Orange Scivation Xtend

  1. Orange Scivation Xtend

    I got this saturday morning and immediatley opend it up and made me a drink. The smell is amazing. Smells like orange sherbert.

    Anyways threw 2scoops into ~16oz water. It's my new favortie flavor. I've tried Lemon and Watermelon, I hate grape anything, and I like this the most. It tastes like melted orange sherbert. Infact I'm sipping on some right now.

    Later I may try and combine this and the lemon and see how that turns out

    Great job Scivations now you just need to work on getting that apple Xtend over to Nutraplanet.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  2. Yeah, mine should be here tomorrow... I'm looking forward to it! Then, I will have every flavor in large... I ROCK!

  3. u know whats ghey, I ordered lemonade 2 days before this one CAME OUT! wtf!

  4. seems like every time they make a new flavor it tops their past flavor option(s)

    thx for the review Im gunna have to get some.

  5. damn, you are tempting me to try something different than my favorite watermelon.

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