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  1. DanceBot's Big Yellow Log (sponsored)

    Welcome to Dancebot 2000's BIG YELLOW LOG!!!

    No we're not inspecting my feces after a corn on the cob cook off ,
    We going to be following my month long journey with
    Yellow Euphoria g2.

    Sorry. I always try to open with a poop joke. I'd like to thank Chris and everyone at Controlled Labs for this opportunity. Despite being thankful to them, I'm hoping I can give an impartial and real review of this product, not just glorify it sound I can get more stuff in the future. I promise to to do my best to give the AM community the truth as I see it.

    About Me and my interest in this product

    I've trained weights in some extent since I was 15, but I've really got into the past 3 or 4 years and have been very aware of my diet for maybe 2. I am a certified trainer and I work in the supplement industry on a retail level (not at GNC, I'm at the only place in Canada that carries stuff like Drive, RPM, AP, Palo Alto and so on). I spend a great deal of time researching supplements as part of my job, and as a hobbie.

    My main career is as a professional performer. Though mostly what I do now is acting, I started as a professional break dancer (well, popping, robotics and animate mostly). I've done lots of videos, commercials and live performances with some pretty big names. I don't really dance much anymore, but every once in a while I go on a tear where I get completely back into it. This product makes me want to dance again.

    I am constantly on the look out for one off supplements to put me in peak dance mode. I tinker with tyrosine, 5 htp, ephedrine, and other stuff, but Yellow Euphoria looks like it might be the sup I've been looking for. I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations, which conviniently brings me to my next section....

    My Expectations

    1) I expect performance enhancement on some level. I'm not looking to get high here. I want something that puts me in top form and fully functional (the opposite of me on drugs). I'm hoping it will give me something if I need if I go out dancing, or if I'm going to an audition or some other reason I want to have a great day.

    2) I expect to have a hell of a happy month since I'm taking it every day for 30 days. I'm interested to see if a tolerence developes.

    3) I expect to lose a little fat. Some of the ingredients in YEg2 are in numerous fat burners on the market. I won't be training to lose weight, but these ingredients, combined with not drinking at all for a month (since it is not recommended) should cause some shift in Body Comp.

    4) I expect my strength to go up. This is more due to my program, but YEg2 might help me get through my hellish workouts.

    5) I expect to get down like nobody's business

    My program

    My program is centred around dancing. My weight program will be centered on strength, but I will also be doing alot of mobilty work and dancing, aswell as MMA training.

    Weights: 2 days a week, High intensity training. This programs basically involves trying to move your weight up each session, using low volume of work. My program will look like this;

    DAY 1

    Squats, 2 warm up 2 sets 20 reps
    Romainian, 1 wu, 1 set 10 reps
    Dumbell bench, 2 wu, 2 sets, 8 reps
    Dumbell row 2wu, 2 sets, 8 reps
    Smith Shoulder press 2 wu, 2 sets, 6 reps
    DB seated curl, 1 wu, 1 set, 6 reps
    Calf Raises, 1 wu, 1 set, 15 reps

    Day 2

    Deadlift 2 wu, 2 sets, 20 reps
    Barbell Bench: 2 wu, 2 sets, 8 reps
    Wide grip Pull Up, 2 wu, sets, to failure
    DB Shoulder press, 2 wu, 2 sets 6 reps
    Barbell Curl, 1 wu, 1 set, 6 reps
    Seated Calf raise, 1 wu, 1 set, 15 reps

    This program is hellish. It's hard to workout only twice a week because lifting weights is not part of your pattern. And also know that every workout has either 2 sets of 20 Squats or 2 sets of 20 Deadlifts, at a weight higher than the previous week, plus increased weight on all your other lifts on top of that. It blows goats.

    I've had great success with this program, but I'm not expecting dramatic results because 1) I'm now pretty much at previous maxs, and 2) this program focuses on rest, which my other training is not going to allow. No rest for the wicked

    Morning Work: I wake up an extra half hour every morning to do mobilty training before breakfast. It's nothing heavy, but I'll spend 30 minutes doing various things such as;

    Yoga Sun Salutations (every time, about 4 slow and 4 fast)
    Free Movement (every time, takes to long to explain what this is)
    Isolation exercises (breaking down the body to get better control of it)
    PNF stretching (no more than twice a week, for dramatic increases in flexability)
    100 kicks (throwing 100 kicks with each leg)
    Light stretching
    Light dancing
    Other stuff

    Dance Training: This is the big one. My roommate just move out, and my girl friend and I have turned their room into a studio. My dance training sessions last about an hour and consists of everything from just grooving, to gymnastics, to complex mimes and intricute drills. All in an attempt to come up with new tricks and physical vocabulary. They are physically, but more so mentally draining.

