Optimum Nutrition Pro-Complex Protein Powder

  1. Optimum Nutrition Pro-Complex Protein Powder

    This protein is by far the best protein powder I have ever used. The serving size is two scoops, but I only use one 90% of the time. One scoop has 30g protein, 7g of BCAAs, 5g a glutamine, casein, egg albumen, whey conentratem whey isolate, and hydrolysized whey protein peptides, so even though it is kinda expensive, i got the 4.4 pounds for 46$, it lasts a long time b/c u only need 1 scoop. And it has 8 different spources of protein in it, not just whey.

    I have yet to use any kind of mixer with it, including a spoon. That is how well it mixes. Put in the scoop, add water and swirl it around and there r no clumps left. Taste is good too. It seems to digest well, I think its b/c enzymes and the predigested proteins. Overall, I am very happy with this product and I plan on using it again.

    Quality 10
    Mixability 10
    Taste 8

  2. I love ON's products. Love their whey. Might have to pick up some pro-complex.
    I hear good things about True Mass from BSN too. The strawberry tastes great. Havebt bought a full deal though.

  3. True mass is a weight gainer.

    'Pro-Complex Gainer' is a weight gainer.

    I tried/reviewed just 'Pro-Complex', its only protein

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