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  1. That is THE WORST way to wake up .....

    ok so my sleep hasn't been crappy, its just been hard to fall asleep and not good quality.

  2. last week wasn't too great. I tried to workout friday and completely lacked motivation/energy for the first time in a while. Oh well, back in the game today...

    10/29 Day 26


    BB bench, flat
    (3-5 reps)

    warmup ---- warmup
    185 x 5 ---- 185 x 5
    195 x 5 ------------
    205 x 5 ---- 205 x 5
    210 x 4 ---- 210 x 4
    215 x 2 ---- 215 x 3
    ------------ 220 x2
    ------------ 225 x 1

    Incline DB bench
    (target 15-20 reps)

    50s x 15
    50s x 15

    Bent BB rows, with SS of scarecrows
    155 x 9 SS 5s x 8
    155 x 8 SS 5s x 8
    135 x 10 SS 5s x 6

    BB shrugs

    155 x 11
    165 x 8
    165 x 8

    seated incline DB curls

    30s x 9
    30s x 8
    30s x 6


    dropped back down to 5 drive a day. 2 RPM pre workout.

    Started by 2 week break from lipotrophin on saturday. So my stack no longer includes lipotrophin or neovar.


    ARM: 14.75 (-.25") <wth happened
    weight: 178 (-1lb)

    Overall feelings:

    Not much change in my workout. I had good energy, and it felt good working out, but no strength gains.

    My arm is suddenly a lot smaller (.5" from last week). I have to wonder if I wasn't permanently pumped from the noevar, and now that I haven't been taking it, the pump is gone. Very odd. Its not a measurement I'm particularly concerned about, but its one of the easiest to record and track.

    Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on the morning cardio train. I have been longboarding to work, and that is a little bit of cardio at least.

  3. 10/30 Day 27


    Box jumps

    worked up to 15 of the aerobic steps stacked on eachother

    7 sets x 3 reps

    stack didn't get higher, but I worked on doing the 3 reps, one right after another. Much harder that way..

    Bulgarian split squats
    35s x 4
    20s x 8
    20s x 8

    Pull throughs
    50 x 12
    60 x 12
    70 x 10

    leg raises

    x 8
    x 12
    x 12
    x 12


    2 drive in the morning, 3 drive and 3 RPM pre workout. This was 1 RPM more than normal.

    Overall feelings:

    This workout day really kicks my ass, but I had great energy/intensity for it. Good day.


    weight: 177 (-2lb)

    my arm is still deflated...

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    blow into your finger
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  5. 11/2 Day 30



    Bulgarian split squats
    30s x 6
    30s x 6
    30s x 6

    romanian deadlifts
    135 x 8
    155 x 8
    155 x 8

    Ab circuit


    2 drive in the morning, 3 drive and 3 RPM pre workout. This was 1 RPM more than normal.

    Overall feelings:

    I have a weird strain in my lower back. Paying attention to it, as it is in the same place one would experience kidney pain. Its probably muscle related due to all the longboarding I have been doing lately.


    weight: 177 (-2lb)

    I'll probably go ahead and write my final reviews soon since the drive is almost out.

  6. Well I'm off this stack completely as of monday.

    I did a 1RM bench test last night and hit 240lbs, which means no increase since the beginning. I did however run out of creatine halfway through, which means I didn't see a loss in strength, which is good.

    I did hit my goal of 10RM on the overhead squat (which was 85pounds...up 20pounds). This is due both to endurance and to getting better at the movement, which is mostly attributable to the new routine.


    neovar: The huge pumps had become so normal I had no idea they were happening. I was getting comments about looking jacked while on it, and when I got off I got comments about losing weight. My arms shrank .5" when I came off. This is no joke, I can't believe this stuff. I will be buying this again. It obviously has more uses than just pumps, but they are harder to comment on. It seems like it might be a great added benefit when cutting, but I can't comment 100%.

    I have reviewed this before, and my feeling hasn't changed. Its the backbone of my supplements because it keeps me in the gym consistently. Doesn't matter how tired I am after work, I get in the gym and hit it hard. It is also a solid value. The only thing I have negative, is that I did seem to build up a tolerance some, but dropping it on non workout days helped. It wasn't just energy, sometimes I would start raging, I guess they call this alpha male. Its nice in the gym, but its odd to be angry when you usually aren't.

    Lipotrophin PM: I'm a little torn on this. It seemed to do a good job of knocking me out at night, but the sleep didn't seem that great. Between this and drive I did see a recomping effect, as you can hopefully tell in the pictures I posted in this thread. Which one played the bigger role? I have half a bottle of this left, and I will pick it up again after my next log. This stuff is a great value at 2 a night, and at the very least you know the green tea in it works for losing fat.

    Drive: I think the most I can say about this is what people can see in my pictures. It seemed to have a strong recomping effect. Now that I'm off it, I can see myself gaining fat easier than before as well. The first few days I took it with RPM, I had a kicking thermogenic effect, but that diminished with time. My strength gains were zero, but I did come off of creatine (neovar) halfway through, which usually means a drop in this may be a toss up. My libido shot way up, way way up. I also had a definite increase in acne, to which I am prone to anyways.

    Negative/sides: very mild change in BM frequency. Nothing bad, at least IMO. The one that does concern me is I have kidney region pain recently. This could very likely be muscle strain from my new activity (longboarding), but I don't know. I think if anyone else pops up with this issue, it is worth pursuing. It is part of the reason I have ended this log now, so I am concerned by it. Assuming this turns up to be a non issue, I intend on buying all of these products and using them again in the future.

    Thank you AN for the neovar and drive, I greatly appreciate it!
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    nice log for sure johnny!
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