Thyrotabs, ECY, CKD for 45 days... LOG

  1. Wink Thyrotabs, ECY, CKD for 45 days... LOG

    Hi There

    Looking to drop 4% body fat in the next 4-5 weeks...

    CKD, 1500 Cals per day roughly (BMR is 2100), leaning more towards protein, tons of H20

    II. Workouts:
    Mostly 6-12 reps, nice pyramids sets, nice intensity, nothing crazy due to lack of strength for deficit, moderate cardio at times

    1. Thyrotabs (starting at 1 per day to MAX 3 per day and tapering down back to 1 w/ nice post cycle therapy after)
    2. Lipo 6 (Yohimbine and other goodies, taking this w/ ephedra, 1 per day to MAX 3 per day and tapering down back to 1)
    3. Ephedrine HCL (nice combow/ above for ECY stack)
    4. Anagen (nice Anabolic properties while cutting)
    5. ON Whey (everyday, 3-4 servings per day)
    6. Vitamin Shoppe Thyroid Support
    7. Cytolean (only a couple of days a week, to switch from ECY above to give receptors a little break)
    8. Dandelion Root (occasionally to drop water weight)

    29yrs old, 210lbs, body fat 19%

    V. GOAL
    By February 14, I want to be 195lbs, body fat 14%

    This log is to help me track my progress and I thought it would be a great way to contribute to the forum... Also, if anyone has any advice or suggestions, bring it on...

  2. Took my first Thyrotab first thing this morning, around 9AM. I felt very warm and strong... no lethargy thus far. Then 10AM I took 2 Lipo 6 w/ 25mg of Ephedra... Strong feeling, but no jitters. It's 1PM and so far no crash. 12:30PM, first meal... roughly 15g of fat, 40g of protein, for 300 calories.

  3. make sure you dont skimp on the fat intake

    might want to try low reps of high weight, doing long sets without carbs really drained me

    id try and save the stims for pre workout only, you will already be burning a ton of calories with the thyrotabs and 3 stims, you dont want to drop weight too fast. this may be hard to judge the first week as you should loose water weight as your glycogen levels go down

  4. This combo is really giving me some great energy and that "warm" feeling. I feel like I've already dropped a ton of water weight and this is evidenced by the 8LB LOSS I see on the scale.

    2 Thyrotabs 8 hours apart today, and 1 ECY combo early in the day.

    I worked out shoulders, chest, tri's and calves today... decent workout, strong pace but nothing crazy.

    So far, so good except I have a cough and the "cotton mouth" from the Thyrotabs don't help...

    Also, I'm also never tired through the whole day, from morning to way past midnight

  5. DAY 3

    I need to eat some more... this is the most appetite suppression I've had, and it's the middle of WINTER where I usually stay home and eat. The ECY helps me stay focused while the Thyrotabs keeps my metabolism burning... I am always warm and even sweat while lifting in a cold gym, wearing a t-shirt...

    I'm feeling much leaner, and I know this is just water weight and not fat because it's really early... But my clothes fit much better and I can tell the difference for sure... It feels as though this combo really woke my body up. I feel strong in the gym despite being in ketosis- this is because of the ECY for sure...

    So far, there's no lethargy to speak of, and I'm still running 2 Thyrotabs 8 hours apart and 1 dose of 200mg caff, 25mg E, 3mg Y...

  6. Now I'm up to 3 Thyrotabs 5 hours apart and two doses of ECY.

    I really need to eat more, but I feel strong and alert all day long. No crashes, yet... and I'm praying they don't occur. Only real problem right now is a bit of insomnia, which is a huge PITA.

    May workouts are strong, but I need to start incorporating a little cardio after every weight training session at least half the time I go to the gym...

    Otherwise, so far, so good.

  7. Day 12

    Sorry for not keeping up w/ this... I am taking full dosage of Thyrotabs and will go full on the ECY and Anagen within the next couple of days.

    I knew I was going to shed some weight, but what I didn't know is that I would go from 210 lbs to 196.5 lbs in only 11 days. I haven't lost any strength, but I do have weird sleeping habits now.

    I haven't "crashed" on ECY yet, and the Thyrotabs "sides" are hardly noticeable. My heartrate is still OK and I will take my blood pressure this weekend, maybe...

    So far, so good... I want to be as close to 190 as possible by Jan 24.

    I can tell I need to Carb Load soon, as my body is craving carbs... glycogen is most probably depleted as I've been lifting consistently the last 10 days. I will probably carb up for a good 12 waking hours w/ a couple cheat meals in there...

    Anyway, I am also thinking about switching to German Volume training, 8 sets and 8 reps... for the next 6-8 weeks to change things up a bit.

    Will be back soon.... GREAT progress, so far. I must have lost 1.5" from my waist already.

    BTW- barely any cardio whatsoever due to the -400 cals per day diet.

  8. Would also like to add that i have had NO headaches since taking Thyrotabs or ECA 10 days ago.

    Hope I didn't jinx myself =)


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