Man Body Octane Review

  1. Man Body Octane Review

    Doses used-2x/day 1 preWO one before dinner

    -amazing recovery
    -decreased DOMS
    -decreased rest between sets
    -Best recovery of any product used yet
    -Innovative, brought BA and CM to the market
    -Highest dosed CM on market and proper BA dosage
    -Glurlacatone provides a nice mild energy, also like glurlac in the ld Omega Thunder
    -Mild Strength gains
    -Best used in a program including cardio at least 3x/week imo

    -Price, but after learning making this with bulk products would actually cost more, it makes me think the price is not too bad.

    9/10-best creatine free ergogenic I've used.

  2. I like Body Octane as well. That stacked with SyntheSIZE is proving to be a great stack for me.

  3. Clout is good stuff to.

  4. Wish I could afford it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jstrong20 View Post
    Clout is good stuff to.



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