Unsponsored MassFX/RPM Log

  1. Unsponsored MassFX/RPM Log

    I am a little late starting this log. With the countless gift cert i got for Xmas, I have now 2 bottles of MassFX that I am stacking with my staple RPM. My workouts are EOD full body circuit training. I have the same routine, same exercises, and same supp timing everyday. The only thing that changes slightly is diet (sometimes I get stuck at work for long hours and have to munch on some not so quality protein bars.) My goals are strength and recomp and endurance. My weight yesterday was 205lbs, i am 6'2, and am hovering around 10-11%BF.

    I will forgo my previous week workouts and start with todays:

    Upon waking: 2 rpm, 1 MassFX
    15min later: 2 packets unflavored instant oatmeal, one scoop ON whey mixed with 1 scoop ON casein in water.

    25min later: 2rpm, 1 MassFX, leave for the gym.

    At the gym i down 80gr WMS w/ 2 scoops ON whey, 10gr creatine mono, sip xtend through workout.

    Workout(working sets only, no more than 30sec rest btwn sets
    Leg press 1x20, 1x8
    Hamstring curls 1x8, 1x20
    Pullups 1x20, 1x5 (weighted)
    seated cybex row: 1x6, 1x20
    Weighted Dips: 1x20, 1x6 (PR today, BW+105lbs for 6 reps)
    single arm DB flat press- dropsets
    DB front and lat raises, 1x20-dropsets
    DB biceps curls 1x8, 1x15
    Rope Pushdowns, 1x15, 1x8
    weighted machine crunches-1x20 superset with hanging leg raises
    calves raises on leg press 1x20, 1x15

    15min cooldown on treadmill, 4.0mph at 11 incline.
    upon finishing xtend and training, 80gr WMS w/ 2 scoop ON whey.

    Week One of MassFX/RPM
    Energy: Up slightly, slight headache in the AM, going to increase water intake
    Focus: Even better than RPM solo, I have little trouble getting up the motivation to train.
    Pumps: same so far, although my shoulders and forearms are getting painful pumps
    Strength: One PR on dips, PR on 20 rep leg press.
    Endurance: hard to tell so far, although i finished this workout in great time, 35min.
    Recomp: definitely dropped some water weight from the holiday gorging!

  2. good luck!

  3. just a quick update, libido is through the friggen roof

  4. 1/4/07 2 weeks of MassFX/RPM
    Energy: Today I was a little tired, I think maybe the MassFX
    causes slight lethargy, upped my RPM dosage.

    Focus: Very Focused, Just tired

    Pumps: Excellent pumps today, esp. in my shoulders and quads
    Strength: PR on 20 rep leg press again, it came almost too easy, weighted dips pr on 20rep, same w/ 6 rep.

    Endurance: endurance was up, maybe because i took a tad longer rests between sets. Threw in 20min of mod intensity cardio after my training session

    Recomp: Abs are popping, veins in shoulder and biceps becoming more pronounced.

    libido: i feel like im 15yrs old and my high school math teacher is wearing one of her short skirts again.

    next week i start muay thai training 2-3x per week, which is the reason I have been circuit training, trying to balance endurance and strength. The only difference between RPM solo and so far with MassFX is that i am thirsty as hell all the time. I have almost tripled my water intake. I am definitely happy so far, weight has not changed, but I am definitely a less smooth 205lbs and slightly more vascular.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    good luck!
    Thanks. I just saw the thread on max strength mass fx...you guys are really pushing me to do more ot at work so support my damn supp habit, cant AX be tax deductible!?

  6. it is for me!

  7. I'll be watching too

  8. This should be very kick ass

    Massfx has been good to me in the past
    toes-on-the-nose.blogspot.com Deployed blogging

  9. the best part about this 8 week mass fx cycle is i have about 6-8 weeks of Drive lined up right after...south beach vaca here i come lol.


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