VPX NitronX review

  1. VPX NitronX review

    Well as I'm new here I am pilling the reviews on you guys since I have used many of the ergogenic supps out and want to share my opinions.

    -full 5g (day supply) of creatine mono (time tested proven creatine)
    -Quality whey iso
    -Carb blend that including Amylopectin, which I'm pretty sure is vitargo
    -Has extra goodies such as glutamine peptides, bcaas and 4-Hydroxylsoleucine

    -Almost 3$ per serving!!!
    -A bit too low on carbs and too high in protein

    -Although Replenish, and torrent did not even give me the results such as postWO fullness and decreased DOMS that nitronx did VPX simply charges too damn much for this stuff.

  2. Buy off ebay.

    I got a jug of brand new NO Shotgun for $30. And 4 2.5 lb jugs of muscle milk for $60. Also brand new sealed jugs.

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