In case you were wondering......

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  1. In case you were wondering......

    My 30 day log of IDS Mass Tabs, Dermacrine, Dermacrine Sustain, and Bodywell First Order.

    Height 5'8"
    Weight 185lbs
    BF % 13

    1.To guage how effective Mass Tabs are at increasing strength and building mass.
    2.To guage how effective Dermacrine and Dermacrine Sustain are at maintaining libido and providing an adequate OTC SERM replacement.
    3.To guage how effective Body Well's First Order is as a workout supplement.

    will consume approxiamtely 3500-4000 calories, 200-250 grams protein, 350-400 carbs, and 90-120 grams of fat daily.

    Additional supplements-
    Nimbus Poseidon, Saw Palmetto, Milk Thistle, Hawthorn Berry, Coq-10, Sam-e, and NOW Vita Berry Plus.

  2. Mass Tabs
    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 Tablet
    Servings per Container: 30

    Ammount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Proprietary Mass Tabs Blend:
    Kudzo Extract 40%, Trifolium pratense extract 8%, Fenugreek Seed Powder, Tribulus Terrestris Extract 40%, Stenbolone(tm), Avena Sativa Extract 10:1, Pygeum Africanum Bark Extract 4:1, Milk Thistle, Maca Powder Extract .6%, Epimedium Leaf, Bacopa Monniera Extract 4:1, Rhodiola Rosea 3%, Nettle Leaf Powder. 87,000 mcg **

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.

    INGREDIENTS: Microsrystalline Cellulose, Calcium Phosphate Dibasic, Croscarmellos Sodium, Pharmaceutical Glaze (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Maltodextrin, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Macrogol/PEG 3350, Macrogol/ PEG 400, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue #2 Aluminum Lake) Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Silica

  3. Dermacrine-
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 30-40 sprays, or 5 pumps (7.5ml)
    Servings per Container:30

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Dhea 60mg
    Pregnenolone 22mg
    Phyto AI complex
    7,8 Benzoflavone,
    Chrysin 67mg

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.

  4. Dermacrine Sustain-
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 35-45 sprays or 5-6 pumps
    Servings per Container: 30

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Phyto-aI complex

    99% Resveratrol
    7,8 Benzoflavone 185mg

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.

  5. Bodywell First Order-
    First Order Supplement Facts
    Serving Size1Scoop
    Servings Per Container50
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 10
    Total Carbohydrates 0g
    Sugars 0g
    Sodium 0mg
    Potassium 0mg
    Proprietary Blend 2260mg
    Beta-Alanine, Phosphatidylserine (SerinAid™), Alpha-GPC (Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine), Rhodiola Rosea, Ginko Biloba
    First Order Other Ingredients
    Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Calcium Silicate, Sucralose, FD&C Red #40

    First Order Suggested Use
    As a dietary supplement, consume 1 scoop before and/or during exercise, dissolved in 4-6oz of water, take additional scoop post exercise.

  6. This mornings application of Dermacrine was really kind of nice. It feels like aloe vera and smells great. I used one pump on my nads and the other four on my shoulders and upper back. So far so good.

  7. I got a sample of "first order" with an order I placed at another online site. haven't tried it yet

  8. Awesome Sol!!!!! Im subbed for the one.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I got a sample of "first order" with an order I placed at another online site. haven't tried it yet
    Easy, its a really good product IMO. I could easily compare it to Man's Body Octane, but that wouldn't be entirely fair, b/c there is more of a nootropic focus with First Order than the latter.

  10. I had my first workout with these products yesterday evening. I won't post numbers just yet, b/c its still early and yesterday I was just trying some high reps, moderate weight exercises for shoulders. So far so good. I forgot to mention that I've been using bulk 1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol at night to help with sleep and to control any possible prolactin woes. This stuff is god awful nasty and will not mix well with anything, b/c it doesn't appear to be very water soluable. I've been parachuting it the last few nights, and will continue to do so, b/c I don't have a capping machine.

  11. I just take the 1-c on the tongue, and chase it. not the worst, I wish it wasn't quite so fine a particle size tho, cause all it takes in one breath intake with bad timing :P

    I think I could every month try different supplements and not ever get the chance to repeat taking one I liked, so many are out there and new ones come out or old ones change formulations. And now looks like you'll get to try out all of Axis labz ones

  12. Nice log man. I think you'll love both Derm and Sustain. How many servings of First Order are you taking/day? Imo its a little underdosed but that pry depends how many packets your using.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    Nice log man. I think you'll love both Derm and Sustain. How many servings of First Order are you taking/day? Imo its a little underdosed but that pry depends how many packets your using.
    One on rest days and two on training days is the plan. I'll likely just try and score a tub next week to take this log where it needs to go, if First Order is going to remain a staple in it.

  14. Arms-
    Close Grip BB Bench Press-225lbs/8/3
    Rope pulldowns-110lbs/10, 120lbs/8, 130lbs/7
    EZ Bar Skull Crushers-85lbs/10, 105lbs/8, 115lbs/6

    Incline DB Curls-35lbs/8/3
    EZ Bar Preacher Curls-85lbs/10, 95lbs/10, 105lbs/8, 115lbs/6
    Single Arm DB Preacher Curls-30lbs/8/3

    *Nothing noteworthy as far as strength or weight gains are concerned. On the flip side, my libido is even higher than it was on the Get Diesel products, so my girlfriend is about to make me sleep on the couch.

