Epistane EOD Pulsing Log

  1. Epistane EOD Pulsing Log

    This is my first ph cycle and I've done a good deal of research on various cycles and other prohormones and I've decided to do a EOD (every other day) pulsing for epistane as follows:

    Week 1: 10,20,20,20
    Week 2: 20,20,20
    Week 3: 30,30,30,30
    Week 4: 30,30,30
    Week 5: 40,40,40,40
    Week 6: 40,40,40

    I'm 5'7'' 170 pounds. My diet is good although not insanely strict. The supplements I'll be using(and have already been taking) while on epistane are Cytogainer, nanoVapor(yes a muscletech product, suck it), Opti-Men Vitamins, and Fish Oil Tablets.

    I'll be taking milk thistle on the days off and as far as post cycle therapy goes, I think I'll be good with novedex for a solid 3 weeks after week 6 of epistane. If I feel a big kick at 30mg (which i imagine i will since this is my first cycle) I won't bump it to 40mg.

    and here we go...

  2. Good luck man. I'm really starting to think about pulsing Epistane sometime after the new year with a slightly more extensive on-cycle protocol and pct.

    This should give me a good idea of what to expect...

  3. Well today was shoulders and traps day, was an off day for Epistane. Just a multi-vitamin, fishoil softgel pill, milkthistle, and a serving of Muscletech's Vapor. I usually stop my dumbell press around 60 pounds cause im coming off an injured right shoulder. I couldnt help it today though, 60 went up too easily so i bumped it up to 65 with energy to spare. I then continued to do my 4x8 with front raises and lateral raises. numbers didn't really go up any, but a good pump was definately felt. finished off the workout with some behind the back barbell shrugs...

    warmed up with 135lbs for 12 reps. then 225 for 10 reps. then I put on 275 for another 10. Normally, this is a weight I have trouble holding but it went up none the less pretty damn easy. Got some straps and it was go time. 315 for 8 reps then 385 for 6. Definately a great time at the gym. today...

    Tomorrow is Chest day and I'll be taking 20mg of Epistane.

  4. are you using IBE epistane?

  5. yup IBE

  6. If you ahve any questions or wanna read search for Neoborns' Epistane FAQ Q and A baby!

    I am sure you will have great success with this product, don't forget a good AI all the way through and during / after your PCT.

    Amor Est Vitae Essentia,



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