know if any company would like to send me some products to log, some samples to try because no company sell samples or sponsor logs for foreigners, but maybe a generous company would do an exception and send me some free products. That would be an oportunity for me to talk about your products in France and would help me as i am a student and don't have a lot of money.

    Here we go for my RPM/DRIVE LOG

  2. Thumbs up Day One

    this is my first day using RPM/DRIVE. I took my 2 caps of DRIVE first thing in the morning.
    I worked out at 4H30Pm took my 3 caps of RPM and my 2 other Drive caps 1 hour before my work out

    Today was Back/Shoulder and Leg days. What i can say is that i know Drive takes a few days to kick in but my god RPM kicked in right away.

    I had a tremendous energy during this workout even if it was a difficult and long workout ( 1H30 ) .Usually i finish this workout completely exhausted but today was differents, i ended up with a lot of energy left and the best thing about this workout is that i hit two personal record.

    Here are my feeling on this workout:

    ENERGY/FOCUS: 9/10: Great energy, my mind was very into this workout even if it is a tough day.

    PUMP: 7/10 i didn't noticed that big of a difference in the pump departement compared to the effects of some other supplements ( white flood or supercharge from example ) i never have back pump so maybe it will be different tomorow as i train my chest and arms. As far as shoulder goes, i notice a decent pump but nothing out of this world.

    Overall: 7/10. I was very happy with my first day on the stack but i don't want to give it a higher note since DRIVE has not kicked in yet

    One last thing, i usually don't sweat during my workout but today i sweated a lot, that's positive as far as fat loss goes.

    Please tell me if you would like me to add something to this log, it's my first one so any advice is welcomed

  3. Drive will take a few days to start to be noticeable, and will probably reach full effect in 7-10 days. So the pump change won't crop up till then.

    It would be nice to lay out your workout routine as well. No need to report on it each workout if you dont want to, but its nice to know the structure. Cardio too

  4. i have not talked about my routine because since i'm french, i don't know the name of every exercises i perform but here is my routine:

    I work out 4 times a week:

    I work my back, shoulders and legs on day 1 and 3
    I work my chest, arms and traps on day 2 and 4

    I usually do 4 sets of each exercises i perform and my repetitions vary between 12 and 5 depending on the days, and my goals.

    Right now i do 12/10/8/6 reps on each exercises adding more weights after each series.

    Here are some of my PR:

    - Bench press: 6X200
    - Incline Bench: 6X170
    - Rowing: 8X220
    - Biceps curl:10X125

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!!

  5. Good luck with the log and have fun!!

  6. Thumbs up You Picked the right stack!

    You picked the right stack thats for sure. Bust ass on the weights and good luck to you with the results that will ensue.
    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.
  7. Sorry

    Sorry my friends, i totally forgot about my RPM/DRIVE log, working on a lot of different stuff made me forget that i started it...

    So i am going to tell you about my first 12 days on RPM/Drive Stack

    i will Start with RPM..

    I am LOVING it so far, i take 4 caps 1H Preworkout and so far so results are great. Here are my opinions about it So far:

    ENERGY: 9/10: I feel very motivated when i start my workouts, and the energy keeps coming strong throuhought the workout ( i have to tell you that i am doing 4 hard workouts per week, about 1H30 each). That's the big difference between RPM and other preworkout supplements that i used ( white flood, NoXplode...) With other suplements the energy slowly faded out during workout, with RPM i feel as good when i'm done than when i started.

    PUMP:8/10 Pumps are very good especially on shoulders, arms and chest. they are better than with NoXplode, and as good as with white flood. The big difference between RPM and other products is when i take it on off days.. Within an hour i feel pumped and vascular and i'm loving it.

    Now let's talk about DRIVE: i started with 2 drive first thing in the morning and 2 drive 6hour later. Now i take 2 DRIVE in the morning and 3 six hours later.

    I won't rate it yet because i want to give it another week or so. So far, as far as possible positive stuff related to DRIVE i would say that i feel fuller, a little bit more vascular too. Recovery is a little bit better too but nothing out of this world..

    The negative point about DRIVE is curiously concerning my libido/errection. Libido is a little bit down and errection are " softer".. i really don't know why as i should feel better in that department. Has it happened to some of you?? did it change?

    Maybe i should go 3 and 3 with DRIVE I don't know... what do you think?

    Also i have a little question, how do you take your RPM on OFF Days??

    Well that's it for today, i will keep you updated on that stack, i will use two bottles of each..

    Oh by the way, my weight is still the same, no particular gains, i just feel a little leaner.. I started taking size on about a week ago but i think that i retain too much water while on it, i feell fatter in the stomach department, so i'm thinking of stopping it and sticking to just RPM/DRIVE and my stapples ( whey, multi, fish oil, XTEND)

  8. actually its more likely to be RPM (or something else) causing the erection issues. For the most part, Drive is a libido raiser, giving random partial erections.

    For off days, i usually take half an rpm dose

  9. Well, i will continue to post my impressions about this stack... So far there are a few positves and a few negatives...

    -Better energy that lasts during all workout even when i do a 1H30 minutes workout
    -Better vascularity and i feel fuller..

    -decrease in libido and weaker erections.. I attribute that to the stack since i haven't changed anything at all supplement, diet and training wise. I really don't know why it is happening.

    As far as my weight goes, no change in weight or body composition, i'm on my 14th day so i will keep taking them and see if it changes.

    So far i must admit that i'm a little disapointed in that stack, maybe it is too early to tell so i will give DRIVE/RPM the benefit of the doubt and keep taking both product until the end of my 2 bottles in order to give you a deep review about it...

    i'll tell you about my workout out a little bit later
  10. Day 14th UNHAPPY

    Today was back, legs and shoulders day.. i took 5 drive and 4 RPM today.
    Strangely i have had a very bad workout today, no energy whatsoever, i don't know why since i slept well, ate well and took my supplements on time.

    I don't know if i will use my second bottle of DRIVE/RPM right after i'm done with the first one because i'm more and more disapointed in the stack.

    Today i had no energy, no pump. My libido is still down, so are my erections and to add to the negative i noticed that i am getting excessively angry very quickly, for no reason!! i get really pissed off for little things and that never happen to me since i'm a very cool and calm guy..

    So i am meditating stopping this stack i will only take 3RPM and 4 drive for a couple of days to see it that evolves in a good way, if it doesn't i will stop and try something else ( activate Xtreme..)

  11. The lack of libido is really odd, drive usually has exactly the opposite effect

  12. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    The lack of libido is really odd, drive usually has exactly the opposite effect
    yeah i know and i really don't understand why it is happening...

  13. you might want to try dropping RPM entirely for a couple of days, see how it goes. of the 2 i'd think that was more likely to affect it.


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