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  1. Day 12...11/12-Veterans Day...school is closed but they wanted me to come to work and oversee the athletics(boys & girls basketball tryouts today)since school is empty and no staff I will try and grab a nice 1:30 workout..today I'll probaly wing it but my husband said he would come by later and hit front squats-so i gather we will do front squats,some rdl's and other stuff.....woke up at 5:30 and took 2 Drive....will take 3 Drive + 2-3 RPm before my workout..ohh feeling strong and aggressive(ready to tackle the weight pile)..but when i got out the shower this am was down to 168lbs..that is down 5 lbs(weight belt is at least one notch tighter,and seem to have a leaning effect on ab section)..this stuff has already exceeded my expectations...Terri James

  2. Quote Originally Posted by dWood View Post
    any women reading this log-interesting mood enhancement..thurs I got visited by my monthly friend and while I don't suffer any major bad side effects(extreme cramping,irritabilty) i do suffer some espicially the day before & 1st day(hungry for junk food,little irrabilty,and some mailaise(sp))but with Drive(&RPM) have been feeling rather upbeat-no mood swings or crazy cravings..def a plus when trying to drop a few lbs
    oooh i'll have to remember that after my wife is done being pregnant

  3. 11/12 workout.
    Front Squat(7/5/3 wave)
    135 X 7 reps
    150 x 5 reps
    165 X 3 reps
    150 X 7 reps
    165 X 5 reps
    180 X 3reps
    couldn't stop here as Varsity basketball team was working out
    160 X 7 reps(tough)
    185 X 5 reps(tough)
    210 X 2 reps(probably could have gotten 3 but was slow so I called it)

    Seated Cybex Strength Overhead press-
    (just getting a feel for this machine/will do 6/12/25 next week)
    70 X 10
    100 X 6 reps
    120 X 4 reps

    Seated Cybex Lat pulldown(nuetral grip)
    100 X 10
    140 X 10
    180 X 6(grip slipping)

    D/b side laterals
    25 X 10 reps
    25 X 10 reps
    20 X 15 reps

    Cable 2 arm tri pressdowns(V BAR)
    70 X 15 reps
    70 X 15 reps
    70 X 15 reps

    Finshed with 15 minutes on Eliptical trainer
    was quite soaked but never let up the intensity/...1/2 the b/ball team left after squats...
    Nice focused energy and great Pump-now to refuel..

  4. wow this is a detailed log!! i like ! yes!

  5. grila jujitsu-where are you from???my husband's buddy owns a jujitsu doj in Rockland Cty,Ny(he has even rolled with Royler )...just North of NYC

  6. Quick note-one of my girlfriends(bad ass jujitsu comp.and former training partner) called me and asked why I was picking on high school kids(LOL)..let me clear this up-I work in a school as a security guard(former NYPD cop hurt in line of duty & retired) now I work (at a nice price) in the private sector for a well to do off school district..I like my job and encourage young woman to hit the iron but get PISSED when high school boys pull ther lame crap..my husband is aces-one of the smartest trainers/athletes around-bar none unfortunately after becoming the 7th ranked masters thrower in the world in 2006 -he suffered a horrendous training injury(possibly career ending)..he has battled back thru three extra surgery's and is trying to get back on the field for Aug 2008(2 yrs from injury....while clean and pressing 285lbs,,a weight he hit for 5 the week before he lost control of the bar tried to comenstae and tore BOTH patellar tendons-crashing to the floor in an ugly incident) told he couldn't walk for 9 months didi it in 4 months..told couldn't squat B/w on bar EVER did it at 11 month period...well anyway he has had a few set backs-infection/staph/knee cap problems and is back trying to reagin his form before I went to do my squats he was doing 95lbs for 3 sets of 10 in Front squat and it wasn't till the young kids sstrated goofing on my hubby who is 6-1,,235lbs saying put some weight on the bar that I took matters into my own hands-(he has back squatted 605X 1 and front squatted 375 X 2 reps)..didn't want to show up some high school kids but heck they were goofing on my trainer(and hubby)...just venting a bit don't want to sound like a bully just some one sticking up for her man!!!

