Im looking to do my first log here. Starting monday, october 9th, im thinking it will probably last 6 weeks, of hard dedicated working out. I was in pretty good shape this time last year but fell off the wagon, this year has been a big hit and miss, with all aspects of my life, but looking to get the ball rolling again, yeah!

Some stats: Been working out OFF and ON 2 years

Age 25
Weight 225
Height 5'11

Im not bulking but looking to lose weight as im about 30-40 pounds over weight, AND gain muscle at same time, my workouts go like this

Monday: cardio, chest, triceps, shoulders
Tuesday: cardio, forearms, biceps, back
Wensday: cardio, legs, calfs, abs
Thursday: chest, triceps, shoulders
Friday: forearms, biceps, back, abs
Saturday: legs
Sunday: off day

Add to this im a night stocker at a grocery store, and so a few hours after my work outs i go and basically get a intense cardio/workout doing that, if it starts to burn me out i might half my cardio during my weekly workouts, as i just started the job, but hopefully drive+rpm can keep me energized, as i went through something similiar last year and couldnt have done it without ephedra. I am actually curios how Drive+ RPM compare, but not looking to be tweaked out all day, as im fairly sensitive to simulants, causing anxiety and nervousness, but thats the price you pay....

I might not update every single day, as im not always on the computer and this log is to keep me motivated as well as inform.

I might update pics later, no digital camera so this will have to do 'for now' .


Questions/comments welcome, ill try to do my best and stick with it!