Leviathan Reloaded *Review*

  1. Leviathan Reloaded *Review*

    FinaL Review

    Of course I would like to extend my thanks to the guys at Palo Alto for choosing me!

    Weight: 224-- 227
    BiCeps:16.5"-- 17
    ForeArms: 13.5"-- 13.5
    Calves: 16"-- 16
    Thighs: 24"-- 24
    Waist: 36"-- 35.5


    My main goal when starting this log was to decrease the BF around my midsection. I do believe from the looks of the pictures, and it seems even more apparent live, that I have achieved what I set out to accomplish.

    A few things I noticed while using Leviathan Reloaded:
    Great Mood increase.
    Appetite Increase.
    A few spells of increased acne and oily skin.
    Great Increase in Intensity and Focus in the gym!
    Great Increase in sweating.

    The only real negative side effect I noticed were small headaches no and again. I did not notice them to the point worth mentioning till I was nearing the end of the log. Nothing too uncomfortable.

    I did break many PR's throughout this log. I do not know that I can attest my strength increases directly to Leviathan, but I do know the Leviathan provided the intensity and focus to help me want to push harder.

    As you can see I am actually up 3lbs and have dropped some BF. I can not be happier with these results. Who wouldnt want to gain weight while dropping BF..

    Leviathan worked well for me when I needed a little something extra for an energy boost and it did its job helping shed the fat I was trying to get rid of.

    Thanks again to Palo Alto Labs for choosing me and to those who followed along.

    Everyone have a great night and rest of your weekend!
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  2. Looking very very lean man!!

    Nice tat also on the arm...looks sick!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    Looking very very lean man!!

    Nice tat also on the arm...looks sick!
    Now its time for an ECA stack yellow gold bcaas and some beta alainine to work its magic!

  4. Great review. Midsection definatly trimmed up. Also nice tat

    Are you planning on cutting again on a similar stack?

  5. awesome job tom, thanks brutha.

  6. Damn good results, very impressive.

    Also, did anyone else mention that your tat is pretty cool?
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  7. Thanks to everyone for stoppin in and commenting!

    The real cool thing about my tat though is the fact that my arm is over 2" bigger now then when I got it. LoL
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  8. Looks very good. How long were you on Reloaded?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Looks very good. How long were you on Reloaded?

    28 Days. I was lazy and didn't post the Log here. I have a link if anyone wants it.

    I actually hit quit a few PR's during this time too..
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  10. Dude thats awsome to hear!! Increase in overall weight, and waist got smaller....thats what it's all about man. The X frame....
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  11. awesome results!


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