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    I believe with the Thyrotabs you should be taking the last dose a few hours before bed so as to not affect with sleep.
    Same deal with the scorch.
    i was taking the TT at 7-8 PM. And the Scorch at 4-5 pm

  2. Yeah, definitely take it much earlier than that.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by T H E O R E M View Post
    i spoke with Dinoiii and it seems i may have been getting the sides, but most importantly the bad Headaches from the TT because i was becoming HyperThyroid after each dose. I could have finished the cycle but the headaches OBLITERATED my me on a daily basis to the point that other always asked me why i look so sad all day and miserable. Too much stress! After Dropping them I incorporated some LEAN XTREME to get thyroid running and cortisol down. Never felt better! Also i was loosing alot of muscle on TT and my Protein wasnt high enough, should have bumped it up more for them. But thats more

    so its currently DCP/SCORCH/LEANX

    im substantially leaner and my abs are popping out now. Just a little more !!!!

    My diet this week is perfect...should see some awesome results...too bad about the TT though

    Happy you got the anti-cort in. Appropriate to wean off the thyroid stuff.

    It might have been more appropriate to run a 7-keto rather than 7-OH one due to the upstream nature of the former offering some additional thyroidal presence secondary to its metabolites.

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  4. Hey so what ended up happening here?

  5. results? happy? still taking?



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