    MMA: I try to train 6-10 hours a week of MMA (Jujitsu, Kickboxing and Grappling).


    I don't go to crazy with my diet unless I'm in a cut phase. I just make sure I eat fairly cleanly every 2 or 3 hours, and make sure I'm taking in protien everytime I eat. I normally drink, but I won't be during this log.

    Other Supplements

    Nothing crazy; Whey, Casien, BCAAs, ZMAs, Multi, Fish oil.

    And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.....

    The Product
    Yellow Euphoria Gen 2

    If you're interested in what the comapny has to say about it, here's a link to the AM FAQ on Yellow Euphoria:
    Yellow nEuphoria Gen2 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Now, if you're reading this, you're probobly considering buying YEg2. As a customer, when I see I lable with a lot of ingrdients, especially ones I'm not familiar with, I get a little curious. I though I'd share my research on each ingredient

    Acacia Rigidula: This is one of the superstars in the formula. It is a perrinial tree found in Mexico and Texas. Substances found in it are numerous (everything from demethylated mesculine to amphetamine), but it is Phenylethylamine which is the stand out. It's what is in chocolate that gives it that mood enhancement and sense of well being, aswell as appitite control. It has a hard time getting into the brain however without Hordenine, which is coincidently also in Acacia. Phenylethyamine gives a very clean stimulant effect with no jitters.

    Isobutyryl-thiamine-disulfide: Thiamine is very effective for creating focus and alertness as well as a general sense of well being, it however cannot pass the blood brain barrier easily. Isobutyryl-thiamine-disufide is fat permiable thiamine, making it able to get into your head (litterally). I would like to point out, however, that this is basically the active ingridient in Biotest's Spike, a product I was disappointed with.

    Synepherine: Common in fat burners. It is a defense mechanism for plants to fend off bugs by making them feel full. In humans it ramps up metabolism and suppresses appitite.

    Blue SKY- Nymphaea Caerulea Extract : Blue Lotus. Believed to contain aporphine or apomorphine (a dopamine agonist) aswell as nuciferine. I don't need to tell you how a dopamine agonist can make you feel better, do I?

    Rhizoma Corydalis Yanhusuo: The under ground stem of a powerful Chinese medicine pain reliever. It contains numerous alkaloids, the most potent being THP. It can create a numbing feeling and a sense of ALLLLL RIIIIGHT! It should be noted that it can be toxic, causing THP poison (which can lead to Hepatitis), but not anywhere near the dose in YEg2 (just in case you were worried )

    Hummulus Lupulus: Hops. It is of the same family as cannibis, and although different it contains lupulinum, which can deliever some of the milder effects of canninbis. I've worked alot with hops. It is almost exactly the appearance of weed, and has varience in quality in much the same way (for you smokers out there).

    Nepeta Cateria: Catnip. Although it seems obvious what this one would do, I could find no research saying it was effective on humans. Not saying it's not out there, I just couldn't find it.

    Griffonia Seed: 5-Htp. It increases seratonin prduction in the brain. I've used tis product quite a bit a with very good success. It makes you happy, functional, and improves sleep quality. I am concerned however that it is paired with a dopamine agonist (Blue Lotus). Increases in seratonin causes a decrease in dopamine (and vice versa I believe). I never had success with 5-HTP and Tyrosine until I started taking them at different points of the day. I'm going to trust Controlled Labs on this one, but it did catch my attention.

    Bioperine: Black pepper extract. Everything should have Bioprerine in it! Well not everything as too much of it can be bad, but it is a catalyst and helps with absorbsion. It makes supplements better.

    Dosing Protocol

    I'm going to follow the directions and start with 1, then 2 and end up on three. I'm going to try doing one every few hours (up to 3 total), and I'll also be trying lower doses agin after having done higher ones. I'll be experiementing with taking it with carbs, as well as on an empty stomach.

    I would like to point out that I woildn't normally take this product for 30 days straight, but rather would take it only once in a while (once every 2 weeks preferably)

    Well.... That's it! Can't wait to try my first dose. I hope I do y'all proud!

  2. Okay, I've taking 1 pill (Oh god what have I done ) jk

    It's been about 15 minutes, and I don't really feel anything yet. I am exceedingly tired however, so I'm not expecting to much. I'm going to putter around and check back in a bit.


  3. good luck on this dancebot! Great person to log a great product. Ill be following up on this.

    1) I expect performance enhancement on some level. I'm not looking to get high here. I want something that puts me in top form and fully functional (the opposite of me on drugs). I'm hoping it will give me something if I need if I go out dancing, or if I'm going to an audition or some other reason I want to have a great day.

    I too am intrested in this. Ive been called a stiff person a lot. Not much of a talking to be honest. Anything that will pick me up mood wise is a good product.

