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  1. Golden Finish From Controlled Labs

    As a introduction I need to inform everyone reading this that about 1 month ago I had extensively invasive abdominal surgery to correct a blockage in my Small intestines due to an excessive amount of scar tissue from an appendectomy that I had performed when I was a child. I was in the hospital for 9 days and during that time I have lost an incredible amount of weight - 33 pounds at this point - and a considerable amount of my strength.

    I have not touched a weight during this entire time and will not be lifting until this Thursday which will mark 5 weeks since my initial hospitalization and surgery. I will not be attempting to break any personal records, I will not be lifting heavy. I will be focusing on recovery some lost muscle mass and strength over the course of this log and I expect this product to aid me in my quest.

    Undoubtedly some of the gains you will read about in this log will be attributed to muscle memory and just normal recovery, but I will try my best to sort that out. I have used several post workout products and my current favorite is Anabolic Window from Nutrabolics. I do not like high GI carbs in my postworkout shake as they tend to leave me feeling a bit bloated and lethargic after consumption. While the exact nature of the carb source is not revealed I am assuming that if CL was just using a standard D-glucose or dextrose carb they would not go through the secrecy.

    My past PWO Shakes are
    (1) Xtreme Formulations Relentless
    (2) Nutrabolics Anabolic Window
    (3) Champion Nutrition Metabol II (surprisingly good)
    (4) Universal Lava
    (5) Myogenx AfterMax

    Lets see which is the best.

  2. My Stats

    Age - Getting older every day
    Weight - 195 (down from 225 presurgery that is a 30lb loss)
    Height - 6'3"

    Current Supplements
    Universal Storm
    Green Tea
    Ginseng and Gingko combo

    I try to keep my supplementation simple at this point and these are all supplements that I find useful on a regular basis. I will limit all other variables during the course of this log.

  3. Looks good bro, gonna post up any pics for this one?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    Looks good bro, gonna post up any pics for this one?
    Yes I should have pics up on Thursday. I hate my post surgery physique. I feel like an insecure highschool girl right now.

  5. Initial Review

    When I received my Golden Finish (sounds perverted) I decided to try out a half serving just to evaluate its taste and other attributes.

    Mixability - I mixed it with water and tried stirring it with a spoon but was left with several floating clumps. I then put the top on my shaker cup and shook it vigorously and all the clumps disappeared leaving a pretty smooth consistent shake

    Rank - 7.5

    Taste - A bit tart for me when mixed with about 16 ounzes of water so I may have to use more when I mix an entire serving. Had a decent tropical flavor with a hint of pina coloda/banana taste to it that I enjoyed and I wish they had moved more in this direction rather in the more sour/citrus type of flavor. Not the best, but I have had much worse. Also I am a bit biased towards chocolate flavors and I usually mix my shakes with milk so just using water was a change for me. This flavor has strong potential if they can adjust the sourness/tartness of the product.

    Rank - 7

    Effects - Well hard to tell when I was just sitting around watching "Shoot Em Up" which is the greatest movie I have ever seen - RENT IT. A few minutes after I drank Golden Finish I became really light headed for about 15 minutes and then it went away and I felt great. There were zero problems with digestion which for me was impressive because since my recent stomach surgery I have had trouble digesting much of anything, especially protein powders. This suggest to me that the protein has a good degree of hydrolysis and the carbs are a pretty high MW. Based on this alone I am impressed but then again it was just a half serving

    Rank - 8

    I am looking forward to how this product works out over the next month.

  6. nice log brother

    10 minutes to Yumu starring Russel Crowe and Christian Slater came out today. Brother and I watched it. Its good
    Last edited by John Smeton; 01-09-2008 at 11:56 PM. AMJUNE50 50 % off

    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online consultations

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CONTROLLED LABS View Post
    did you take a full dose yet?
    Not yet, I am waiting until my first full workout on Saturday.

    OK quick update. Since my surgery I have not worked out in 5 weeks. Last night I performed several sets of pushups, situps, bodyweight squats, and walking lunges just to determine how much strength I have lost. My pushups are down by half, bodyweight squats wore me out after 25, lunges were off by half, situps down by half. I am anticipating severe drops from the weights I was using previously.

  8. Hopefully you bounce back fast !

    Email: pt [at]

  9. Quick update. I just finished my first workout at the GYM. :dl:

    Boy am I weak now. I am not even going to list the weight but the I will post my routine.

    Squats = 5 x 5
    Bench Press = 5 x 5
    Rows = 5 x 5
    Pull Ups = 5 x 5
    Calf Raises = 5 x 5
    Cardio = Jump Rope 15 minutes (this was surprisingly good)

    Golden Finish - This was my first time using the full serving and with 3 scoops and the added water the flavor improved quite a bit. I am going to raise the taste to an 8. The mixability improved as well. Another 8.

  10. Strange side effect has happened on both occasion I drank Golden Finish. About 15 minuutes after ingestion I will get extremely light headed for about 10 minutes, then instantly it is gone and I feel really good. I am so confused by this.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by whitedevil74 View Post
    Strange side effect has happened on both occasion I drank Golden Finish. About 15 minuutes after ingestion I will get extremely light headed for about 10 minutes, then instantly it is gone and I feel really good. I am so confused by this.
    Are you slamming it ? If so, sip on it instead... or even drink it during your post-workout meal.

