Cycle Support...The best way to take it

  1. Cycle Support...The best way to take it

    Ok sorry Crowler I just dont like the taste of cycle support in milk. I tried both choc and PB and just no. It's not a bad taste or anything it just isn't good and gives a bad after taste IMO. BUT........I have found somthing new and love it.

    I was just going to shot it down the hatch with water to get by putting it in anything. Well when I threw the scoop in my mouth it wasn't a straight shot and got kinda messy so I just started chaseing with water. Well it got all mixed with the water in my mouth, clumped up a little where there wasn't water. This gave such a strong,sweet chocolate taste! I can't explain how it tastes totally differenent when you take it like this. Nothing like it is with milk and...........Yummmm!!!! It was awsome. It will really come in handy when I'm dieting, I'll get a quick shot of chocolate 2x's a day

    everybody give it a try

  2. so it doesn't taste like vomit in water...only in milk?

  3. Yeah I've got the PB flavor and I can't describe the taste but it's bad, like an insanely bitter/tangy/sweet taste? I don't know, I tried blending it with my normal bulk shake and almost spit it out.

    I just mix it with about 8oz of milk with a spoon and take it down like a shot. That way you get a bit of the taste which is fine but not the over powering taste of letting it linger.

    For the contents and price it still can't be beat.

  4. I throw it into a shake, whey and oats always seems to cover it up well.

  5. I drink my CS peanut butter in water and it's really good !

    Don't put this in milk, try with cold water.

    Taste ok !

  6. hmmm really...i have the chocolate/PB CS too, and i tried in water and...just bad. not yellow gold bad, but not very pleasant. i love the price and contents of CS. just gonna cap it once my kit arrives.


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