  15. Legs

    Box Calf Raises-185lbs/25/4
    DB Lunges-50lbs/8/3
    Seated Machine Leg Extension-150lbs/12/3

    *No noticeable strength gains so far, but my endurance seems to be up. I will step on a scale in another 5 days when the cycle is 1/3 of the way through to check on weight gains. I have yet to experience any back pumps or any negative sides so far. Dermacrine seems to have made my testicles even more swollen than they were prior to the cycle beginning, so that's kind of a plus.

  16. Wow, good log bro... Keep up the hard work.


  17. Quote Originally Posted by Primordial Perf View Post
    Wow, good log bro... Keep up the hard work.

    Thanks man, I'm definitely digging the Dermacrine so far.

  18. Back-

    SLDL-225lbs/10, 315lbs/8, 405lbs/6,(strapped from here on out)455lbs/3, 475lbs/1(barely locked out)
    Bent Over BB Rows-(underhand)135lbs/8/3 (overhand)135lbs/8/3

    *I was pretty smoked after the SLDL's today, but I definitely feel this stack kicking in already. I managed to get lucky today and I definitely am liking the libido boosting effects of the Dermacrine. For those wondering, I took a shower six hours after the morning application to prevent any cross contamination with my girlfriend this afternoon. I still havent had a back pump or had any other negative issues to be concerned about either. I've dosing the single, daily Mass Tab at lunch time with support supplements at breakfast and dinner. This seems to be helping keep the sides at bay and making this an enjoyable cycle so far.

  19. Chest

    Incline BB Bench Press-135lbs/12, 185lbs/10, 225lbs/8, 275lbs/6
    Incline DB Fly-40lbs/10/4
    Seated Pec Deck Machine-180lbs/12, 190lbs/10, 200lbs/8
    Bilateral Chest Press(Hammer Strength)-160lbs/10, 180lbs/8, 200lbs/6

    *Libido is still up, but I am beginning to notice some slight testicle atrophy. This isn't that bad, they've actually just returned to normal, b/c at the beginning they swole up pretty big. Anyhow, I'm getting super oily skin and I'm beginning to notice some elevated blood pressure. I've been using Hawthorne for the last month, so I'll just add some celery seed extract and see if that helps.

  20. Nice log as always Sol. Damn crazy SLDL!!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    Nice log as always Sol. Damn crazy SLDL!!
    The bar doesn't have very far to travel. I'm freaking short.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by slow-mun View Post
    The bar doesn't have very far to travel. I'm freaking short.
    so true!!

  23. Shoulders-

    BB Military Press-135lbs/12, 185lbs/10, 205lbs/8, 225lbs/6
    Arnold DB Presses-40lbs/8/4
    Lateral Cable Raises-30lbs/10/4
    Forward DB Raises-20lbs/10/4

    *My weight is up around 4lbs(189lbs) as of today. This way an early morning weigh in after my usual morning bowel movement. I did not eat breakfast, this was on an empty stomach. So far, so good, nothing negative to note as far as sides.

  24. Arms-

    Incline DB curls-35lbs 12/4
    EZ Bar Preacher Curls-85lbs/8/4
    Single Arm DB Preacher Curls-30lbs/10/4

    Close Gripped BB Bench Press-225lbs/8/4
    Tricep Rope Pulldown-110lbs/8/4
    Dips-8, 10, 12, 15,
    EZ Bar Skull Crusher-85lbs/8/4

    *I'm looking noticeably bigger, altough the scale isn't much different from what it was over the weekend. Its been humid here, so my skin has been an oily mess, but I haven't had any acne outbreaks. Strength hasn't changed much, but my endurance has gone up. I feel like things are about to get interesting.

    P.S. I'm currently out of First Order. I'll be purchasing some again when its not Christmas time. An expensive and effective supplement IMO.

  25. Legs

    Squats-135lbs/15, 185lbs/12, 225lbs/10, 275lbs/8
    DB Lunges-50lbs/8/4
    BB Calf Raises-185lbs/25/4
    Leg Flexion Machine-80lbs/12/4

    *The weather finally changed today, so it was hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. Once there, I had a decent workout, but nothing incredible to note as far as strength or endurance. Libido is still high, which is a true testament to how well Dermacrine functions. Starting to notice some mild lethargy, but nothing unbearable. This is the two week mark for the cycle. Tomorrow begins day 15, which is the half way point of the cycle. I may have to go out of town for the next couple of weeks to begin training for new job. I doubt the Best Western there has a decent gym, but I guess we'll see. If not, I think my there's a place I can go that's about 15 minutes from where I'll be staying, that has daily rates. This sucks that this had to happen so close to Christmas, b/c my girlfriend is thoroughly pissed about me being gone. I'll get to come back on the weekends, but its still a bit inconvenient.


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