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  1. I took 3 Drive and 2 RPM pre-workout but I did have a little food in my stomach which probably hindered the energy results a little. I then took 3 Drive later on an empty stomach.

    - Strength: Went up in weight, got the same reps (or more, can't find last weeks record), with shorter rest and the weight felt easier. Can't complain about that.

    - Bodyweight/Body Comp: weight is 165.

    - Pumps/Vascularity: I could really see my veins popping out in the mirror. Good pumps on arm exercises. Its very easy to get a pump.

    - Endurance: I was able to rest less between sets and maintain strength. Other than that I didn't do anything high rep.

    - Aggression: not much

    - Focus: pretty good

    - Libido: high, its easy to tell its higher than when I started the log

    - Muscle Density/Hardening: looks good, don't know if theres a difference or not

    - Overall Energy: Good all day

    - Personal Commentary: Libido still pretty high, pumps are good, strength is up. So far it looks like Drive may be doing its thing. I won't be getting as much sleep tonight so hopefully that won't affect tommorows workout too much.

  2. Wednesday

    3 Drive in the morning on an empty stomach and 3 in the afternoon on an empty stomach.

    - Strength: Rediculously good. Added 20lbs to my 10 rep deadlift and the weight felt as easy if not easier than last week.

    - Bodyweight/Body Comp: weight is 166.

    - Pumps/Vascularity: My neck veins were popping out like crazy. Good as usual.

    - Endurance: Seemed ok

    - Aggression: nothing in the typical sense of aggresion, I was able to push myself when lifting, but nothing worth noting

    - Focus: solid

    - Libido: ok, this is getting higher than I can recall in a while. This includes random blood flow to a certain area multiple times today.

    - Muscle Density/Hardening: looks about the same

    - Overall Energy: tired in the morning from lack of sleep, but good during my workout and through afternoon, got tired later in the day

    - Personal Commentary: The libido effect seems pretty obvious now. Great strength gains.

  3. good job so far! how long have u been on drive?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    good job so far! how long have u been on drive?
    2 weeks and 1 day as of now. It seems like it took a bit over a week or so to kick in.
  5. Thursday

    3 Drive and 3RPM preworkout on an empty stomach and 3 in the afternoon on an empty stomach.

    - Strength: My back work was not as strong. I'm still trying to find the right volume. My bench press is continuing to go up and still feel easier.

    - Bodyweight/Body Comp: weight is 163. Probably from liquid meals all afternoon yesterday.

    - Pumps/Vascularity: Noticed my veins popping out. Today was a rushed workout but I could feel a good pump after a few sets for back.

    - Endurance: Nothing to note

    - Aggression: Nothing special

    - Focus: Pretty good

    - Libido: Not as high as yesterday. I was pretty tired today

    - Muscle Density/Hardening: nothing to note

    - Overall Energy: pretty tired, but I managed to get in a good workout. The RPM probably helped, but being somewhat stim tolerant as of now its effects were minimal.

    - Personal Commentary: Strength still going up. Looking in the mirror tonight, it looks like my chest is filling out more. Should get close to 7.5 hours of sleep tonight.

  6. Monday.

    I've added a green tea pill in the morning to my dose of Drive.

    - Strength: Squats up again from last week.

    - Bodyweight/Body Comp: It looks like I'm making visible progress in the mirror.

    - Pumps/Vascularity: Ok in shoulders, didn't feel it as much in legs.

    - Endurance: Seemed ok, nothing special

    - Aggression: Noticed some agression

    - Focus: Good

    - Libido: It goes up an down, but generally its always higher than usual

    - Muscle Density/Hardening: nothing to note

    - Overall Energy: I was in a bad mood for no reason and was tired throughout the day, luckily it didn't interfere with my workout.

    - Personal Commentary: I still am loving the strength gains.

  7. Tuesday

    I'm going to cut down the dose to 4-5 a day.

    - Strength: Bench up again from last week and was feeling strong. Back felt a little week, but that might be because it hasn't fully recovered as I hit it really hard over the weekend.

    - Bodyweight/Body Comp: Bodyweight is around 165

    - Pumps/Vascularity: Strong as usual

    - Endurance: nothing to note

    - Aggression: nothing

    - Focus: pretty good

    - Libido: high

    - Muscle Density/Hardening: nothing to note

    - Overall Energy: Like yesterday, I've been in a bad mood. Maybe its because I'm taking a break from stims after heavy usage throughout this last weekend. I'm feeling better now.

    - Personal Commentary: I like the non-stop strength gains in my bench pressing. As far as effects go, I'd say pump, strength increases, and libido are the most perceivable.

  8. *Drive Final Review!*

    I am now through my bottle of Drive.

    For those interested, I used an upper/lower body split 6 days a week hitting upper body and lower body 3 days each. Usually in the moderate rep range of around 10 reps give or take throughout the entire log and had been training like this for a couple weeks prior.

    - Strength: 8/10 For most of my exercises I increased strength every single week. This was usually a 5 pound increase with equal reps.

    - Bodyweight/Body Comp: My weight went up and down depending on how I was eating, but overall I can look in the mirror and see a favorable difference. I do home workouts on Saturday and love seeing how pumped and huge I look in the mirror.

    - Pumps/Vascularity: Rediculous. I got some insane pumps very easily.

    - Endurance: I didn't do a lot of endurance work. My intra set recovery wasn't anything to brag about.

    - Aggression: Can't say I got any sort of aggression. Nothing like the stimulant aggression I get from RPM.

    - Focus: Can't say if there was much of a difference

    - Libido: Very high. Besides strength and pumps, this was a very noticable effect.

    - Muscle Density/Hardening: No difference as far as I can tell

    - Overall Energy: Didn't seem to change at all in relation to Drive usage. This is a little disappointing, but sense it is mainly an anabolic type product rather than an energy product, I can't complain.

    - Personal Commentary: Solid strength gains. I was gaining strength before Drive use, but the continual gains were impressive. The libido increase was also nice simply for the sake of "feeling" the effects, however it didn't happen until later in the cycle and after I bumped up the dosage. The pumps were insane, although I should note getting good pumps isn't unusal for me. Overall, Drive seems like a solid product. The objective measures seem to validate its effectiveness, but there was much in the way of "feeling" any different while on Drive outside of the gym other than libido. For the price, I would say this is a great product for adding size and strength.


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