First Hyperdrol Cycle

  1. Hyperdrol, Mass FX, Retain^2, Trisorbagen Stack Log

    I am starting my first cycle ever. So here is the log...

    Mass FX

    Diet consists of a lot of calories. In between 4000 and 5000 calories. I am keeping the diet very lean. Minimal amounts of saturated fat as possible. Protein comes from chicken, tuna, sirloin (trimmed) and of course protein shakes where needed. I keep protein intake around 350 to 400 grams a day

    The Stats:
    HT: 5'10"
    WT: 163
    BF: 9.8%

    Workouts following Arnolds book of one muscle group per day:

    Mon: Chest
    Tue: Back
    Wed: Legs
    Thurs: Shoulder
    Fri: Arms

    Cardio every night for an hour with abs on tues and thurs night.

    After the first workout with all of this no strength noticed but my pump was unusual. Started monday night and the the pump in my chest was the biggest i have ever had. My chest blew up, it was insane. As of last night i had an abnormal amt of dreams that i can remember. More REM sleep.

    anyways thats the start for now.

  2. Today is day three, nothing major to report except that i am having some crazy vivid dreams and my libido has definitely risen. i cannot quit lookin at women (more than normal). dont know of it had anything to do with the supps, but i had a major migraine last night after cardio soi tried to sleep it off but no good. It was still there in full force this morning but a lil excedrin took care of that.

  3. looks good so far, the dreams mean the products are kicking in. how old are you?

  4. It's good to see someone add trisorbagen into there stack cause lately i haven't seen anyone using it... or talking about it at all. and good luck

  5. I take my last dosage of the day around 10 pm and about 20 minutes after i took it I got hot. The room temperature was around 72 and i was sweating sitting down. I remember someone mentioning heat flashes with Mass FX so i guess that is what i experienced

  6. yeah, the hot flashes are kinda crazy, but let ya know its working.


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