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    I want to start off by thanking Sport Science Research, our newest board sponser for selecting me to test this new, innovative supplement, Methyl Extreme... content is directly off of SSR's web site, SSRWEB.NET

    METHYL EXTREME™ Proprietary Blend 625mg NA*:
    • 4a19 DiMethyl Eticholan 3-one 19b-ol
    • 19 Hydroxy-Alpha-Methyl Ethylleticholan
    • 8-Alpha-Beta Methyl-Eticholene 3-19-Dione
    • Methyl Nonadeconate
    • Phosphatidylcholine
    • Guarana Seed Extract
    • Caffeine
    • Ascorbic Acid
    • White Willow Extract
    • Synephrine
    • Naringin
    • Yohimbe Extract

    There have been thousands of products in the nutritional supplement market that promise to build muscle fast. Some worked, most were simply over-hyped. Prohormones were effective, but since their ban nothing has stood out as an effective anabolic. These products represented a golden age of bodybuilding nutrition that has seemed impossible to replicate in the last few years. Now there are plenty of imitators who will claim just that, so why would we at Sport Science Research be bold enough to tell you that our breakthrough product, METHYL EXTREME™ will give you the biggest gains you can get legally? Because quite simply, we do not offer empty promises. We offer results you can see, results you can feel immediately. We have had guys who just started back into lifting tell us that thanks to METHYL EXTREME™ they are putting up the kind of weight that they only could at their peak. We've sold hundreds of bottles already and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Let us explain why. Sports Science Research has spent countless hours testing and tweaking this formula to deliver the maximum gain possible.

    First of all, METHYL EXTREME™ contains a complete SCA stack. Synephrine, caffeine, and aspirin together provide an instant energy boost and metabolism enhancer. Add to this yohimbe and this combination alone makes for a potent workout capsule. But the real power of this formula is in its exclusive blend of several potent new anabolic compounds that provide muscle gains without the typical nasty androgenic side-effects of steroids or prohormones, such as hair loss, gynecomastia, or acne. Sports Science Research has gone even further to insure METHYL EXTREME™ is a success.

    We added an optimum amount of naringin (the popular grapefruit enzyme) to the formula, which extends the half-life of Methyl Extreme's active ingredients. This means more stable blood plasma levels and less up and down fluctuations that reduce performance and inhibit gains. We even thought beyond the capsule when delivering to our customers the most effective anabolic product on the market. We know that one of the biggest problems with raw ingredients, regardless of the type, is degradation; basically they go bad over time. Many react to light, butmany more react to oxygen. We know this saps the potency out of products that sit on the shelf: they oxidize and you end up getting less than what you paid for.

    We came up with a simple solution already in use by the meat packing industry but widely ignored by the supplement industry: oxygen absorption packs that eliminate all of the oxygen in a bottle and not only improve the shelf life but provide a more consistent product to the consumer. These OXY-FREE™ packs will protect all of Sport Science Research's products. Once we saw the results that METHYL EXTREME™ supplies we knew this was our premiere product. But you can expect much more from Sport Science Research. We already offer AFTER BURNER, a fat burner formula, and are soon offering a NO booster and an aerobic formula. Expect the same kind of innovation in all of our products, with results that you won't have to second guess about. Our products provide both immediate and lasting effects with results that speak for themselves.

    4a19 DiMethyl Eticholan 3-one 19b-ol converts in the body to Androstenediol which through another conversion will eventually turn into Testosterone.

    19 Hydroxy-Alpha-Methyl Ethylleticholan will converts to 4-dione

    8-Alpha-Beta Methyl-Eticholene 3-19-Dione will convert to 5-dione

    I will be doing a clean bulk during this cycle and then possibly testing out SSR's AFTER BURNER for a nice cut.
    I will be posting my daily impressions and noting any positives, as well as any negatives that may occur. The first day of cycle is Monday, October 22, 2007.

    Updates to come…

  2. First in. Good luck bro.

  3. Testing Afterburner after huh.... Sounds like a good ideal.

  4. I'll be following both you guys (pmiller and matthew) with great interest. I'm hoping to stack this stuff with Superdrol to combat SD's lethargy/libido probs. I was originally gonna use 4-AD for this purpose. But Methyl Extreme supposedly converts to Androstenediol, and it's legal. (This brings up the old debate about stacking methyls, but that's for another thread.) So any info you guys can give me regarding Methyl Extreme's lethargy/libido characteristics is greatly appreciated. Good luck.
  5. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    lets see what happens!
    Animis Rep

  6. good luck b-squad homie!!
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  7. Update: Day 1

    I decided to start off by taking 1 in the morning and 1 an hour before my work out to assess my tolerance of the SCA. My first impressions this morning was that it is a nice energy, jitter free, and w/o the typical "turtle d!ck" that yohimbe can present in some. Since I am rehabing my restructured leg right now, all leg work will be lunges and certain weighted balance type exercizes. Don't be mistaken, though, these exersizes are for strength and will aid in size as well.

    Any way - Overall impressions on the first day - None really, just nice stim affect.

    Updates to come...

  8. Subbed. I'll be starting my log today (had a cold this weekend, but I think it's gone). Good luck man.

    Are you dosing on non-workout days? Just curious, b/c I don't think I will.

  9. Yes - spread out through the day. Cold, huh? That sucks - but at least you're on the road back... I'll be on the look out for your log.

