JohnyQ in: "attack of the AN stack: Neovar, RPM, DRIVE, and lipotrophin PM"

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  1. JohnyQ in: "attack of the AN stack: Neovar, RPM, DRIVE, and lipotrophin PM"

    This is a continuation of my neovar log, found here: Neovar log (sponsored)

    Why the new log? With the release of Drive, I couldn't resist adding it in. I also added lipotrophin PM to make what I hope is a truly sick stack.

    I am not affiliated with AN, and the only supplement they provided free of charge in return for a log was NEOVAR. I will do my best to provide trustworthy and honest feedback about how this stack effects me.


    1 month goals:
    overhead squat, 10 rep: 85 (+20 pounds)
    1RM bench: 260 (+20 pounds)
    See significant recomp through pictures
    lose 1/2" on my waist

    overall goal: recomp and get strong.

    Current stats as of today 10/4:
    (what I will use to gauge effectiveness)

    weight: ---------179lbs
    right arm:--------15"
    waist (at navel): -35"
    Bench 1RM-------240
    mil press 2RM----145
    Rack pull 3RM --- 295
    10RM overhead squat --65

    Standard supplement dosing:

    Morning: (8 AM)
    swell first thing
    2x Drive first thing
    1xnow eGCG
    protein shake (w/ .25cup oats, miracle greens, blueberries, milk, matcha tea, cinnamon)
    now ADAM MV

    lunch: (noon)
    fish oil
    4xneovar with lunch

    pre-workout: (usually 6PM)
    2 RPM
    2 Drive

    post workout: (8:30 PM)
    protein shake

    (9:00 )
    adam MV
    fish oil

    sleep time: (11:30)
    2x Lipotrophin PM

    My workout

    See previous log. I might switch it up to westside for skinny bastards

    My background

    cliff notes: I was once a dedicated BB'er and athlete, and have been sedentary for about 4 years. I started getting off my ass again about 5 months ago, and have been hitting the gym consistently ever since.

    I'm an average joe. I do office work every day, enjoy cheat foods and beer. Just trying to get healthy and look and feel good.

    After the last 2 weeks on neovar, and the hype surrounding drive, my expectations are very high.

    Start of day 1:

    I began dosing the lipotrophin PM two nights ago. I have to admit that I feel a lot trimmer in the mornings, maybe just wishfull thinking.

    My sleep has been good so far, although I've been near comatose in the mornings. My sleep schedule is terrible though, so it will take a while to throw out the random variations I experience anyways.

    I dosed my first drive at lunch today. Nothing to report....that is until after lunch I was really groggy and popped 1 RPM to bring me back to the living. Holy ****, I'm definitely awake now, and my body temp is very high. I'd compare it to if I had popped 3 or more RPM.

    I'll report back post-workout.

  2. enjoy the drive!

  3. 10/4 Day 1


    Flat BB bench

    9/21 ------ today
    8 x 135 ---- 8 x 135
    5 x 185 --- 5x185
    3 x205 --- 3 x 205
    3 x 210 --- 3x210
    3 x 215 --- 3x 215
    ----------- 3x220
    2 x 225 --- 2x225
    1 x 235
    1 x 240

    Incline bench
    9/21 ----- today
    9x 135 ---- 7 x155
    8 x 135
    6 x135

    Shoulder started hurting, so I called it quits early

    pull downs
    9/21 -------- today
    120x 12 ----- 130x12
    130 x 9 -----140x9
    130 x 8 ----- 140x8

    DIPS, body weight

    solid treadmill for 10 minutes

    Standard. 2 RPM and 2 Drive pre workout

    Overall feelings:

    Fairly happy with the workout. Bench stayed the same, pull downs were stronger, had decent energy at the end to pull off some solid cardio for 12 minutes.

  4. Looking forward to seeing how it works for you man!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Looking forward to seeing how it works for you man!!!

    I was on fire at work after 2 drive and 1 rpm. wow...

    How's my dosing look? 2rpm and 2 drive seem about right? I was taking 3 RPM before and that was usually enough for me, sometimes 4 was needed.

  6. tall are you? Also, I see on your morning dose you are taking your drive with breakfast. How come you arent taking it on an empty stomach?
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  7. I'm 5'7".

    I take drive first thing, along with swell, a green tea cap, and maybe 1 rpm if I think I need a pick up that day. It takes me a while to get to my shake (breakfast), usually I don't start drinking it until I get to work (so maybe a half hour after I took the supplements).
    With my shake I will take a NOW adam.

    I hope that clears it up.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by johnyq View Post
    I'm 5'7".

    I take drive first thing, along with swell, a green tea cap, and maybe 1 rpm if I think I need a pick up that day. It takes me a while to get to my shake (breakfast), usually I don't start drinking it until I get to work (so maybe a half hour after I took the supplements).
    With my shake I will take a NOW adam.

