Superdrol stack?

  1. Superdrol stack?

    Ok I weigh 248 and I am 6' 6", I have been on supplements for a long time, I know a little about them. But I have been doing some research on superdrol and I all that I have found is that Methyl supplements are kind of potent. I have never experimented with these kinds so I need some help to find the best stack for my superdrol. Also is it safe to add like cell mass after a workout with superdrol, or is it to strong.

    I have
    superdrol ng
    methyl 1-d
    nano vapor
    mass tech
    cell mass
    novedex xt
    no shotgun, that stuff rocks
    and some amino acids.

    I just need kind of a good stack with my superdrol out of all of these, what do you think I should do!

  2. the new superdrol ng stands for next generation and is not the same as the powerful SD from preban..... you can still find knock offs out there that get great reviews. wouldn't recommend taking creatine with the old methyl as that would making cramping and back pumps worse in my opinion. good reading for superdrol would be superdrol for dummies by krzna. google it great read and good luck

  3. superdrol ng is dhea with stims.. you'll be fine adding the cellmass.

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