  7. let me know if you need to hire some nycmuscle to take care of those kids. you wont ever see them again..

    so u were a cop, nice, nypd screwing me around i fought them in court cuz they DQd me on psych issues but with no proof other then me admiting to being sad depressed a few times in past lol anyways i think i won the case.. but it appears sanitation is gonna hit first taking the physical at end of this month im chosen for first round of testers.. here i come garbage man lol

    .i kid i kid

  8. me and my husband both worked for NYPD-when people asked us what we did se said we were garbagemen/woman..we took the garbage out(LOL)

  9. 11/13-day 13.. feeling good and may do some sleds later..or just relax(i am allowed to) but even at times when I want to rest-have a inner drive to lift,throw and RPM..DRive combo add to that..woke up took 3 Drive and 1 rpm-really like the way this sets me up for the day ahead...2Pm took 2 more Drive & 1 RPM...def feeling buff..and noticing ab defintion is coming back
    if I do any workouts today will post later otheriwse I'll update tom...11/14 plan 3PM workout..do some overhead squats(5 x 5)...heavy push presses....some d/b powercleans & core work

  10. Nice log...

  11. 11/13 was a day of rest..after work,,making dinner...started a fire in the den and watched Shrek III with the kids-quite funny and nice relaxing day-was focused the whole day-but two major +'s are no major crash from Drive/RPM and the ability to fall asleep fine
    11/14 will work out in a few hours..overhead squats 5X5...push press either 5/3/2 wave or may even go 3/2/1 wave..rev hypers(want to really fry the hams),,and some med ball work

  12. 11/14..day 14..went in to todays workout like a woman on a mission...I love the focused tunnel vision energy w/out the jitters(that alone sold me on RPM)
    Overhead Squats-snatch grip..snatch the weight overhead and squat to a 2"below parellel box-pause fire off
    95lbs X 5 reps
    115 X 3 reps
    115 X 3 reps
    115 x 3 reps

    PUSH PRESS (3/2/1 wave lookinf for an increase)
    95 X 3
    115 X 2
    135 X 1(plenty more in the tank-real quick& explosive)
    115 X 3
    140 X 2
    165 X 1
    125 X 3)in the zone)
    145 X 2
    175 X 1(tough but a new barbell press [email protected] lighter b/W)

    REv Hyper
    B/W x 20 reps,20 reps,20 reps..man my hamstrings are fired UP & pumped

    D/B finsher(bent row,d/b rdl,up row,milt press all 5 reps..one set)
    25 X 5,5,5,5
    30 X 5,5,5,5
    35 X 5,5,5,5
    35 x 5,5,5,3
    wiped out & soaked to the bone-called it a day-heading home to eat up-jump in hot tub & get a backrub

  13. soaked to the bone sounds hot and well deserved thats me after every workout today was super sweaty lol

  14. 11/15-day 15 woke up witha vigor,downed 3 Drive +1 RPM..then off to work,,,got off work and at 2Pm took 2 Drive + 1 RPMdind't have time for a workout but squeezed in sets of k/b snatches in the basement while cooking dinner..weight is still constant at 168(still happy with this as not really in fat dropping mode)..strength is a solid..but energy/focus/and feeling of weel being are the major +'s(libido spike isn't bad either.hahaha)
    11/16 will be day 16 and a weight workout..will post later tonite

  15. While I got into this Log at the urging of my husband-just interested if any woman are reading it??and if any other women have kept logs here??love hearing the responses,and pM's..keeps me motivated and hope you enjoy..Terri

  16. 11/16..(DAY 16)..I really can't believe this stuff-had to post right away as i was fired up....had a stressfull day at work and what should have usually burned out my adrenal glands didn't feel all the stress..
    BOX Squats-(to a 18" BOX)
    225 X 2R
    245 X 2R
    265 X 2 R
    285 X 2R,285 X 2R,285 X 2R
    305 X 2R
    SINGLES On Box-working on explosion off box
    315,335,355,375(NEW PR)would have tried another single but husband said leave it for another day,,375 is an all-time single to a box w/just a belt,,next workout may put rehabnds on knees and try more..focus..intensity is without a doubt fired up from RPM/DRIVE combo
    HANG CLEANS (5 postion-groin level..2'below groin,2"above knee,at knee,2"below knee
    95 X 5
    115 X 5
    135 X 5(starting to get some strange looks from the girls track and basketball team who were getting treatment in the trainers office-one asked why I sweat so much to waht the trainer-she's a hard training strength athlete and thats what intensity is all about!!)
    d/b rdl
    40 X 12 reps,
    40 X 12 reps
    40 X 12 reps
    D/B B'p-just some light sets to get a pump
    35 X 10 reps
    45 X 15 reps X 3 sets
    Thats it 55 minutes time to run home,shower and head out to my son's play.
    DRIVE/RPM is a stack that any hard training athlete can't be without!!!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by dWood View Post
    While I got into this Log at the urging of my husband-just interested if any woman are reading it??and if any other women have kept logs here??love hearing the responses,and pM's..keeps me motivated and hope you enjoy..Terri
    Your log has finalized my girl freind's decision to do a run of Drive/ RPM. She's not a high performance athelete like yourself, but she's doing a shoot in Januray and she wants to look fitter in it than she ever has. I might try and convince her to log it.