  4. I don't feel anything (hehehe),

    *ahem* No seriously, nothing (hehehehe)

    *ahem* Seriously

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dancebot 2000 View Post
    I don't feel anything (hehehe),

    *ahem* No seriously, nothing (hehehehe)

    *ahem* Seriously
    honesty is key.

    Ill be sure to watch this like a hawk though.

  6. I feel great. No joke. I'm going out.

    It's not like I really feel anything in particular, but I've been dancing around my house and I have a half smirk on my face. There really is no feeling attached to it whatsoever, I'm just having a good time alone in my house. There's a tropical storm out here in Nova Scotia, but I'm going out to hang with my friends. I'll log in tommorow and let you know how the rest of it goes.


  7. Tight log brotha

    Looking forward to your thoughts on it

  8. Okay, I'm back. I ended up staying at a hotel last night because the storm here was so bad. Power is out all over Halifax, but somehow, my house still has it.

    As you can tell by my previous posts, just one YEg2 worked well for me. I was dead tired and had written off my night, but I ended up going to a comedy club and hung out with the comedians till 2 in the morning. Also, at about 1am, I was noticing how tired I was, but I was still holding delightful conversations with people. Normally, once I'm tired, I can't stand people, I just want sleep. I crashed pretty hard, but like I said, I was super tired before I took the pill.

    as I mentioned in my previous post, there wasn't much "feeling" attached to it, just a little bit of flushness. My breathing all felt normal, and nothing felt out of the ordinary. But my behavior was twisted. I was by myself, dancing aound the house and sending happy emails to my friends. I'm interested if 2 or 3 pills will cause more of a sensation.

    I'm very satisfied so far. I am clearly a responder. I'm going to take 2 and go to an MMA class (if they have power). I'll check back in soon.

  9. Okay, so they didn't have power at my MMA school, so instead I took two and went to see a play and then to an after party. I got say, I didn't feel anything really. Not even the flush feeling I had last night. I did enjoy the play and was quite social at the party, but from a feeling point of view, I didn't get much of anything. Also, I kind of crashed fairly quickly. An sadly dissapointing second go at it.

    Tommorow, I'm going to do 3 at a poker game. Both times I have tried it on an empty stomach. This time I will take it with carbs and see how that goes.

  10. I don't what to think of this product. I took three caps (with carbs) before a grappling class. I didn't feel anything, and I wasn't in a noticable great mood (although I was nowhere near being in bad mood either), but I took them right before class started and in the begining of class I was getting tooled (which is par for the course as I'm a striker who is fairly new to grappling), but the second half (about 45 minutes after I took it), I statred doing really well. Openings were there for me, I was seeing opponents mistakes, and just generally had a good hold on the game.

    Later on we my friends and I played 2 games of poker. I was very talkative (but I usually am) and I won both games.

    I have yet to dance on this stuff, but I have a feeling it will go well. YEg2 seems to ensure you have a good day. Today I will be trying it before I go to work. It will be the first time I do it in the morning.


  11. One thing I have noticed is that I've been waking up pretty congested. This might just be me getting little cold due to the seasonal change, but I'm going to ask some of the other people who are testing it if they are experiencing it.

  12. Haven't heard of any congested feelings so far so I'm interested to see what you think.

    Good to see that other than that it is going well. How is the increased focus aspect going for you?

  13. Great intro brutha...

    detail is awesome, and honesty is what companies are truely looking for.
    good luck

  14. Quote Originally Posted by cboesger View Post
    Haven't heard of any congested feelings so far so I'm interested to see what you think.

    Good to see that other than that it is going well. How is the increased focus aspect going for you?
    I've been talking to Jet and Cool, who are both also logging YEg2, and they are not getting any congestion, which is good for C-labs, and bad for me because it means I'm probobly gettting a cold.

    My focus has been pretty good I guess. It's little hard to measure. I will say this, I ate my 2 caps right before the play I saw, and the first 20 minutes was very confusing, and I found my mind drifting (it is a confusing play), but then 20 minutes in I became engrossed in it, so that's good sign.

    Today I took 3 caps in the morning before work. This was fairly dissapointing. I felt fine, but I certainly wasn't overly social. I talked to my boss and, in my head, I noted that I wasn't particularly glib or eloquent. I am alone for most of my shift, which gave me a chance to actually sit and listen to my body. I didn't feel flush or get any rushes. No particular awareness of my body. The only thing I noticed was a slight numbing of pain from my grappling class (probobly from the corydalis). But, like I said, I definately didn't have a bad day.

