First Impression on Drive

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    I've been avoiding supps for a while but on an impulse bought a bottle of Drive. I've only used it for two days but I am very impressed so far.

    First day I took one cap first thing in the AM and two preworkout (BW is 180). That was too much and I felt nauseated for my squat W/O, but I still put up a PR of 405x3. Today I took one cap in the AM and one preworkout. Felt good, had LOTS of energy, and I had a BB row PR. Before starting Drive all my lifts had plateaued and I was just cruising for a while, trying to maintain, so I'm pleased.

    The energy and mental focus are extraordinary. I would honestly hesitate to stack this with a stim because I think it would be overkill. I did crash a bit today about four hours after my AM dose, though.

    Also the metallic caps look very cool.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by m4gnum View Post
    Also the metallic caps look very cool.
    And sexy

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