    I hope that clears it up.
    It does..thanks.
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  9. That is some stack ya got Good luck man!

  10. thanks!

    man my chest feels tight today, very good feeling! Muscle hardness seems way up. I also got my first comment...I guess I was walking around with a scowl, and a coworker said "so what, now that you hit the gym and got ripped, you gotta walk around all angry"...

    nontheless, a nice confident boost. And the scowl was oddly me in a good mood, making a beat to myself from a radiohead song!

    today is beach muscle day at the gym, be back to report after I work my bi's....if I don't crash from the icecream someone was passing out earlier today, woops

  11. Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    That is some stack ya got Good luck man!
    I'm jealous
    subed anyway

  12. 10/5 Day 2


    BB curls
    bar x 8---bar x 8
    100 x 5 --- 95 x 6
    100 x 4 --- 115 x 3
    100 x 4 --- 100 x 4
    100 x 3 --- 100 x 4

    BB shrugs

    135 x 10
    185 x 7
    205 x 5
    185 x 6
    185 x 6

    curls on the pulley machine +SS of reverse curls

    120 x 10 SS x 4
    120 x 8 SS x 4
    120 x 7 SS x 4

    Farmers walk
    55s in each hand, walked the circuit in 4 segments (I think that is 1/20th of a mile?)

    bent over rows
    135 x8
    135 x7
    135 x7



    Overall feelings:

    Workout felt really good. I had lots of energy and focus. Weight went up slightly in BB curls and pulley curls.

    One thing I just realized today is that I definitely have some serious aggression issues now when I hit the gym. I think this has been going on for maybe 2 weeks. RPMRAGE indeed, wowzers. Not sure why it took me this long to recognize the trend. Today some terds were taking up half the gym, and it really pissed me off


    No change.

  13. 10/8 Day 5


    Seated MIL PRESS

    120x5 ---- 115 x 6------ 95x5
    130 x 3----125 x 5 ----- 125x3
    135 x 3---- 135x3 ------ 135x3
    140 x 3----------------- 140x2
    145x2 ------------------ 145x1

    DB flat bench
    75sx8------ 75sx8
    75sx8------ 75sx7
    75sx6 ------ 75sx6

    weighted pull ups, wide bent grip

    +25 x 4
    +25 x 3
    +25 x 3

    bent lat raises
    25s x 7
    20s x 8

    AB work



    weight: 182 (+2)
    Arm: 15.125" (+.125)
    waist: 36 (+1", although I took this after food and a lot of water)

    Overall feelings:

    Damn, not a good day. Waist is up, weight is up, strength was completely stagnant. Shoulder wasn't 100% so that probably didn't help (I started doing the broom stretches today, hopefully that helps). At least my arm was bigger ...

    I'm just going to put today behind me. I obviously need to try and clean up my diet and get in more cardio. Tonight I'm going to take a sample of abyss that I have, and hope it helps me get some real sleep (I was dead today from poor sleep), then wake up and get some early morning cardio in....

    As far as the stack is concerned, my muscles feel very full, and my appetite is up. Also, my manhood is at attention way too often, its almost bothersome.

  14. So I have definitely grown some, I have mild stretch marks on my biceps and traps. The other good news, my waist was back to 35" this morning. Apparently I'm a full inch of fluctuation between fed and unfed.

    My shoulders feel really beat up today. I might switch to hst-1000 or a routine with higher reps for a month or two. If anyone has a recommendation, please let me know.

    I went on a slow jog this morning for 15-20 minutes. Took 2 drive, 1 RPM, liptrophin PM, and swell before the run. After the run I took my standard breakfast shake.

    I'm nervous about destroying my muscle gains, but I need to work on trimming up. I hope to post some decent squat numbers tonight, I'll be back after that workout.

  15. things are lookn good. dont get discouraged. the neovar should be good enough to hold on to your strength during a cut. keep up the good work.
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  16. 10/9 Day 6


    nothing to compare to because I haven't been able to go heavy on squats for a while. These are embarrassingly week, but I'm going to start concentrating on them for the next few weeks.

    135 x8
    155 x5
    185 x5
    205 x4
    205 x3

    Leg press
    270 x 10
    320 x 8
    340 x 8

    SL deadlifts
    135 x 8
    155 x 7
    165 x 6


    Overall feelings:

    Not much energy for the workout today. I was lacking intensity and it definitely prevented a few reps. Probably because I'm not used to waking up in the morning and doing cardio.

    Overall, pleased with today. Hopefully I can repeat the morning cardio tomorrow.

  17. I've been really tired lately, I have a guess or two at what it is, but I can't be certain. I've been getting more sleep than usual as well.

