Havoc & 4-AD - When do I get results?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Cogent View Post
    Meal 1:

    5 Chicken Breasts (Skinless), 3 Cups of Oatmeal, 25 Hostess Twinkies (Lite), 3 Big-Macs
    This is one meal??? Do you take in 20,000 calories a day??? I thought you had the diet figured out??? Guess you were wrong.

    And you might feel tired as **** because of the crazy ass doses your running. It's also funny that all you had to do was give it a week or so to start taking effect like everyone said....

  2. This guy is an A$$... I think he should go on some superdrol and prob take 8 pills a day... if he doesnt feel that then maybe step it up to 12 with not pct.... he will see some awsome gains

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Cogent View Post
    The Havoc must be doing something though... It's day 5 and I feel... pumped for no reason... .
    You are starting to feel the effects of the Havoc kicking in. This is the first sign that you are about to have the full Havoc experience.

    You should notice weight increases and GREATLY increased strength around the end of week 1/beginning of week 2.

    Do yourself a favor and take everyone's advice. Look into the proper way to cycle/eat/and engage in Post Cycle Therapy.
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  4. This guy's attitude is ridiculous. I think he found a way to get "roid rage" out of 4 days of Havoc. That suggests it's actually working...

  5. I think your problem is that you're not taking enough for your size. Probably need to up it to 100mg a day. Take 1 pill every hour starting at 10am until 7pm and that should do it.

    Take each pill with a Drano chaser to get the full effects. Please come back in 4 weeks and tell us about your results.


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