Dermacrine Sustain with TRT

  1. Dermacrine Sustain with TRT

    I used Dermacrine Sustain for a while this past summer for anti-estrogen support. I'm on doctor-prescribed TRT.

    During the summer while I was using Sustain, my libido, strength, and cognition were excellent. After I ran out I was prescribed Arimidex, and just used that thinking it would be enough.

    I was without Sustain for about 3 months. Things gradually got worse, and actually dosing Arimidex became really tricky, as if Estradiol had become a wildly moving target.

    I ordered more Sustain and received it last week. Without changing anything else, within just a few days I'm back to where I was this past summer, feeling AWESOME in every way (and so damn horny I can hardly think about anything else, and I'm already getting a piece daily).

  2. I second that! I'm about a week into my Dermacrine and if it's wrong to feel this good I don't wanna be right!

    Mental acuity, strength, and emotional well being are really, really high I love this stuff! Keep feeling the good vibe my brother!

  3. I want to point out that Dermacrine contains the DHEA, and that the Sustain does not… which is the main difference between the products. Sustain also contains higher levels of Resveratrol & Benzoflavone.

    It’s important to understand the different mechanism of these products. We believe that the desirable effects of Sustain are from increased LH/FSh output and increased vaso- dilatation which helps with increased erection frequency and feeling of vitality.

    On the other hand, Dermacrine is likely deriving its effects from the heighted levels of 7-keto, Adione, Adiol, and testosterone… which are being directly created from the DHEA. This generally produces stronger physical results as far as strength and muscular pumps from having such high androgen levels. For most, the heightened levels of androgens can offer great benefits, while others may be sensitive to these effects and may develop a slight case of anxiety or restlessness. (Especially when not consistently being physically active.)

    With that said, I think Sustain might be the “safer” choice for most guys considering the use of these products who are looking for a sexual boost. If one doesn’t get the desirable effect from Sustain, then Dermacrine would probably be a better choice.


  4. Reps for that, I'm a Dermacrine desciple, this is hands down the BEST product I've used in 2007

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