    I'm wondering if dosing every day is part of the problem. My first time, when I only took 1 cap, I noticed it, but it has been less intense the more I do it. Normally this product would only be used once in a while, but I was asked to use it for 30 days straight. There are some ingredients in YEg2 that cummulate, like thiamine disulfide, but there might be more than develope tolences. I think as an experiment, I will only take 1 for the next 3 days, and then take 3, to see what happens.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by john123131 View Post
    Great intro brutha...

    detail is awesome, and honesty is what companies are truely looking for.
    good luck
    Thanks Johnny Numbers, and welcome to my thread.

  16. I took only one cap before my workout today. To be honest this was the worst feeling experience I've had yet on YEg2. Now I don't want to get to down on the yellows, because A) my workouts are hell and are never fun, and B) reducing the dose to one cap is sure to have a relative effect. My strength numbers did go up on all my lifts however, which means that todays workout was a success.

    I'm now at work and in a pretty good mood. No flushes or anything like that, but generally happy.

    A side note; I've been awaking in good moods, so it doesn't seem that YEg2 makes you depressed the next day, which is good.

  17. One cap again today. Once again, no particular feeling, but I had an allright day. I took it at 4ish, hung out with the lady, and then went to MMA where I got my ass handed to me in grappling. I will say this, I did stay there for almost 4 hours, I was quite content to stay and get beaten up, and I did not experience the crash that has plagued the testers. At the end of the 4 hours I was pretty done, but that goes without saying.

  18. This is the last day of just one pill. I took it first thing in the morning and went to a meeting. I had a good meeting and I think we managed to get our benifactors on board with our project, which is great. I had a nice day, but once again, I haven't felt anything. It's hard to say if the YEg2 is doing anything at a low dose so many days in a row. Tommorow I believe I will do 3 and see if that jump works well.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Dancebot 2000 View Post
    This is the last day of just one pill. I took it first thing in the morning and went to a meeting. I had a good meeting and I think we managed to get our benifactors on board with our project, which is great. I had a nice day, but once again, I haven't felt anything. It's hard to say if the YEg2 is doing anything at a low dose so many days in a row. Tommorow I believe I will do 3 and see if that jump works well.
    Maybe you should just stick with 2 instead of 1. 2 can be the "sweet spot" for some.

  20. Okay, there's good and bad in this log, as I upped my dose to 3 again.

    The good: It worked. Cutting back the dose and then upping really excentuated YEg2 effects. It was my friends birthday and I ate the 3 just before going to meet them. As soon as I sat down, I cracked a permagrin. I was very talkative and deligthfully charming. We later went dancing, and it was exactlt what I was hoping for. I felt loose and fluid, creative and I just had a great time. This really reinforced my faith in this product. It doesn't seem to work well for me on day to day, but if taken once in a while (or cycling low doses for a few day and then a higher one) it works great. Once again there is no real "feeling per se, just a great sense of well being.

    The Bad: Let me say first that Controlled labs did not suggest this, infact they warn against it in their FAQ, so I did this of my own valition. I wanted to see why you shouldn't drink while taking YEg2. Here's what I found; even after 1 drink, I was still fully cognetive, but I noticed myself loosing dexterity and coordination. I would bump into things and kind felt unsteady, but not drunk at all. My mind was clear but my body was misaligned. After another couple drinks, the positve effects of YEg2 were basically gone. I wasn't falling down or anything, but it certainly was not a good combo for me.

    I'm not saying this will affect everyone the same way, but that's what it did to me.

  21. I took 3 in the early afternoon, but unfortunately any benefits were overshadowed by a cold I have. My nose way far to runny for me to have a good time. I feel a little better today, but I'm going to skip my grappling class. I have people coming over for poker, so I will dose before then.

  22. I don't know why, but YEg2 seems to give me psychic powers when I play poker. This is probobly the greatest attestment I can give to its focus increasing abilities. I have yet to lose at poker since I've started taking it. I'm picking up tells left right and center and not tilting. It is now a poker staple. I'm going to try 1-1-1 today.

  23. I was surprised at how well dosing 1-1-1 worked. I had great day. Normally I try to dose towards the end of the day, so that I don't crash, but 1-1-1 was a nice, steady amount. It didn't seem to really go down the whole day. I ended my day with an awesome kickboxing class and some quality time with the lady.

  24. I did 3 before my workout and had a horrible time. Not only did I have a bad workout, but I was in a terrible mood. In YEg2's defense, I'm a little sick and my body is really beat up from MMA, so I understand that I didn't get a great workout, but 3 caps was not enough to get me out of my funk. That's disappointing.

    As per Chris' suggestion, I will try 2 next.

  25. Did 2 and felt good. Had A meeting and it went well. I think 3 is still my dose. I'm going to give 3 a try and dance today. This is a very hard product to log. The feeling is very subtle for me. There is the slightest rush pretty soon after dosing, but then everything is extremely subtle, and I have to look for the effect rather than having it impossed on me.


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