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    Applied Nutriceuticals:

    Day 14

    Warmup sets not included
    • Incline DB Bench
      • 60 x 4
      • 60 x 5
      • 60 x 4
    • Flat BB Bench (Benching up above my nipples)
      • 135 x 5
      • 95 x 12
      • 115 x 6
    • DB Pullovers
      • 30 x 8
      • 40 x 10
      • 40 x 10
    • Peck Deck
      • 115 x 5
      • 100 x 6
      • 100 x 5

    I took 3 in the morning when I woke up and then 3 again an hour before the gym with 1 RPM.

    • Strength: I'm not sure that I can really gauge the strength for this day since I switched up the order of my workout and the actual exercises, but did feel like it was up.
    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Nothing to really note here.
    • Pumps/Vascularity: The incline DB Bench was giving me some nice pumps, but didn't seem like bringing the bar down to a higher position on my chest on flat bb seemed to make a difference. It didn't help produce a pump in my chest, but it did seem to effect my shoulders.
    • Endurance: Workout went really easily and I could have continued.
    • Aggression: Not much to note here.
    • Focus: Not much focus.
    • Libido: Libido normal.
    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Chest did feel nice after I completed the whole workout.
    • Overall Energy: Again, energy didn't seem to be up at all.
    • Personal Commentary: Overall, I'm happy with how the workout went. I'm now beginning to think that my meals may have a direct effect on the effectiveness of Drive and/or RPM. I didn't seem to feel much of anything besides the slight increase in pumps and strength. Although, I hadn't eaten a bit before I took the RPM and Drive and didn't eat until after the gym. Then I had a huge meal and all of a sudden I felt very anxious and I started to get a headache. I ended up having difficulty falling asleep and had crazy racing thoughts like I usually get from taking too many stims.
    It is all about timing and nutrient intake
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  2. Quote Originally Posted by rms80 View Post
    It is all about timing and nutrient intake
    I see that now and it's crazy what a difference it makes!! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Day 15

    Applied Nutriceuticals:

    Day 15

    Warmup sets not included
    • Pullups
      • +85 x 12
      • +70 x 8
      • +70 x 7
    • Bent Over Rows (Reverse Grip)
      • 115 x 5
      • 95 x 8
      • 95 x 10
    • Pulldowns
      • 145 x 6
      • 145 x 6
      • 145 x 6
    • Seated Cable Rows
      • 145 x 6
      • 145 x 8
    • Shrugs
      • 175 x 10
      • 185 x 8
      • 185 x 8

    This day, I took 1 RPM and 2 Drive in the morning and 3 RPM and 1 Drive one hour before my workout. I also had a piece of bread about half an hour before I went to the gym. This seemed to make the RPM and Drive quite effective.

    • Strength: Seems like my numbers are up, but not 100% sure since I have switched up my workout. I did however feel stronger.
    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Still seems like I am leaning out...
    • Pumps/Vascularity: Crazy pump all over, especially arms, shoulders and TRAPS.
    • Endurance: Workout went quite well and endurance does seem to be up.
    • Aggression: Aggression seems to be up quite a bit now!
    • Focus: I didn't feel too much mind-muscle connection this day, but still was able to focus on my workouts.
    • Libido: Not much to note here again.
    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Muscles feel harder all around!
    • Overall Energy: A lot of energy this day, possibly due to the timing of the carbs as well as the addition of RPM.
    • Personal Commentary: I have finished my two weeks of Drive and so I have traded a bunch of my Drive for some RPM so that I can give the two a try combined! Seems that the addition of RPM did give me much more energy!

  4. Looks good Bro! I have a sample of drive on the way and I can't wait to try it!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by NateWA View Post
    Looks good Bro! I have a sample of drive on the way and I can't wait to try it!
    It's quite the amazing stuff!

  6. Sorry the update is a bit later...

    Applied Nutriceuticals:

    Day 16

    Warmup sets not included
    • Military Presses
      • 105 x 6
      • 105 x 6
      • 110 x 6
    • DB Shoulder Press
      • 25 x 10
      • 30 x 5
      • 25 x 10
    • Side Raises Superset with Front Raises
      • 20 x 8 20 x 6
      • 20 x 6 15 x 8
      • 15 x 7 15 x 8
    • Rear DB Raises
      • 10 x 10
      • 15 x 5
      • 10 x 10

    Yet again, I took 2 Drive and 1 RPM in the morning and one Drive and 3 RPM before my workout.

    • Strength: New exercises again so numbers are a bit skewed. I did feel much stronger!
    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: I am looking leaner, but still think that my arms and shoulders look full!
    • Pumps/Vascularity: Arms and shoulder had an awesome pump going!
    • Endurance: I had A lot of energy to go on and on and on!
    • Aggression: Definitely feeling more aggression for some reason.
    • Focus: Focus was up like crazy. No partner and a lot of system of a down!
    • Libido: Up!
    • Muscle Density/Hardening: My shoulders now are constantly very solid and look much fuller!
    • Overall Energy: I can feel a difference in the energy now that I have been taking more RPM. I get a good amount of energy, but nothing that makes me jitter or uncomfortable.
    • Personal Commentary: I'm really liking the combination of the two!

  7. Got my samples in the mail today! THANKS AN

  8. Quote Originally Posted by rms80 View Post
    It is all about timing and nutrient intake
    what would you suggest? I want to get the most from my samples.. If it works well im gonna buy a bottle or two.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by NateWA View Post
    what would you suggest? I want to get the most from my samples.. If it works well im gonna buy a bottle or two.
    What I noticed works for me is to take it on an empty stomach about an hour before the workout. I don't eat at least half an hour before I take it. Then half an hour before the workout I have some carbs, something like a granola bar or some bread. That seemed to work great for me!


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