12step and bob paravol log

  1. 12step and bob paravol log

    this is me and a friend of mine whom we shall call bob's paravol log

    i have just come off cycle, and am just past week two of my pct so my sex drive is kinda low. i didnt use a serm as my cycle was very short. I did however use myogenics hardcore test as my natty test booster. I used it for about three weeks. this product is one of the greatest sex drive boosters i have ever used. I could be thinking about my gf in a nonsexual way and i would get an erection. as far as random erections go this stuff is king. I ran out of hardcore test a few days ago so i was looking to try paravol so i figured now was the time. bye the way i am 24. other products i have to compare paravol to magna rx first thing i ever tried it actually works ok not the best but one of the safest. vi-x this is like vitamin worlds house brand d-pill this stuff actually worked better than anything i have ever tried not as many randoms as the hardcore test but when i got around my gf it was always ready even if she wasnt almost to the point of embarassment. enzyte only used it a few times cant really say how good it is. oggoplex made for strange orgasms they lasted a little longer than normal but they felt strange. stamina-rx never take one on an empty stomach uh i felt like i was gonna puke i felt so bad i never got to test it. vigerx didnt like it. bye the way i am going to cut out my prostate support in favor of just saw palmeto just to because it has some of the same ingredients as magna in it the only other supps i will be taking is no-xplod cell-mass and a protien supp

    bob is in his 30s and is a big enzyte fan he has also used ropex in fact he used to stack enzyte ropex zinc and dhea for what he called his mega man stack so it will be interesting to see if paravol can live up to his favorite stack he has also used viagra he wont be taking any supps other than saw palmeto

  2. Is this a joke? Seriously...

  3. no why is there a problem

  4. so here is results as of week 1
    as far as a sex drive booster i would give paravol a 2 out of 10it hasnt really bosted my sex drive very far above normal but this is only the first week. i am sorry to say my gf was pissed at me all weekend this could have also contributed to my lack of interest anyway the thing i like most about this supp was that my boys are back to thier original size at the end of my cycle my boys went atrophy on me and i have been trying to get them back ever since

    bob says
    bob said he has missed a couple of doses but he said his experience was positive he also commented that his drive was not up as much as enzyte but he said his stamina was up as well as prolonged orgasm

  5. conclusion ok so bob quit taking because he said it gave him back spazms then he told me he was taking some old phs i gave him i told him it was the phs but he said well i am still not taking anymore of it so i now have his bottle

    ok so i will continue to take paravol i was a little disappointed in its performance but as a whole i would give it a 5 out of 10 i will continue to update everyonce in a while



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