~Manifesto's CreaPowerCissuSeidon Log~ CalmB4Storm!

  1. ~Manifesto's CreaPowerCissuSeidon Log~ CalmB4Storm!

    Alright boys I have been doing quite a bit of reading all around this board, and I must say I have learned a ton. I can't believe how naive I was about somethings when I first started lifting... Anyways I am going to be running a new stack and am also going to be logging it. I will most likely be starting it sometime this week once I iron out all of the kinks. I wanted to come on here and post sort of a rough draft of my plan before I officially get started, and get some opinions of my supplement timing and anything else you guys want to comment on...

    Here are my stats as of right now:

    Age - 22
    Height - 6'0
    Weight - 190ish
    BF - ~12%

    I have been lifting for about 3 years off and on, more off than on as of late, but that is going to change. The only supps that I have been recently taking aside from the usual staples(protein,multi,bcaa), are Poseidon, and Creatine Mono.(which is included in this stack).

    I am looking to bulk and keep the weight as lean as possible. I will be aiming slightly above maintenance until I find a calorie range for me that promotes lean gains.

    Upcoming Stack

    Powerfull(Original) (8 Capsules)
    Super Cissus Rx (6 Caps)
    Creatine Mono. (10g)


    Poseidon (5 Servings/day)
    Extend (2 Servings/1prewo,1pwo)
    NOW Multi-Vitamin
    Omega 3 Fish Oils
    Liv. 52 ( 2 caps/2 per day)

    Supplemental Timing
    7am 2 Powerfull, 2 Super Cissus Rx, 1 Serving Poseidon.
    1) 7:30am - P+C
    2) 9am - P+C
    3) 12:30pm - PreWO(P+C)
    1:30pm 3 Powerfull, 2 Super Cissus Rx, 2 Serving Poseidon, 1 Serving Extend, 5 g. Mono.
    2pm - Train
    3pm(Before PWO Shake) 1 Serving Poseidon, 1 Serving Extend, 5g. Mono., 2 Super Cissus Rx.
    4) 3:15pm - PWO(P+C)
    5) 5pm - P+F
    6) 7pm - P+F
    9pm 3 Powerfull, 1 Serving Poseidon.
    7) 9:30pm - P+F

    I am aiming for 50/35/15 Macro Breakdown with calories around 3,200, and as you can see my diet is still under construction. This is the framework I was looking to use, but I know that huge part of getting the most out of a supplement is timing your dosages right so anything you guys could recommend or comment on will help immensely...
    Armed to the teeth.

  2. Good luck bro...

  3. Thanks tgass, I am not getting started yet though. I am still trying to iron some kinks and get the dosage timing on point...
    Armed to the teeth.

  4. bump....come on guys I need to know if I am dosing these supps at the right times....

    anyone with experience with these feel free to chime in
    Armed to the teeth.

  5. Mods - I am starting to think that I should have started this thread in the USPlabs forum. Is there anyway that you guys can move this...?

    Armed to the teeth.



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