    Could be really addicted to caffeine, my tolerance to RPM seems up. My other guess, Lipotrophin PM could be making me drowsy or messing with my sleep patters, although I have been falling asleep very easy and staying asleep. Then again, it could be that I'm waking and doing light cardio, although I was tired before this as well.

    This weekend, I have to go out of town, so I think I'll not take any RPM with me and see if I can recover my tolerance.

    This morning: 2 drive, 2 liptrophin, 15 minutes light jogging.

    Tonight is an off night. I'd like to take a updated picture friday and post, we'll see what happens.

  18. Johny, Do you have a set dosing schedule on the Lipo-PM?

  19. How many days a week do you train, and when was the last time you had a break?

  20. My training is Mon, tue, thur, friday. Tonight was an off day although I had to go move last bits out of my other house to prepare for renters this weekend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Johny, Do you have a set dosing schedule on the Lipo-PM?
    I've been taking 2 a night, but recently playing with 2 in the morning. Last night I took 3 at night, then 2 in the morning. I was dead tired most of today, so I'm going to try first to cut back on it completely, and then reintroduce it at 2 a night.

  21. Took 2 lipotrophin last night, none this morning. I don't have the lethargy I had earlier this week, at least not yet. So taking it during the day may have been a bad idea on my part.

    My wife took lipotrophin PM last night as well for the first time. She passed the hell out, and mentioned it was a little hard to get up, but overall she thought it was enjoyable. She's really bad at taking things consistently though, but if she does manage to I'll report if she experiences any weight loss from it.

    I'm going to try 3 drive and 2 RPM prior to workout tonight. I'll update afterwards.

  22. 10/11 Day 8


    Dips, body weight
    I had to start with dips tonight, all the benches were being used.


    Flat BB bench

    Decline BB bench
    135 x 9
    155 x 7
    155 x 7

    skull crusher
    50 on large curl bar x 9 x 8 x 7

    HIITs on the treadmill for 14 minutes


    standard other than prework: THREE drive, a cup of coffee and 2 RPM.

    Overall feelings:

    I had GREAT energy, holy crap this has been missing for a while. The extra drive and a cup of coffee put me over the edge. Pumps were INSANE, energy was insane, it just felt great to workout again. I could have worked out all night if I didn't have so much crap to get done.

    As far as the weight I pushed, I changed things up some, and went a little higher on the reps, so its really hard to tell how it compares. I know I felt a lot stronger on skull crushers.

    My stats didn't do anything at all. I feel like I'm leaning out everywhere, but my stomach is not doing anything (or maybe even worse than that?)

    I hope to take a picture tomorrow, but I have a lot of crap to do before I leave town, hopefully I can get to it.

  23. 10/12 DAY 9

    Morning cardio felt good this morning. Dosed 2 Drive and swell about half an hour before. Slow jog for about 20 minutes.

    Took some pictures this morning, they look about the same as the last ones, so not much point in posting them.

    I'll be gone all weekend. Hopefully I can make up today's missed workout on sunday. Report back then.

    feelings thus far:

    Drive heats me up a lot,more so than RPM, and gives me great pumps (last night was the best pump I have ever had). My endurance just recently seemed to go up as well. I have yet, however, to see strength gains or any fat loss, and that is with added cardio. This, coming off weeks of gains, so maybe I plateau'd, and need to really change my diet or something.

  24. my ass was kicked this weekend by a cold. Skipped out on the supplements while I recovered. I feel ok today, so started taking everything again. Should be able to go to the gym tonight and stay on schedule.

    My wife is having her turn with the cold right now, so I guess I don't have a gym partner tonight.

  25. 10/15 Day 12


    New program! Started the west side for skinny bastards v3 today. It felt great, the high rep parts were a significant departure from my previous comfort zone.

    BB bench, flat
    (3-5 reps)

    185 x 5
    190 x 5
    195 x 5
    200 x 5
    205 x 4

    Incline BB bench
    (target 15-20 reps)

    115 x 13
    105 x 8, + dropped off 10 pounds and did another 5 reps

    Bent BB rows, with SS of delt raises
    135 x 10 SS20s x 10
    135 x 9 SS20s x 8
    135 x 8 SS20s x 7

    BB curls
    (8-12 reps)

    75 x 9
    75 x 7
    65 x 10

    15minutes cardio on eliptical

    Standard, although that now means 5 drive a day (2 morning, 3 pre workout).

    Overall feelings:

    Energy was solid, although not intense (no hyper or angry feelings), I definitely got a good workout in and that is despite being slightly sick still.

    Because the program is new, I'm not sure how the weight really compares, but it felt good.

    Pump was really good, but I'm not used to these high reps, which made the pump that much higher.

    Endurance was excellent, I felt really good during the cardio.

    weight: 179


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