Havoc & 4-AD - When do I get results?

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  1. Oh ****... I just noticed. anabolicminds.com is really just a site to promote prohormones... look at the home page! Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 5 (5 Members and 0 guests): Cogent, bpmartyr, ozarkaBRAND, pembroke3355, MM1Snapper


    OK guys, I'll leave you and your board alone. My bad. I didn't realize what this place was for. Last post.

  2. So now $50 + $45 =$160 wow dude no wonder why it does nothing for you did you smoke the other $65 you claimed you wasted????????????????
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  3. i just don't get some people.

    oh well. my mommy loves me and so does Jesus

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cogent View Post
    Are you sure you didn't get gains because you ate and trained harder because of the psychosomatic effect of thinking you were on real juice? Hmmmn. I bet I train harder than you and lift more than you right now. OK, really going to bed now. Lots of kids around 17-18 are easily duped into thinking that NanoVapor from MuscleTech put 13 lbs of solid ripped lean muscle mass on them, when in fact is really $60 of powdered **** in a bottle.
    How is it that most people don't feel injectables(long chained esters)for several weeks and still you're complaining that you didn't feel Havoc and AMS 4-AD in four days?

  5. I tried havoc and epistane with good results. My training and diet did not change and i gained 7 lbs of lean muscle on a 4 week cycle so if you didnt respond to it go back to your juice, dont forget to drink it out of a sippy cup.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Cogent View Post
    Have been taking 7 RPN Havoc and 6 4-AD per day since Friday.

    This will make it day 4 on these supplements.

    I've been eating tons, taking CytoGainer, Multivitamins, Milk Thistle, tons of carbs, protein.

    I feel nothing out of the ordinary.

    In fact, today at the gym I felt weaker than usual. I'm at 225lbs.

    What am I supposed to expect from RPN Havoc or AMS 4-AD? Is everyone on this board a paid representative of Supplement companies?

    I bet if I take 30 of these per day, I will see absolutely no results whatsoever. My testosterone is absolutely not increased.

    I talked to a guy at the gym today who said he took Havoc for a month 2/day and saw absolutely no results.

    If anything changes, I'll keep you posted. Until then, believe me when I say that these supplements suck ass so far. Really suck.

    I'll probably get banned for saying these things because this board is probably run by Supplement companies.
    Reading a post like this makes me wish I could reach through the computer screen and choke someone. You will not see results from any steroid in four days. Reading this post leads me to believe that you have absolutely no clue as to want your doing. I'm not even going to steer you in the right direction either or make a suggestion. I'm done playing that game. If you don't have the self respect to even know what your doing, then I have no respect for you. You are not welcome to come here and trash a reputable company simply because you don't have a f*cking clue. So good luck with post cycle therapy, yeah you're right you probrably don't need it.

  7. haha. i love these threads. silly trolls.

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  9. Guys, I took some serious ****s today. And I had the worst case of gas the last few days, too. ****, it smelled like I was ****ting my pants every 5 minutes or less. I mean it was like most wretched CytoGainer stench you've ever smelt. I must have crapped out 1000 grams of protein today.

    You know I hear a lot about diet and training logs, but what about **** logs? I **** logs- literally.

    I mean it could go something like;

    Meal 1:

    5 Chicken Breasts (Skinless), 3 Cups of Oatmeal, 25 Hostess Twinkies (Lite), 3 Big-Macs

    **** 1:

    Frequency of Expulsion:
    Effort Required per ****:

    Because not enough is stressed about the quality of ****s in the recovery phase. This is really vital to bringing about Anticatabolic/Anabolic Homeostasis.

  10. The Havoc must be doing something though... It's day 5 and I feel... pumped for no reason... I'm sitting on my ass, don't want to go to the gym cause I'm tired as **** for some reason, I feel dizzy and kind of a general malaise. Man, yesterdays workout I killed, but I was weak as ****. Now I'm sore as ****. I eat gainers about every 3 hours, lots of carbs from wheat like I'm not supposed to, which help aid me in eminanting large quantities of ****ty ****ty (I assure you) this is the ****tiest gas you will ever smell, you'd kick my ass if you smelt it. It just explooooooooodes out of my asscheeks with a vengeance. Then I know that it's not long until I go to the ****ter to unload an enormous blast of **** and gas.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Cogent View Post
    Meal 1:

    5 Chicken Breasts (Skinless), 3 Cups of Oatmeal, 25 Hostess Twinkies (Lite), 3 Big-Macs
    This is one meal??? Do you take in 20,000 calories a day??? I thought you had the diet figured out??? Guess you were wrong.

    And you might feel tired as **** because of the crazy ass doses your running. It's also funny that all you had to do was give it a week or so to start taking effect like everyone said....

  12. This guy is an A$$... I think he should go on some superdrol and prob take 8 pills a day... if he doesnt feel that then maybe step it up to 12 with not pct.... he will see some awsome gains

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Cogent View Post
    The Havoc must be doing something though... It's day 5 and I feel... pumped for no reason... .
    You are starting to feel the effects of the Havoc kicking in. This is the first sign that you are about to have the full Havoc experience.

    You should notice weight increases and GREATLY increased strength around the end of week 1/beginning of week 2.

    Do yourself a favor and take everyone's advice. Look into the proper way to cycle/eat/and engage in Post Cycle Therapy.
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  14. This guy's attitude is ridiculous. I think he found a way to get "roid rage" out of 4 days of Havoc. That suggests it's actually working...

  15. I think your problem is that you're not taking enough for your size. Probably need to up it to 100mg a day. Take 1 pill every hour starting at 10am until 7pm and that should do it.

    Take each pill with a Drano chaser to get the full effects. Please come back in 4 weeks and tell us about your results.


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