M-Drol/RPM Recomp Log

  1. M-Drol/RPM Recomp Log

    Ok ok. I have tried over and over again to bulk, and if i lose any cuts i flip out. Yes, this has effected mass and strength gains. No, I will not do an all out bulk ever again. Since I am completely obsessive-compulsive, I cannot and will not deal with fat gain.
    I have been up to 225 close to 230 a few years ago on super supps and eating like a madman, was strong as **** but had the endurance of a rhino. I was then around 215 (fina) and even stronger and leaner. Well the days of super supps for me are long gone, and I sat comfortably anywhere between 200-210lbs the last 2 years. I recently tried a bulk which lasted a measily 6 weeks(which i logged for only 2) even though strength was shooting up, and i was doing this clean. Right now, I sit at 205lbs, maybe 10-12% as usual. The goal is single digit bf, slight increases in strength and lean mass. To do this, I want to actually be under 200lbs, and gain some athleticism back.
    Stack is RPM 6preworkout, 3 non workout days
    Mdrol 20/20/30/40
    venom if needed, and the basics of whey/creatine/bcaas/waxy maize. 6oxo is on hand as well. For post cycle i have some tamoxifen, an old bottle of ax PCT, retain2, and will probably have to order up some drive/rpm.
    My strength right now is good for my size (im relatively thin at 6'2). Dips bodweight +95lbs for 8, bentover tbar rows with 3 wheels for reps, leg press is up there for reps, db curls with 50lb dumbells for reps. I am doing a full body 3x a weeks split with supersets, as i do no cardio other than windsprints. My diet is clean, but i do not count calories. Basically i run around like an animal for 35-45min at the gym, hit the sauna and im done. I started this split last week, and this cycle started Monday. I am going to try and post up and actually keep this damn log up. I got really good gains on superdrol as far as strength/lean mass, so hopefully this clone works out just as well. Forgot to mention i also have mucho liver supps! Ill post back up late late tonight.

  2. For those Interested, here is a sample of my split:

    Leg Press 4 sets supersetted with 4 sets leg ext.
    Hamstring curls 4 sets supersetted with 4 sets seated calves
    weighted dips 4 sets supersetted with Lat pulldowns
    Flat db press supersetted with t-bar rows
    freemotion shoulder press supered with db curls
    decline sit-ups weighted supered with overhead triceps ext.

    Basically zero rest between sets, other than changing the weights, done in a pyramid fashion, usually first set is 20, then 15/10/6-8. The pumps with the rpm have been sick and im tired and sweaty as hell by the end. Def. not a typical bb split.

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