Sub's unsponsored IBE Xdream review

  1. Sub's unsponsored IBE Xdream review

    Hey guys, haven't seen tons of feedback (positive or negative) on this so I thought i'd give my take.

    Maybe this is dependant on the size of the person taking the product, but I found the recommended 1-2 capsules to be innefective. Barely noticed anything from it. HOWEVER, last night i took 3 capsules for the first time just to give it a whirl and my sleep was SO COOL.

    Had some crazy dreams for sure, slept longer than usual, and remembered my dreams as if they were stored in my memory... kinda trippy but really cool.

    SO, for those of you you who are bigger guys, I'd say maybe over 200-220lbs, try 3 caps out if u didn't see the effects with 2... or hell, anyone who didn't see effects with 2 caps try it

    Rating: 8/10 (for 3 capsules)... compared to other sleep products ive taken (REM, Lean Dreams)

  2. I'm looking forward to trying this!

    Much Love,


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