1. Talking Epheds

    Hey all Just wondering,

    I Used thermogen2 Back 2 summers ago(amazing stuff) when it had the ephed- in it and i was wondering if any1 has ever tried Yellow Devils Or Ripped Fuel w/ Ephed- in it. Let me know because i was either going to get thermogen2 again or test one of the new ones


  2. THere are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ephed fat burners on the market (or used to be) that unless it was insainly popular, finding feedback might be difficult on something particular.

    Basicly though, your looking for the amount of E-hcl in each.
    If the amount is the same, then you only need to compare the other stuff in them.

    Looks like your interested in something that has some ephed (lol- does AM block this word or something ?)..

    Anyways, THATS what your looking for,.. everything else is secondary it would seem.

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