DHEA and effect on HPTA? (gonad hypotrophy, etc)

  1. DHEA and effect on HPTA? (gonad hypotrophy, etc)

    I have been reading a lot about DHEA supplements and there is always a mention of how it would effect the HPTA, but rarely any details. If indeed it increases testosterone levels then naturally this will lead to estrogen. What is a safe level, based on your own experience, of getting benefits but not going to far and needing to play around with other hormone levels? If indeed the level I take causes issues, what supplements would you recommend, or would I end up needing tamoxofin or clomid?

  2. I used 25mg of time release DHEA 3x daily, 6 on 1 off, for about 6 weeks. From what I understand time release prevents it from causing too much estrogen build up, instead letting it convert to useful metabolites. I ran the original Trib Test with it starting week 2. This combo actually worked quite well for me. I deffinately had energy and motivation as well as aggression. I may very well use DHEA again this year as part of a stack of some sort.

    Studies I've seen have proven that prolonged supplementation with DHEA will cause lowered LH production because you are introducing an external androgen. Other than that it seems very safe and effective. Get it before the government decides its an illegal steroid and bans it's use b/c of all this baseball controversy.

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