    Quote Originally Posted by KingMeso View Post
    Subbed. I'll be starting my log today (had a cold this weekend, but I think it's gone). Good luck man.

    Are you dosing on non-workout days? Just curious, b/c I don't think I will.

  10. good luck, bro! hows the recovery going?

    also, whats the PCT planned for this?

  11. Good luck mang.

  12. Recovery is going great thus far... thanks for asking!

    PCT is lined up with the norm on hand (SERM's, etctera) I am, however, thinking of running DERM Sustain depending on how the cycle goes. But I've got it covered, thankfully.

    Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    good luck, bro! hows the recovery going?

    also, whats the post cycle therapy planned for this?

  13. Update: Day 2

    I dosed the same as yeterday, 1 in the morning and 1 an hour before my work out. The added energy this PH has is a very nice, jitter free one. But I strongly suggest that no one should take a dose 6 hours before they would want to go to bed. The stimulant affect to this PH is very long lasting and would hinder sleep patterns if taken late.

    Impressions for today: None to note other then the clean energy from the SCA stack.

    Updates to come...

  14. good luck Matt....keepin an eye on this one

  15. sub a dub dubbed

  16. will be following. good luck to you.
    Body Performance Solutions
    Home: http://bpsnutrition.net/
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  17. Good luck! Glad to see you are still going strong after your injury!

  18. Subbed!!!

    Glad to see your recovering well Bro
  19. Cordell
    Cordell's Avatar


  20. Subbed, GL and looking forward to ur results.

  21. Update: Day 3 (Off Day)
    Update: Day 4

    My dosage protocal changed today - I decided to dose both pills 1 hour before my work out.

    Impression - Let me tell you, It will sneak up on you and hit you pretty hard. But, I will admit - I like it! The stimulant affect isn't so strong that it makes me nervous. I have yet to crash, thankfully - so I'll give it a thumbs up. I had a lot of aggresion today, which is welcomed. Hopefully in a few days I can tell if the PH side to this supplement is as good as the SCA stack. With the added aggresion today, it may be trying to present itself - but I'll wait before making that assumption.

    Updates to come...

  22. Subbed!

  23. it seems to make more sence to take both pre workout.....still haven't got mine ??? Squad up!
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  24. Quote Originally Posted by TripDog View Post
    it seems to make more sence to take both pre workout.....still haven't got mine ??? Squad up!
    Matthew,looking good.

    Trip I will get you another bottle out. As for xsjynx he hasn't received either but I will get you both out tomorrow.

    His was accidently sent to coug by mistake but coug will keep it and be an additional tester as well.

    Anyway Matthew keep up the good work

  25. i never got my bottle either!

  26. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    i never got my bottle either!


    Thats because you didn't put your visa# in correctly

  27. i KNEW i forgot something! ........

    PM TripDog for the numbers!

  28. Update: Day 5

    I've decided to keep my dosage protocal at 2 pills an hour before my work out. One great thing that I've noticed the past 2 days is a very intense surge in aggresion. my mental focus is on point - and my appetite seems to be growing larger. If this is the PH "speaking" to me, well then it's a pretty sweet voice.

    Impressions: Aggresion - Focus - Appetite - As well as the added benefits of the SCA stack... I'm liking what I'm feeling thus far!

    Updates to come...

  29. damn i missed this one! good luck BDS brosky!

  30. Update: Day 6 and 7 were OFF days. (Out of town)

    Day 8: I can definitely feel a boost in aggression now. My work out today was one of the best that I've had since before my surgery. I was able to push more weight and reps today - which is great. Libido seems to be on the "rise" if you know what I mean. Of course the SCA stack is still kicking strong, with no crash to report.

    I'm actually thinking of kicking my dose up to 3 a day. 2 seems to be a good starting point, but like the name implies - I want EXTREME! Ha-Ha!

    Updates to come...

  31. A quick update: Day 9 & 10

    My aggression is insane right now. Not in a I want to run out and chop people up in to little pieces way, but my mental focus and attitude is centered. My work outs have been nothing short of AWESOME. I do not want to stop - I'm pushing more reps and more weight each day. Libido, let's just say it's creating a problem with the wife...

    I will try to update while I'm out of town starting tomorrow. I am going to continue to train and eat right (the only thing I know how to do). My weight is up by 3 lbs, but I am feeling a bit leaner too. The clean bulk is going well. At day 10 I did not expect to feel this dialed in but I'm glad I do.

    Updates to come...
  32. Never enough
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    Where ya headed off to?
    Animis Rep

  33. I've got some business to attend to in Fort Bragg...

    I wish it was the beach, though! BLEH!

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Where ya headed off to?

  34. NOTE TO SELF: steer clear of matt and gixx until cycles are finished. haha.

  35. Just passing by....

  36. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    Just passing by....
    Not to change the subject of the thread but xjsynx, your ME has shipped. Look forward to your log


    Great work.. Looking forward to more updates.

  37. Oh, I failed to mention that for the past 3 days I have been dosing 3 pills. I think it may actually better at 3! Hell, I may even try 4!

    I'm going to pick a few bottles up for the future... this is "The Real Deal" - The feeling of being ON is ever so present.

    Updates to come...

  38. checking in.........

    looking good, matt!

  39. Updates will come tomorrow... I am still out of town - It's hard to update on a BlackBerry...

    Everything is still on track, though!


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