This is for my dad(pic included)

  1. This is for my dad(pic included)

    I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time. This one is for my dad. I am very proud of the progress he has made.

    My dad has always been a big guy. But he reached an all time low, or high, however you want to look at it in december 2006. He was 54 years old and weighed 310lbs and was obese. His blood pressure and cholesterol has always been high and he takes medications for it.

    For as long as I have been into working out I have tried time and time again to get him to workout with me. Finally christmas of 2006 he realized, he didnt want to be like this anymore...Sweet victory! after years of nagging and arguing with him about his weight; he fianlly wanted to lose it. so the journey began, and on january 14, 2007 he came with me to the gym and got a membership and has never looked back.

    I have been studying on my own time nutrition, health, and exercise mechanics for years. I feel pretty knowledgeable about the supplement and exercise world. i designed a nutrition and exercise plan for him.

    Before this he was eating fast food several times a week, pizza and italian every saturday night, and chinese food every friday night. on top of drinking a 24pack of coors light every weekend. he works long hours at his business and always came home tired and sore.

    Fast forward almost 1 not even a year since he has started working out with me. he is now 245lbs. in less than a year he has dropped 65lbs. and has been able to keep it off. on top of dropping all of this weight he has become alot stronger, an obvious indicator of muscle growth. so: 310lbs - 65lbs + ? amount of muscle= 245lbs. today

    i understand there are people who lose alot more weight faster than this. but most of those people are in their 30's!!! my dad is 55!!!! I have never been more proud of my dad than i am now. i push him very hard in the gym and give him hell sometimes and hes a champ for what i put him through and takes it in stride.

    without further delay, the picture.

    the picture of the red shirt is 1 year prior to him joining my gym. he was 10lbs heavier when he joined than he was in that picture. when i find it i will put a pic of him just before he started working out.

    This is for you old man. I am so proud to be your son. I love you.

    Your son,

  2. That is pretty cool son. 65 pounds is a lot of fat to lose.

  3. Dude that is awesome! This will help keep you dad around a few extra years.

    Keep up the good work!
    “Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

  4. Me and My Dad after he saw this post

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BigAsian View Post
    Me and My Dad after he saw this post

    Hey at least now he is smiling.

  6. yeah lol he didnt know why i was taking the first picture...

    we shared a teary-eyed moment before we took the pic of us together. im not very photogenic from the neck up. most pics are body shots of me. lol. didnt help my mom doesnt know how to work the camera. haha.

  7. from january 07 to about april 07 he lost about 40lbs. that was easy. proper dieting and exercise made it so. by june he lost 50lbs. the original goal i set for him was lose 50lbs by may 07. so you can see he was very close. the reason for the goal being may was he was going on a business trip. and wanted to shock his friends he hasnt seen in a year.

    i set a new goal for '08. lose 25 more pounds. i think that is very easily attainable. less than .5lb/week well within the norm of 1-2lbs/week.

    the first 6 months was only diet and exercise. after this summer i started adding supplements and i attribute that to helping him lose more.

    since the beginning i have had him take on's optimen multi vit.

    since the summer he inquired me about other supps that were safe for an older guy to take, so i said ok ill get some things. since then he has taken: fizogen lean tabs(dont knock it, i got the bottle for $10), designer supplements lean xtreme, and muscleology lipoburn.

    For november i got him the dcp/leviathan reloaded stack and he has lost another 5lbs from being on it, which got him down to 245lbs. so i am sad that dcp is out of stock right now. but he has enough for 2 more weeks. i hope it will last until dcp is back in stock.

    he also takes about 5-6g of fish oil/day now.
    On top of all this his doctor will most likely be taking him of blood pressure and cholesterol meds soon. his meds are very low dosed now since hes been eating healthy and exercising.

  8. Awesome, im glad to see that you say whats on your mind and support people around you. Your dad is doing great.

  9. for your dad

    for you as well man. For being a good son, and for helpin' me represent Asia properlike

  10. That's awesome!

    Keep up the good work, fellas.

  11. AWESOME!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

  12. That is awesome and very inspiring you should be proud of your dad and i sure he is proud of you. Both of you keep up the work it is paying off

  13. Damn That is IMPRESSIVE!!

  14. While my dad may not be a men's fitness cover story, over this past year he has worked just as hard as me and alot harder than other people in the gym, and he deserves to be rocognized for that. That is why i posted it up here i know you guys would appreciate it, and so did my dad.

    thank you for everyone who posted kind things.


  15. Quote Originally Posted by BigAsian View Post
    While my dad may not be a men's fitness cover story, over this past year he has worked just as hard as me and alot harder than other people in the gym, and he deserves to be rocognized for that. That is why i posted it up here i know you guys would appreciate it, and so did my dad.

    thank you for everyone who posted kind things.

    great job for teaching him how to live healthier and he did a great job sticking with it!

  16. Respect! He has made some awesome progress. Kudos to you for helping him along, i am sure it will be a bonding experience.

  17. somebody rep this man!!!

    Excellent story and a great motivator.

    Goes to show that change in you will always enact change in those around you.

    Great job dude, keep us posted on how things go.


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