    Email: pt [at]

  12. Quote Originally Posted by pu12en12g View Post
    Are you slamming it ? If so, sip on it instead... or even drink it during your post-workout meal.

    No I am sipping on it. It is just a very strange sensation, but once it is gone I feel wonderful, almost euphoric for about 20 minutes. What the heck did you put in my Golden Finish?

  13. I notice this as well.Its a good recovered feeling. It's the Pea my friend. AMJUNE50 50 % off

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  14. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    I notice this as well.Its a good recovered feeling. It's the Pea my friend.
    You may be on to something with the PEA.

  15. Looking good so far, do not worry the strength will come back. Hope this helps on yoru road to revocery anbd gettign back up to where you were.

  16. WORKOUT #2

    Another 5 x 5 type of workout

    Incline Bench Press 5 x 5
    Leg Press 5 x 5
    Pull Ups 5 x 5
    Cardio - 20 minutes

    Hammer Bench 3 x 15
    Hammer Rows 3 x 15

    - I decided to add a bit of higher rep sets at the end of my workout just to get a bit of a pump in my muscles. Immediately postworkout I drank my shake. No light headedness or follow up eupohria, but recovery is excellent after ingestion. I experienced zero carb crash and I drank it down fast after this last workout. This morning my muscles felt sore but pleasantly so, unlike my first workout which left me crippled for three days. I am getting progressively stronger and I hope this product helps. It is too early to reach any determination other than the flavor has definitely grown on me.

  17. Sounding better and better :dl:
    Email: pt [at]

  18. Workout 3

    Another Full Body Workout and I am stopping all sets well before failure as I would hate to split myself open. Muscle memory is an amazing phenomena as my muscles are already becoming more full after just about a week of working out and my strength is returning as well. It is substantially less than where it was presurgery but I am much stronger than a week ago.


    1 x30
    1 x 20
    1 x 20

    Bench Press
    raised weight 10lbs each set
    1 x 20
    1 x 15
    1x 15
    1 x 15
    1 x 110

    Pull Ups
    1 x 13
    1 x 10
    1 x 8
    1 x 6

    Leg Press
    1 x 25
    1 x 20
    1 x 15

    Hammer Rows
    1 x 15
    1x 15
    1 x 10

    - I am liking the taste of GF more every time so overall I am satisfied with it. I would still have preferred CL would have gone more for a pina coloda/banana flavor but I did not design the formula and people should generally enjoy the taste. I felt a little light headed after drinking it tonight but I downed it pretty fast so that is probably the reason. I will post in the morning regarding any increased recovery.
  19. Workout 4

    My body felt like it had recovered substantially since last night so I opted to have another workout today. Since the Australian Open was on I ended walking/running for about 1 hour watching the Federer match. What an amazing contest. Both left players gave played their hearts out and it was a shame to watch either lose.

    After my run I just did a few sets of Biceps, Tricep, and Shoulder exercises. nothing intense just some assitance work for my full body routines.

    Thoughts - maybe I ran for too long and was just dehydrated but GF was just too sweet for me today and it took me awhile to drink it all. I also felt a bit lightheaded again and this is why I urge them to release the carbohydrate source as I do not know if it is the carbs or the PEA that is causing this. My muscles already feel much better so it is helping with recovery and that is what is most important.
  20. Workout Five

    Strength is increasing everytime I workout but I not even close to my lifts presurgery. Every day I feel a bit stronger and I am starting to see my muscles fill in again.

    todays workout was very good.

    Golden Finish - Today I slammed it down after my workout and about 20 minutes later I felt very lightheaded. I had to lay down for a little while but then it went away. This is starting to concern me a bit I would appreciate some feedback from Controlled Labs about what may be causing this. I have taken other supplements with PEA in the formulation and have not experienced a sensation like this.

    I do not believe the carb source is malto as GF has a bit of a grainy texture to it and malto is very powdery. Recovery after workouts is going well but no real pumped feeling after drinking GF like I would experience with Anabolic Window.

    I think after my workout I may try out my Myozene just to compare the two formulas and see if I can eliminate dextrose as a carb source as well. Myozene is full of dextrose so I will be comparing taste and texture.

  21. Guess everyone is different man. I absolutely slam mine down 5 min postworkout everyday. I am not experiencing any lightheadedness at all.
  22. Workout 6

    Tonight same 5 x 5 type of format + I ran/walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill on an 8.5 incline and my calves were buring. After the workout cam e home and dropped in 3 scoops of GFH + Ice cubes and it was surprisingly pleasant and refreshing. I felt a little lightheaded for about 10 minutes but feel excellent now. Recovery actually feels really good and Doms have been diminishing even though my workout intensity has been increasing gradually. Tonight I am very satisfied with this product.
  23. Workout 7

    Yesterday I performed some assistance work, shoulders, Triceps, Biceps and then ran for abotu 20 minutes.. Took GF when I got home and I am enjoying the taste much better when I add the ice cubes. Recovery has been improved and DOMS are diminished which has allowed me to workout with a bit more frequency compared to when I started this log. No light headedness. I am thinking that it may be the ALA because that tend to make me go hypo if I do not take in adequate carbs. I have noticed that when I use carbs intraworkout and then GF postworkout there is no lightheadedness, however if I do not have carbs during my workout I do get lightheaded for a bit. I will continue to update.


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