Mrs Bering C's Primordial plan.

  1. Mrs Bering C's Primordial plan.

    Ok my wife has been using Tea 3 and dermatherm for about 1 week, I am going to bow out and let her run with this log, Be nice!


    I am def. SuBBeD for this one!

  3. As he said it has been 1 adverse affects. The heat from the dermatherm is much like the feeling one gets after a good run or bike ride. I apply five pumps daily on freshly shaved legs. Tea3 - 1 @ 6am before workout and 1 around 2pm. No trouble sleeping . really helps the hunger edge.

    I keep to a pretty regular diet of organic steal cut oats every morning- light luch salmon w/salad or a soup..dinner greens, lots ,and bit of rice and Salmon or eggs. daily snacks of alomonds... peanut butter and green apple and the like.

    i did let my husband take a photo this morning...It may take me another week to get the courage to post, would like to have an improved shot to put up next to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You're diet sounds good, did you notice any mood improvement (7-keto is said to improve mood)?
    Keep up the good work!

  5. in for pics

    actualy i demand them

    but i subscribe im curious in topical stuff Deployed blogging

  6. good luck!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    in for pics

    actualy i demand them

    but i subscribe im curious in topical stuff
    Yea, me too. I am really interested in the best transdermal to get rid of this small small belly fat (VAT tissue). I was considering purchasing abliderate, but nutraplanet doesnt carry it anymore. What do you guys suggest?


  8. Mood is much is 7-keto and how much is from a clean diet, a regular exercise program and a general positive attitude in improving my physic?
    i have always believed that the athletic mind is superior- drive and discipline- the world needs more of it!
    Just a note..i do not own a scale or a full length mirror..this is may not be the norm.. but I am in this for the Change not the Numbers..

  9. screwww numbers. subbed

  10. Okay -so my husband said i have been too long from the I am still taking 1 tea3 in the am along with the dermatherm after my shower..usually 1 tea3 in the afternoon sometimes 2..still no sleepless side affects..

    the 6am thing has not been working well this past week..too many late nights ! Still a very active Alaskan life style and yes keepin' the diet CLEAN.. with only a glass ot two of merlot on the weekend!! Time to take another photo...posting some time soon

  11. hows the total progress going? gonna post any pics?


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