Nutraplanet sent me 8 samples of vasocharge with my last order, so instead of using my usual RPM for the last week I have been using vaso as my pre-worout supp.

Energy: Nice and clean, although i did get a little jittery a couple times

Pumps: Pretty decent pumps, I would compare them to the pumps i get on rpm

Focus: This is where it falls a little short of RPM, I did not have that tremendous focus and sense of well-being that I do when taking 4-5 rpm preworkout.

Taste: Superb, much better tasting than no-xplode. I sampled the lemonade flavor, very tasty.

Mixability: it did seem to clump a little bit, so i took some advice from the board and refrigerated it and it took care of the problem.

Overall: 8/10. Nice energy, good pumps, great taste, no stomach issues. The only reason I am not giving it a 9 is the jittery feeling and I wish this came capped instead of powder ( i drink enough powders as is.) I am going to stick with RPM for now but will definitely give this a longer run in the future after all my holiday shopping is done and I have more funds! Thank you Nutra and Scivation!