Healthy Cheat Foods Pancake Mix review

  1. Healthy Cheat Foods Pancake Mix review

    Ok, not exactly a supplement, but not sure where else this fit I had the luck of winning a package of the pancake mix, and today was my first day making some pancakes.

    The directions read 1/2 cup of mix + 2/3 cup of water. i mixed it a little thin. the mix smelled ok, maybe a light whiff of that whey smell. I didn't try tasting the raw powder. It was sort of speckled, some darker bits in it, overall looked like most pancake mixes.

    I'll have to play a little with them and temperature. they seemed to cook a little darker faster than buckwheat pancake mix does. The timing between ready and starting to carmelize a little was close. Not that they burned, just went from not ready to dark fairly quickly(so purely visual). I may also go a little thinner next time as well. I got 4 pancakes out of the 1/2 cup of mix.

    Tastewise, I had one dry, and 3 with syrup. Dry it was a little bit crunchier + crisper than most pancakes, but just different, not bad. I kind of liked it actually, thinking it might be nice to use quite a bit thinner to make a pancake wrap for an egg? (more on why in a bit). Also the taste was interesting, it had a bit of an eggish taste, not any hint of the whey. I used Cary's sugar free syrup (sorbitol based) for the other 3. I wish someone made an aspartame or saccarin sweetened 0 cal syrup, i'll have to look around. Other than a little bit of extra crunchiness / grit (sort of like stone ground wheat bread) here and there, I couldn't tell the difference between these and regular pancakes. The grittiness was also less than with buckwheat pancakes for comparison.

    the reason I mentioned trying it thinner to make a pancake wrap for an egg is 2 fold. for one damn but I miss mcgriddles. The other is that once I add the syrup, even tho it is sugar alchohol it still throws the macros that direction. but taking 2 regular pancakes worth of mix into one large pancake, rolling it around an egg and some turkey bacon, then adding syrup should be able to hit 40/40/20.

    A very nice product, well worth having in the pantry. When this bag runs out, i'll be buying more

  2. Yes - I love their Pancake mix! My wife and I eat them every Saturday morning before our spin class.

    Great review E!

  3. Easy,

    Thanks for taking the time to review the pancake mix!! Your take on it was almost identical to my mine.


  4. Cool review, thanks EJL
    Just inject.

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