newb on first cycle

  1. newb on first cycle

    i have been working out straight for just under 3 yrs and i am ready to try a cycle. so what do you think...

    mass fx
    retain 2
    perfect cycle

    i know hyperdrol is not that potent but this is my first cycle of this kind so i just seeing how it goes.

    according to AX they say that no type of pct is needed with the use of hyperdrol. they know their product but do you think i should still do any pct. any help would be appreciated

  2. I like the way you're thinking, but for this cycle, Perfect Cycle isn't necessary yet it won't hurt to keep it in.

  3. age? height? weight? diet?

  4. i am 21 and 5'10. Yesterday i was at 161.4 lbs with around 11% bf. i dont have any measurements except for arms which are 15.75 inches solid, no softness!

    currently i am in a bulking phase and take in about 4000 to 5000 calories a day. i have been sticking mostly to chicken, lean beef, tuna and weight gainers for protein. i have been slack about keeping them all exactly accounted for but take in about 350 grams of protein, about 600 carbs, havent really kept track of the fat. just been trying to stay away from saturated fats as much as possible.

    working out 5 days a week


    have been getting up at 5:30 in the morning to eat and workout. i get at about 2:30 every morning for a protein shake. have cardio for days a week in the evening for about an hour to an hour and a half. on tues and thurs i do abs.with the cardio.
  5. so you would recommend this for a newbie

    i looking to make my next step but not reall sure where to start this looks like a good place but i just wanted to get a thumbs up from the guys on the forum

  6. Forget trisorbagen, it doesn't do anything good for you. Believe me...

  7. what do you mean by it doesnt do any good. it doesnt work, or it is just horrible for you

  8. Thank you for your scientific and intellictual breakdown on why TRISORBAGON does not do anything... you are truely a scholar and I'm now smarter for reading your post.
    {{Complete Sarcasism}}

    Have any more Blanket statements?

    Perfect Cycle could be lesft out - everything else is GOLD!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbag Man View Post
    Forget trisorbagen, it doesn't do anything good for you. Believe me...


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