What Happened To 3-ad?!

  1. Exclamation What Happened To 3-ad?!

    I pre-ordered 2 bottles of it like 4 or 5 months ago... just wondering if anyone had any idea as to what happened with it...?

    There was SOOOO much hype over it... there were logs going up everywhere... and now nothing.

    If anyone has any input, i'd appreciate it...

  2. last i heard it was in government approval limbo.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by edwards View Post
    last i heard it was in government approval limbo.

    Thats essentially the jist of what Ive read. Its a real shame too, I loved it, it was great stuff, and I was anxious to get more.

  4. thankfully the federal government is here to protect us!

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