Vasocharge Review

  1. Vasocharge Review

    I really felt the need to write a review on this pre-workout supplement. Most do nothing at all for me. This one, however, is different. Usually I take it pre-cardio, it gives me incredible endurance and concentration. 2 Scoops a day lasts 20 days. I wish it was cheaper though. Have not tried it pre-weights, since I like it so much for cardio, I prefer to save it just for that purpose. It mixes very easily, and I put a few scoops of Primaforce Carb Slam into the mix. However, if I don't drink it straight away the carb slam seems to sink to the bottom of the cup. The lemonade flavor is pretty good, but strong. Good job Scivation!. I already know I am purchasing more when this runs out!. Maybe come out with a larger size of this and carb slam too!.

  2. Glad to hear. I ordered the extend/vasocharge combo from NP, couldn't pass up that incredible deal. Probably won't use it for a while, but good to know it works, at least for you.

  3. Yea i got the vaso-charge extend combo and love the taste of both and i love the vaso-charge before my workouts, Works great!!!

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