7 Workout Review of REFUEL by CEL

  1. 7 Workout Review of REFUEL by CEL

    Flavor reviewed: Lemon Ice

    Number of days taken: 1st dose after workout

    Taste: scale of 1-10
    I give it a 9. It tasted Great! Prob the best lemon flavored supplement I have ever tasted and actually probably the best supplement I have tasted in the fruit flavored category. I would give it a 10, but I don't think anything deserves a 10 in flavor. Always room for improvement.

    Mixability: scale of 1-10
    8. Mixed well, but not completely soluable. No big deal.

    Energy: scale of 1-10
    2. Can't say I felt any energy, but honestly wasn't expecting too.

    Focus: scale of 1-10
    3. Can't say I felt any additional focus, but again, wasn't expecting to after a workout.

    Pump: scale of 1-10
    hmmm, I'm not going to give a number here. I had CRAZY vascularity after taking this. I can't 100% say its from REFUEL, but I think it was. I upped my dose of DRIVE yesterday, so that may have contributed.

    Stomach upset: yes or no
    Not at all.
    Overall: scale of 1-10
    8. Solid product, but its hard to gauge effectiveness after just one dose, and hell, probably hard even after 7 doses. Based on everything above though, i'd say its a CUT above the rest.

  2. Everything remained constant with the above. I will note that I do seem to recover at an increased rate since using REFUEL post workout. I still have 5 more servings to go. Seems like a real solid product with an excellent taste. Not really sure how to access overall effectiveness after 7 doses as this would come over a longer period of time, but will do my best.

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