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    380x5 (PR)....and weight will be higher next week...these were easy.

    SLDL @ 3/1 tempo ~~ Standing 8 Inches off the ground...Plates barely touching ground Every rep....painful...but gooooood.

    Split squats
    135 for 3x10

    Seated calf raise @ 3/1 Tempo
    135x14 ---- SOLID

    Hell yeh!!!!.....Can't wait till tomorrow.
    Dam son i'm gonna have to start callin you Johnny Squats LOL....nice bro.....380 is def good!!
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  2. Incline BB Bench

    DB Lateral Raise (3/1 tempo)

    Low Incline DB

    DB Front Raise (3/1 tempo)

    --- Well, weights were up from last week, reps were up a little. I was a little disappointed with my inclines, but I am still getting used to them and getting my nitch. Incline DB is np at all, but my BB numbers are not where they should be. Its to be expected though, I haven't done them in like a yr before now.

    All in all I was pleased, made a little progress from last week which is always a plus. Hittin Back & Arms tomorrow, then its two days of MAX rest and MAX eat.

  3. Deadlifts
    385x4 <------- Lots of total poundage moved here.

    Weighted WG Chins
    BW+45 x 10
    BW+45 x 9
    BW+70 x 7

    T-Bar rows

    High Cable Curls/DB Hammer ~superset~ O-H DB Ext.
    90x10-50x10 ~ss~ 80x10
    90x10-50x10 ~ss~ 90x10
    90x10-55x7 ~ss~ 95x9

    ..........death............... .................... ...........

    INTENSE!! workout today, I blitzed everything in under 50 min....and out.....

    NOTE: If you live in GA and are near area code 31021....the biggest football game this city has seen is Sunday - 3pm @ Springdale Park!!!

  4. Well this brings my SWELL and BLAST log to an end.

    I just want to say I THOROUGHLY enjoyed both of these products and will DEFINITELY be buying again, no doubt about it.

    Some of the biggest things that I noticed were:

    (1) Endurance/Energy in the gym - This was probably the most prominent, my workouts have been killer lately and I have even set some PR's which is great. I just felt like I had to make myself leave the gym, which isn't common. The BLAST really got me in the zone and ready to tear it up in the gym.

    (2) Hydration - I felt so good during my workouts during this log. It was great. Just a clean great feeling. (def. the poseidon inclusion in both formulas)

    (3) Energy Levels out of the gym: This is something I LOVED, I honestly felt great all day as well as slept very very well at night....probably the poseidon again here, but I think some of the SWELL ingredients were involved too.

    Just wanna thank Aaron and everyone over at Nimbus for making yet 2 more phenomenal products for us all to enjoy. Keep up the good work guys!!


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