Brywal312 Cutting Cycle Log - Clen+t3

  1. Brywal312 Cutting Cycle Log - Clen+t3

    I am preparing to run Clen+T3+keto+DCP - Still researching the best dosages on each of these. I am very interested in how my body will respond to t3 because a blood cousin of mine has diagnosed thyroid issues and I am wondering if this is why it is so hard for me to keep fat off. I am still in PCT from my SD+EPI cycle for the next couple days. Because of this I will not be running any anabolics for a month or so. I think I am going to run another cycle of SD+EPI after that month. This will work out because the last 4 weeks of the clen+T3 I will be on SD+EPI and that should cancel any possible catabolism. I will be heavily monitoring resting pulse, BP, and body temperature thoughout the cycle. I am going to try to find a sweet spot with the dosages so as to maximize effects and minimize sides.

  2. Are you going to update this more frequently than the last ?

  3. Good luck, I ran that cycle nicely.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    Are you going to update this more frequently than the last ?

  5. haha ok I take that as a no.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Good luck, I ran that cycle nicely.
    I was flipping through your posts, I cant find whether you ever posted your dosages. What were they?

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by brywal312 View Post
    I was flipping through your posts, I cant find whether you ever posted your dosages. What were they?
    I only did 25mcg of T3 and I started out on 2 drops of clen and upped it to tolerance as sides decreased. I'm at a half a dropper of clen.

    whoops forget to add DCP I take 4 in the am 2 before workout and 2 before bed!

  9. Sorry guys for not updating.... I started last tuesday. I ramped dosage over the past week and current dosage is the same for all 3 compounds - 100mcg clen/t3/keto the morning pre-cardio workout and 40mcg at about 5pm in the afternoon post lifting. I am dosing support supps of taurine, potassium, and a multi. 6 Damage control per day. Drive and RPM pre-workout. Muscle mass seems to be remaining the same if not increasing while fat is decreasing. Current weight is 227lbs. I guesstimate I am at about 14-15%BF. Lifts are steadily increasing.

    Sides so far are: shaky hands - burning out faster in cardio - randomly getting sleepy in the middle of the day - Trouble getting to sleep before 1am - it also seemed to increase my ADD.

    WARNING: Whatever you do DO NOT TAKE ASPIRE36 when on a cycle of clen/t3..... MOTHER OF GOD.....horrrible headache. Dumbass move on my part taking it anyway. Should have known better because I have taken it with stingers(caffiene) before with the same effect.... Live and

  10. I am getting frustrated with this cycle. I dont feel like it is helping me lose fat any faster than I could without it. My dosages are as high as I can stand(sides) and I still dont think it is helping. running clen and keto at 140mcg. I think I really wasted my money/time this time...

  11. Interesting. I do think the real value in using those (clen/t3) is getting to those crazy levels, like going from 8% down to 4% precontest or something. I'm even now pondering when to use even just a TTA product as at 21% bf, i'm still loosing fat without using those, just slighly restricted diet.

  12. yeah, last time I checked I was 14% which still sucks...hehe! I just found something out that made me feel better about myself though... My G/F is 36% LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

  13. Alright....thats it....I give up. This cycle sucks ass. I am shaky and hot(temp) as hell and am not making progress any faster than I was before. I am going back on another Superdrol + Epi Cycle just with a caloric deficit and see if that leans me out any quicker....unless I can get a hold of some good halo....

  14. everybody that subbed to this log be sure to check out my new one located at the bottom of my sig


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