  18. go for it..I think the woman that train hard for sport,competition,photo shoots,or just for thereself are an untapped market-usually you will find in this male dominated world-it is usually a strong spouse who pushes us women to log and talk about our expierences..if I can be any help just holler

  19. actually I am so fired up from this stack and where it has gotten me so early in "my offseason" that I have the hubbie looking thru Powerlifting uSA to find a possible raw meet..haven't powerlifted since 1998(when I won the lifetime drug free nationals at 165) when I got into strongwoman & highland games..back in 98 I could squat 395..bench 125(yes I know pathetic at the time)..deadlift 400..thru the years of listening to my husband-interacting with some great strength coaches(McDermott,Thibadeu,Sim mons,Kenn,and the understanding of Westside) know drug free and raw could do 425+++ in squat..205 + in bench(pause of course),,and over 375 in deadlift(this is the only lift that is down due to some nerve damage(old PD injury) that limits grip strength and pulling(but have deadlifted 515 w/straps from 18 inches at a strongwoamn contest at 175lbs)


  21. Day 17-sat 11/17 as my hectic schedule played mom's taxi-but had plenty of energy all day(thank god my husband has me lifting every other day!)..did get a 2 mile walk/run in while my son was at play practice went to the school across the street strapped on the cross trainers and did a nice jog jyust to do something(DOSAGE WAS 2 DRIVE/1 RPM 2X).nice susatined energy

    Day 18-Approaching the 3 week mark and no signs of letting up...sunday 11/18,,since this day would be no less hectic than anything in my life-I squeeked a workout in by dropping son off at practice and my husband leaving his basketball tournament(he's a coach) and we met halfway at his old gym-where since I may do a powerlifting meet in Feb(tough to find a 3 lift meet around-ton's of push/pull but I want a raw squat record)was going to try and max on bench(with pause-no shirt) to see where my weak lift is
    Bike 5 mins (usually don't warmup for abench workout but hubby was a bit late!)
    Barbell Bench Press (all with legal pause)after w/up
    155 X 1(opened conservatily-just want to see where I am)
    180 X 1(ok but need to stay tighter on the way down)
    190 X 1(by getting a bit of an arch-and staying tighter blew it up)
    205(207 with keepers) x 1(judge said I might not have gotten it as was alittle uneven on lockout but my husband said it barely noticable-NEED LOCKOUT POWER!
    135 X 5 reps as a cool down all with a pause

    Incline Hammer Bench
    90 X12
    140 X 6 reps
    120 X 7 reps

    Laying D/b Tri ext(2 arm with 45 sec rest)
    25 X 8 reps X 5 sets

    D/b curls
    25 X 12R
    30 X 10
    30 X 10
    quick workout finshed grabbed a smoothie and back to the play...took 2 Drive + 1 RPM in am....at 12:30 workout took 3 drive + 3 RPM 45 minutes earlier + 1 RPM dissolved in grapefruit juice right at workout time...great pump/focus and if I didn't have to get my son and my husband back to the tournamnet might have done 45 minutes on the eliptical.....
    ONE question-do people get a LOT of gas on this product???haven't changed the diet a whole lot(except to increase protein-which Ive done before)..just wondering

  22. Its a forskolin tolerance thing. it may go away. Its a very individual thing, like I don't get gas from it, but if I go from not taking anything with forskolin in it to full dose all of a sudden, I get soft bowel movements. So I have to ramp up. Others get gas, but sometimes it disappears after a while..

  23. thanks..I am getting it(only bad side effect) and ton's of positive one's

  24. Monday 11/19...2 DRIVE + 1 RPM...twice..

    Tuesday 11/20-2 Drive +1RPM ...twice...
    both these days bogged down with work,kids pplays,kids basketball practice and home life..totally going in tow directions at once so short on time so no workout..not even cardio-but you know what I am quite calm and not stressing the kids,life,etc from this great mood elevation and energy...will plan on a major workout(total body) on Weds-big protein and carb up on thurs(duh) and Friday another total body bomb..will post weds workout tom morning

  25. Weds..11/21...day 21 was going to the gym but my husbands old training partner called for an strongman implement day..so we went to his house..woke up am took 2 Drive + 1 RPM...at 2:45 took 3 Drive + 3 RPM..got there at 3:30..warmed up and did 2"axle bar Clean and press(1 clean+ numerous presses_
    105 X 1/5
    125 X 1/5
    145 X 3/3
    165 X 1/1
    175 X 1/1
    185 X 1/and 1 real ugly rep(new PR!!)its funny I like and clean a fat bar better than reg

    400lb tire Flip
    50 feet
    REST 2 Minutes
    50 feet

    Super Yolk
    350lbs X 100 feet
    440 X 100 feet(3 times)

    Stone Loading to 36"platform
    90 X 1,125 X1(both round),166 X 1(natural oval stone),180 --missed-lower back was fried and called it a day..
    great focus thru the training-but excessive sweating was bit much-espicially since was outside and couldn't just take off shirt to change


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