Bigg dogg's Yellow nEuphoria gen2 log...Thank you Dr.Feelgood

  1. Bigg dogg's Yellow nEuphoria gen2 log...Thank you Dr.Feelgood

    Current stats:
    Weight- 190 12% BF and currently bulking for the winter
    Height- 5'11
    Experience- I have been lifting for 3 solid years and have had my diet in check for the pased two. I have used several preworkout/ stimulant products and i have come to find that i am not very fond of large amounts of caffiene...So i am really excited to try this product...
    BACKROUND- I work 40 hours a week M-F 8-5. Mon and Wed i go directly to school and stay till 10pm(no workout days). Tues and thurs i get out of class at 7pm. I typically workout Tuesday, Thursday Friday and Saterday. I split each mucle group up on its own day.I will give detailed workout info when on w/out days.

    TODAY:This was my first dose. I started with one pill as directed. sunday is a none workout day So i figured it would give me a good chance to "feel" the effects. I took it at 10:30 am before a game of golf with My pops. At around 11 i could definitly feel an increese in energy. Nothing to drastic but noticable. I also felt real relaxed which was nice. I gennerally get pissed off after a bad golf shot but that didnt happen. I stayed focused and real relaxed(no happy gilmore).

    Conclusion- I deffinitly could feel the product but 1 was just not enough. Tomorrow is a no workout day and i am starting a new job. I am looking forward to upping the dose to 2 pills in the am.

  2. Round 2..(2 caps 8am)
    So today i started a new job, pretty hectic.i was in and out of orientations, meeting new people, and trying to get familliar with new software systems. I felt the two pills kick in rather quickly,It was noticably stronger then just one i was level headed and on the go. It stayed with me untill about 12:30. And at around 3 i was crashing...completly exuasted. Im not sire if it was the "come down" form the pill or just the strain of a long day. I would realy be interested in split dossages but i wanna try three first.

    A major plus was the fact that although it is a stimulant i felt no loss of apetite. I ate like a champ all day

    Meal1: Omelet 5 egg whites and two yokes with a half cup of cut up tri tip.
    Meal2: fruit/protien shake
    Meal3: two lean hamburger pattys and a large cesar salad
    Meal4: natural trail mix
    meal5: Tri-tip brown rice and mixed vegtables
    Meal6: protien shake before bed(in about a half hour)

    Tommorow i plan on taking three to see how my body responds. I am lifting chest at 7pm. and am excited to see if this products effect can be noticed during the workout. I think i might also take them a little later in the day in hopes not to crash as hard.

  3. Yeah once you try 3 at once go ahead and try a 1-1-1 dosage scheme. Some are liking that alot.

    Nice looking log as well

  4. Day3
    I took three today at 11am. I felt great, It wasnt as big of a leep from two as i had hoped for but it was deffinitly better. The one major plus about this product is that it is not "tweaky" like other stims. The last stim i had used was the venom 3.0 at at times one pill almost seemed too intense. With the yellow nEuphoria it is a nice mellow energy boost.

    Unfortionitly i am starting to get sick the weather has dropped a good 20 degrees in the last 5 days and i think that combined with what is going around im coming down with something. It is something deep in my lungs(no fun)
    Despite my desire to go i did not make it to the gym. Like i stated on day one i just started a new job and need to get healthy i am calling it a night early (8:50pm pacific)
    As for my dosing for tomorrow i intend to take 1 cap in the morning and two 4 hours later.I work an 8 hour day and have 5 hours of class afterwards so i feel the second dose will give me a nice mid day boost.

  5. Sorry to hear you're getting sick bro. Good to see that YN2 is going well so far though

  6. Day 4
    I decided to dose things a little diferently then yesterday.I took 1 pill at 9 am to give me a little kick, nothing crazy but it was noticable and it definitly helped get a long day started. My second dose i took at 2 pm i was stoked on the mid day boost. it kept me going at work untill 5 and i felt great all the way through my anatomy exam. I really dug the double dose aproach, it kept the "crash" to a minimum and really helped me to get through a really long day. I am still feeling a little under the weather, but im eating 1500mgs of vitamin c and im hoping to feel better soon. Everyone have a good night and i will be talking to you soon...

  7. DAY 5

    I took my first pill at 9am.This stuff is great for a pre work boost. It puts me in a great mood to sit down and get after a big pile of work. My new job is going great and the boss is stoked on my desire to learn and the effort i have put forth. I think a great part of that has been from the yellow neuphoria. I have a huge amount of info i need to consume and major training that i have been going through and i am just rolling right through with a smile on my face.

    I took my second dose at 2pm and was good to go. I finished up my day at work and whent strait to my math class. I have noticed that this stuff has also helped me concentrate both at school and at work. Almost like a really mild form of adderal, but its a million times more mellow. No rapid heart rate. so far i am pretty happy.

    Im thinking im gonna take one in the morning tomorrow and two before i do any thing in the evening. not too sure what im gonna do... im still feeling kinda sh*tty...

  8. Awesome to see it going so well for you man, keep up the solid updates

  9. Dose 6(fri) and Dose 7(mon)

    I took three caps on friday, One in the am for a little boost with my morning coffee. Nothing to extreme but i had a good day at work. I took two more at 8 pm and went out for the and some friends went out to the bars. I pulled sober driver duty, but actually had a pretty good time. I was in a good mood and had energy untill closing time.

    Today i am feeling alot better, im finaly starting to get over being sick(no more caughing up stuff).. I again took one pill in the am during work. The day went by really smooth and i got alot of work done. At 5pm I took 2 more pre work out, it was the first time i have gotten back in the gym in over a week. I lifted chest medium weight,
    dumbell press 80x10
    incline d.b.70x10
    cabel flys 100x10 and
    incline flys 40x10
    i did 4 sets of each and ended fourth set with the weight listed. I kept it pretty mellow, but i was very stoked on this supplement preworkout i felt real focused and had a good energy level the whole time.... now lets just hope the later dose doesnt negatively effect my sleep......

  10. Dose 8(tues)

    Yesterday i took 3 caps, one in the morning and two at 4pm before i left work for school. the first dose was almost unnoticable, but the second i could definitly feel. I went too math class and then strait to the gym. I had a great workout i did back. I had a very steady energy leval and felt pumped the entire time.

    becuase i feel im starting to build a little tolerence to the pills and am not "feeling" them quite as strong i took today off. i plan on taking them tomorrow...

  11. Dose 9(fri)sorry for the delay...

    so i decided to wait till friday to take it again. I took three in the later pm and stayed home to do homework...lame i know...haha... i was pretty focused but it didnt give me the boost i was hopping for....I decided i would take a few more days off to let my body clear it out... im hopping that i can get my tolerence back down so that i get the same affect as i did in the begining....I have been hitting the gym real hard lately... pumps are strong and the focus is good... i am going out tomorrow night and plan on taking a dose in the evening....i hope the few day break payed off....


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