KingMeso's 'King of Kings' Methyl Extreme Log (Sponsored)

  1. KingMeso's 'King of Kings' Methyl Extreme Log (Sponsored)

    Well, without further delay, I'm finally starting this product (Illness, personal issues, etc. are dormant for now)

    Weight - 175 lbs.
    BF% - ~10%
    Height - 5' 9"

    Current Supplements:
    Whey Protein
    Methyl Extreme
    Cycle Support

    Mon - Chest (12-14 sets)
    Tues - Back (12-14 sets)
    Wed - Legs (14-16 sets)
    Thurs - Shoulders/Traps (10-12 sets)
    Fri - Arms (9-10 sets per muscle)
    Sat - Cardio
    Sun - Off

    Will be doing cardio 4x a week in AM, fasted @ 60-65% for 25-30 minutes.

    Ratio of 50/30/20

    My current goals right now are to cut down to a bf% of 6% while holding onto as much lean muscle as possible. Will be 'cutting' very slow.

    Post Cycle Therapy:
    I will be running a standard Toremifene PCT for 4 weeks, dosed @ 120/90/60/30.

    Will be dosing at 1 cap, 2x a day (One in the morning and one 30 min. prior to workout) to access tolerance. Will possibly be changing dosing to 2 caps, 1x a day before workout. Will notify if there is a change.

    Will be reporting 2 days at a time, Monday - Friday. Won't be reporting anything on the weekends, unless something comes up (sides, different feelings, etc.).

    Thank you SSR for giving me this opportunity. I hope this log is informative.

    Also, I'm retarded. How do you get links in your sig?
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  2. SuBBeD!

    Go GOLD bro - that's how you get the cool links and more! Support your home, AM!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post

    Go GOLD bro - that's how you get the cool links and more! Support your home, AM!
    Awesome, thanks.

    I was thinking it was that. I'll be going gold soon.

  4. Day 1 & Day 2:

    Dosing is 1 in the AM and 1 pre-workout (30 min.).

    I am somewhat sensitive to stimulants so I watch what I take. After the morning dose I noticed I felt more alert without any jitters (although I only drank half a cup of coffee instead of a full cup - I know, I'm a wuss).

    Pre-workout dose felt great. Always the chance of placebo, but I felt more endurance during my workout. So far I am enjoying this. Can't wait for the MASS MATRIX to kick in.

    Also, I will update stats (Weight & BF%) half way through this run, at the end, and after PCT.

  5. Awesome bro! I'm sad that it's my last day ON Methyl Extreme... But I'm testing AFTERBURNER for SSR in my PCT so that's cool.

    Also, increase your water intake, especially on leg day...

  6. Day 3 & Day 4:

    SCA still feeling good. I had some pretty intense pumps today (more than usual). Endurance/muscle stamina right now seems to be the most noticeable effect. I've been able to push more weight around, which is awesome because I'm cutting (could also be placebo, still early).

    I know it's early, but I would like up the dose. If I was running this on my own (not sponsored log), I would definitely up it. However, it is only 4 days so I'm going to stay where I'm at and not jump the gun.

    Next update won't be until next Tuesday, the 20th.

    Again, I will update stats mid cycle, post cycle, and after post cycle therapy.

  7. Day 5 & Day 6:

    Saturday was a cardio only day. Still feeling the SCA really well. Again, I'm sensitive to stimulants, but I tolerate this extremely well.

    Sunday was an off day, but I continued to dose 1 cap @ 2x a day.

  8. Day 7 & Day 8:

    GREAT chest workout on monday. Strength was up at the same rep range. Stamina was also up even with restricted calories and morning cardio. Felt alert all day.

    Back workout was good. Did more chins than previous back workout. Poundages were about the same.

    So far no sides to report of. I'm anticipating the 'aggression' that Matt was talking about (however, I am at a lower dose).

    Possibly moving to 2 caps, pre-workout, but not until next week.

