my stack advice or suggestions

  1. my stack advice or suggestions

    I have been taking anabolic pump for 4 weeks not seeing much of anything.
    So i just added DCP(rpn) 3 caps 3 times a day(been on for 5 days),just started levithian reloaded yesterday and also incarnate as directed.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as far as dosages to maximize fatloss and muscle hardness.What does everyone think of this stack and products i am taking,should i add anyothewr products
    What does everone think of powerfull for gh benefits and testerone benefits?

  2. I currently am taking POWERFULL. I really like it so far, I am in my second week and can see some small advancements already. I also am taking it with POSEIDON and RPM, so they are all working together. I take the POWERFULL before I go to sleep for the HGH increase during sleep. I have stayed the same weight, but have noticed fat loss in my upper chest and shoulder/bicep. Diet will play the biggest role in your ability to lose weight though bro. So b4 adding more supplements get everything else in check. Do some searching for answers, there is a sh&t load of great info on this board. Good luck man, keep us posted.

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