Everything but the kitchen sink log

  1. Everything but the kitchen sink log

    Yah I have a lot of supps that have been sitting around for a while so I decided to throw them together.

    I have been on drive for the past 7 weeks and really liked it. I am going off it for 5 weeks to do this 4 week stack and then 1 week Xmas break.

    So what do I have in my shelf, or should I say shelves. Ahh I have a NHA stack or two left, some powerfull, symmetry. Here's how I am putting them together.

    7am 1 lean Extreme

    8am 1 activate
    1 rebound fish oil and flax
    2 powerfull
    2 symmetry

    11pm 1 lean extreme

    12pm 2 activate weeks with meal
    1 rebound week one only fish oil and flax

    4pm 1 lean extreme training days
    4 powerfull training days 2 non
    2 symmetry

    8pm 1 rebound with meal weeks 1-3
    1 activate

    10pm 1 lean extreme non training days
    2 powerfull

    Oh and what's this, why it's a Jar of Size On. Lets throw that in there too. I can take it during my workout, and before bed on my non training days, yummy.

    This should keep me going till Xmas. Santa has brought me some Leviathan reloaded, DCP and Drive; 3 bottles each. It should be a happy New year.

  2. Well not too much to report so far. I miss my drive but hoping this stack will kick in quick.

    Decent workout yesterday. I was pretty strong but maybe not as focussed. Weights didn't seem as light as the did last week, they felt pretty heavy. I got through it though. Could be I was just not having a great day as I have been fighting a cold.

    We'll see how the rest of the week turns out.

  3. Ok so my workout last night was good, very sore today. I went higher intensity, more weight less sets last night. I was surprised to notice that I did have a little less endurance. I am pretty certain the drive was giving me somewhat of a boost in this department. More than I thought actually.

    My strength continued to be quite good however. I am hoping that this stack kicks in pretty soon as my body is taking a real beating. I am very sore and somewhat tired.

    This is the last week of this routine. I will do 3 weeks of heavy compound movements to finish off then 1 week off around XMAS.

  4. Ok definitely feel something kicking in. Agression is definitely up. Have to watch that. After what seemed to be a short hiatus in muscle hardness, it seems to be returning. This is likely due to the Activate as it has this effect on me. Could have been a pshycological thing as well. Mind plays tricks on me sometime. The bottom line is I feel hard and agressive.

    Shoulders and arms tonight and weigh in on the weekend. Should be interesting.

  5. Wow the aggression on this stack is really something. Definite mood change here. I have to watch I don't offend people by being overbearing. Think it's too late for that in some cases...oh well.

    Workout was very intense and my shoulders and arms are killing me. This is the last week of my routine as well. Not usually this sore in the last week. I am going to run a 3 week routine and move to all compound type movements at lower reps.

    I am very hard still I feell like I am growing, we'll see tommorow is weigh in. I should have lost about 3 lbs according to my waist so anything less than that will be a sign of muscle gains.

  6. Ok, Ok, very good leg workout on Saturday. Very impressive I really was expecting a little bit of a down period after being off drive. This stack seems to be coming through for me though.

    I am only down 1 lb in the last 2 weeks so I am definitely retaining size. My legs are a bit bigger I noticed.

    So 258, at this rate I will very big when I lean out. Slow cutting is great you retain so much more mass and these products help do that. It's so nice to remain strong and make gains while dieting.

    The only thing I don't like about this particular stack is the agression. I have a really short fuse, hope it gets to be less of a problem as time goes on.

  7. Wow nice night at the gym, I was quite surprised that I was a little stronger than I anticipated. This routine is more slow paced and involves more heavy compound movement.

    I was seeing some cuts when I looked in the mirror today, I am pretty happy with the way things are going. This blend of supps works very well.

    The agression seems to have adjusted somewhat but I can't let my guard down. All in all I am feeling much better. I still feel very hard and slowly getting leaner. I can't believe I am this lean at 258. I am not cut up or anything but am starting to shape up very nicely. 240 should have me looking fairly cut.

  8. Last week was a good week, I have defnitely lost some weight another inch off my waist in the last couple weeks. I will be weighing in on the weekend.

  9. Strength has steadily increased, while fat has burned off. I am really starting to see some definition now which is just crazy. My weight is down another couple of lbs after 2 more weeks. I am pretty pleased with this stack, I may just add it to my arsenal.

    So it looks like I am quite a bit leaner and hovering around 256, it's funny to see the fat go away and not that much weight come off. I am really liking the slow cut.


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