6 Week Mass Cycle!!!

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    Day 34

    I have been leaned out noticably. However my strength is still increasing, as well as my muscular endurance. I slacked on my diet the past few days and can notice. Back to the grind today.

    Yea...easy to do during the holidays! lol! You'll bounce right back though.


  2. Day 35

    - Everything was taken as planned today. My appetite is back(surprising since I didnt think I would be able to eat again after thanks giving lol).

    ~~ I have been feeling/looking leaner, and I have become more vascular over the past 2 weeks.

    **Good sleep with the powerfull, great energy with the RPM, and the poseidon has been delivering heavily on endurance.


    Plated Lat Pulldown -4 sets 140-12xs/180-12xs/230-10xs/270-8xs
    T-Bar Rows - 4 sets 115-12xs/135-12xs/160-12xs/180-10xs
    Seated Wide Grip Rows -4 sets 140-12xs/150-12xs/160-10xs/180-9xs
    Cable Close-grip Lat pulldown - 4 sets 115-12xs/125-12xs/140-10xs/140-10xs

    Tomorrow I am going to do Shoulders and Traps, and then probably a 5 mile run . . .Kick @$$

    This is a HUGE deal for me, to increase in strength like I have, but be able to still keep high endurance levels, and flexibility. This is exactly what I am striving for. LEAN MEAN FIGHTING MACHINE haha

  3. Sounds like a winner to me! Great stuff bro!

  4. Ahem, helllllllloooooooo...

    Ha-Ha! Any updates bro?


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