Quick Trueprotein.com Review

  1. Quick Trueprotein.com Review

    Just wanted to post a quick review of my experience with Trueprotein.com

    I ordered a custom mix. I love the fact that you can put as much or as little of each type of protein in the mix as you want. I wanted a mix that would give me some time release proteins and that was relatively inexpensive.

    Custom Mix + FORMULA

    Egg White Protein 10%
    Micellar Casein 50%
    Whey Protein Concentrate 40%
    + Vanilla /
    + Sucralose (Splenda) /
    + **Plain** /
    + FREE Food Grade Bag /

    The total was about $8.50 a lb. I saved .79 a lb by not getting the *premium* flavor. I also saved by getting the food grade bag instead of the plastic jug. I just use a jug that I had from previous protein powder.

    This mix was much cheaper than anything I could buy at the gym, even with my employee discount of 20%.

    Each serving provides about 22 grams of protein. I mix it with milk and it tastes pretty good.

    Trueprotein shipped my product the next day after my order. It arrived in a timely manner. Overall it was a good purchase and I would definately recommend it to others.

  2. I agree with ya man, the customizable mixes are definitely something I find really convenient. The only problem is they only ship from cali and when you live wayyy over on the east coast them things take foreverrrr. But just a minor inconvenience, service is really good! oh and nutra is great too

  3. Agreed. I'm in Florida. Nutriplanet ships in a day. trueprotein took about 4 or 5. Not bad though. Its worth the wait.

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