  9. Day 9 - Day 12:

    Sorry for the delay in updating (Holidays). Not too much to report. Still feeling benefits from the SCA. Reps seem like they could go on forever.

    No sides to report thus far.

    Starting at the half way point, I am going to change the dosage to 2 caps, pre-workout. I am hoping I will feel more of the 'MASS MATRIX' stack by doing that.

  10. Day 13 & Day 14:

    Sorry for the monotonous posts, but nothing has changed really. Still feeling the same effects, with no sides.

    Like said above, I am going to start 2 caps pre-workout. I will monitor this for a couple days to see if there is a difference. If not, I am going to start dosing 2 caps, 2x a day.

    Hope to report something supper exciting.

  11. Looking good brother - keep up the hard work!

  12. Day 15:

    Took 2 caps pre-workout. Felt good. I was a little worried about the SCA and how I would react. Had a good workout. Felt stronger, especially on compound lifts (for some reason).

    Weight - 178
    BF% - 8.9%
    Really pumped about the BF and that weight was up (since I'm on a cut). I do feel leaner.

    Day 16:

    Alright, I've decided to end this cycle with a bang (somewhat). I have 28 caps left. So I figure 2 caps, 2x a day (=4) for the last 7 days.

    I have to say, I felt GREAT today! SCA wasn't too much. Strength was up and I was super intense in the gym today. I honestly felt like not stopping today. Can't wait to see how the next couple days are.

  13. Sorry the delay in updates. Been busy.

    Day 17, 18, & 19:

    Friday's arm workout was GREAT! Awesome pumps! Saturday was cardio and Sunday was off.

    Day 20 & Day 21:

    WOW!!!! I am loving the 2 caps, 2x a day. Aggression is WAY up (nothing violent). Libido is through the roof! Still feeling a lot of endurance. Still no sides. No pimples, water retention, nothing to report of.

    Day 22 & Day 23:

    Well, I miscalculated what I have left, so on day 22 I took 2 caps, 2x a day. On day 23, I took what I have left, which was 2 caps pre-workout.

    Still feeling great. I feel really lean and tight. I've kept the cardio going and hoping that I drop some more BF.

    This stuff is great. I really felt it during this last week when I started dosing it at 2 caps, 2x a day. I really like the endurance/stamina it gave me in the gym. Strength increase was there, but not overly dominant.

  14. Damn brother - I've been wondering if you were lost ar something... Glad to have you back!!

    On a side note - You can cut the SERM for post cycle therapy. An OTC PTC is good man. I'm using Derm Sustain. and an AI - I feel great!!! Plus, my blood work showed that it's not suppresive.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    Damn brother - I've been wondering if you were lost ar something... Glad to have you back!!

    On a side note - You can cut the SERM for post cycle therapy. An OTC PTC is good man. I'm using Derm Sustain. and an AI - I feel great!!! Plus, my blood work showed that it's not suppresive.
    Thanks man. I am definitely loving 2 caps, 2x a day. While following your log, it made me want to try it. It seemed like that's when things really took off for you.

    Yeah, I saw your bloodwork. Looked great. What AI are/were you using? ATD?

    I'll be posting stats tomorrow, as today was my last day on.

  16. NOOOOO ATD for me! Bleh!
    I meant to say I'm using Derm Sustain because it has an AI. Sorry. I'm using HyperTest by AXIS (of course) - And you should too!

  17. UPDATE:

    At the end of the cycle, my stats are as follows.

    Weight: 180
    BF%: 8.2-8.4

    Overall, I really really liked this stuff. I would like to run another cycle in the near future. I really didn't have any sides to report of (Increased aggression, if you call that a side effect).

    I really felt it the last week when I dosed 4 caps a day. The next time I run this, I will dose it that way throughout the whole cycle.

    I'm taking Derm Sustain for PCT per Matt's recommendation.

    Thank you SSR for letting me try this product out for you. I highly recommend it for a legal supplement. I think it really helped me out as far as cutting. I was able to shed fat and put on a couple lbs. of lean muscle (But to also note, I am very strict on my diet).


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